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Only nine vaccinated Ontarians under the age of 60 have ended up in the ICU

TORONTO – Covid-19 vaccines are working and are helping to keep the contagion under control at this stage of the pandemic. The confirmation comes from a study – the very first of its kind in Ontario – in which all the cases of Covid-19 in the province recorded from December 14, 2020 to November 14, 2021 are cataloged.  (more…)

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Eventually India and China have watered down the COP26

A new global climate deal has been agreed at COP26 in Glasgow on Saturday after talks overran over 24 hours, but it prompted fury after China, whose president did not attend, and India forced a last-minute change over the language about coal, where Britain’s president of the conference Alok Sharma ‘fought back tears’ as he apologized for a last-minute change.  (more…)

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Elections in Ontario, we will have a long election campaign

TORONTO – Let’s fasten our seat belts and get ready: in Ontario we will have to see a very long election campaign. Which, incidentally, has already begun a few weeks ago, from September 21 to be precise, the day after the federal elections. Pounding commercials on TV, radio, on the Internet and on social media, announcements on unlikely investments, promises, pacts with voters, plans for the future, slogans, all seasoned with accusations, controversies and poisons: June 2, 2022 is a date still far away, but already in recent weeks we have had a taste of what, willy-nilly, is waiting for us.  (more…)

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Horwath’s appeal: LTC with awful records should not have licenses renewed

TORONTO – What needs to be done is to eliminate profit from long-term care, but until then Doug Ford “must refuse licence renewal applications to homes that did not protect the elderly during the pandemic.” This is the request NDP leader Andrea Horwath made to the government today during a conference via Zoom from Pickering. (more…)

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Denise, her mother on Facebook: “If you only knew how many beautiful people you have around…”

MAZARA DEL VALLO (Trapani) – She has launched many appeals in the last seventeen years, since that September 1st when her little Denise, only 4 years old, disappeared from Mazara del Vallo, in Sicily (Italy). Now the mother, Piera Maggio, addresses her directly and does so on social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with a message that moves the whole of Italy. (more…)

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“Living to work” can have fatal risks

TORONTO – A growing body of data suggests that overtime and long working hours adversely affect the health and well-being of workers.  A new global study finds working more than 55 hours per week increases a person’s risk of stroke and heart disease.

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“Living to work” can have fatal risks

A growing body of data suggests that overtime and long working hours adversely affect the health and well-being of workers. A new global study finds working more than 55 hours per week increases a persons risk of stroke and heart disease.

According to a systematic analysis from the World Health Organization and International Labour Organization (WHO/ILO), latest estimates suggest long working hours killed three quarters of a million people in 2016, up 29% from 2000.


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Natural disasters have tripled in half a century

Natural disasters have tripled in half a century

Muhammad Ali Bukhari, CNMNG News

Toronto, March 21: A report released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on Thursday states that the world has been facing one disaster after another in recent years. The world has to deal with various disasters including corona pandemics, floods, droughts, fires, and locust attacks. People are now facing three times more natural disasters than the seventies and eighties from the last century. The agricultural sector is the most affected by these disasters. (more…)

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