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Italy: 1,600 kilometers by train every day to go to work: “The rent is too expensive and I don’t want to lose my job”

NAPLES – She travels 1,600 kilometers a day by train to go to work and back home. Apparently it’s less expensive given the rental prices. These days, it is no exaggeration to define the worker Giuseppina Giuliano, a 29-year-old school worker, stoic: every day the Naples-Milan route (and back) is made by train because the city of the Madonnina, where she works as a janitor at the art school ” Boccioni” in piazzale Arduino, is too expensive and therefore, on balance, it is more advantageous to take the train and stay and live with her parents in Naples. (more…)

Long Term Care, McGeer: “Proposals ignored because they are expensive”

[GTranslate]TORONTO – Hire thousands of personal support workers (PSW) and place infection control specialists in long-term care homes, – as has been done in Quebec – a system to allow hospitals to support the long-term care industry and to ensure seniors don’t have to share a room in three or four. These are some of the various proposals Ontario doctors have made to protect LTC residents but which the government has rejected “as too expensive.” (more…)