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Ontario Covid-19 vaccination certificate system fails to accommodate marginalized people

The Ontario government has lifted capacity limits and made life a little easier for some establishments like restaurants, gyms and event spaces. Unfortunately, the provincial government has failed to meet the needs of individual with disabilities and specifically those unable to be vaccinated for Covid-19.

Establishments that require proof of Covid-19 vaccination remain inaccessible to marginalized groups. Their plight appears to be ignored when it comes to officials responsible in making policy decisions. (more…)

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The election paradox: everyone lose, the only winner fails to get elected

TORONTO – So many losers, a single winner who, paradoxically, cannot even get elected and remains outside parliament. These are the main data that emerge from Monday’s election. The leaders of the main parties in the race have failed miserably in their main objectives, while the parliamentary balance between the parties remains virtually unchanged.  (more…)

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