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The “mainstream” gives O’Toole a gift

TORONTO – The election campaign is not over yet but its first week has been all in O’Toole’s favour. Saturday, we saw one more example of the winds blowing into his sails when the group preparing for the one debate the English-speaking public will witness declared Maxime Bernier not fit to participate. Insofar as these debates influence anyone, it means there will be only one “Conservative” spokesperson on stage.  (more…)

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She gives birth in prison at the age of 17 with the help of police officers

PONTREMOLI (Massa Carrara) – She gave birth in prison, at the age of 17, helped by police officers who became obstetricians. And everything went well: the girl is fine, the newborn – a girl weighing no less than 3 kilos and 200 grams – as well. A beautiful story, with a happy ending, within the walls of the Women’s Penal Institute of Pontremoli, a village in the province of Massa Carrara, in Italy, which mainly young female prisoners of foreign origin. (more…)

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