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ANFE per i piccoli borghi italiani: con “Felicita Back Home” i figli degli emigrati riscoprono le radici

L’ANFE, l’Associazione Nazionale Famiglie degli Emigrati, prende parte al progetto Felicita Back Home per la rigenerazione del piccolo borgo di Settefrati (nella foto sopra, da https://en.wikipedia.org) e della Val Comino, attraverso nuovi legami fra i discendenti e le comunità italiane all’estero e la comunità dei residenti italiani. 


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Home care crisis in Ontario: lack of PSWs, nurses and therapists

TORONTO – It is a deep crisis that the home care sector is going through. During the Covid-19 pandemic there has been an unprecedented flight of personnel to other parts of the health system. “We have literally lost over 3,000 nurses, qualified therapists and personal support workers,” said Sue VanderBent, CEO of Home Care Ontario, which represents home care providers in Ontario, “and this is very bad news for Ontario residents who are receiving home care because now the number is so small that many people are left waiting at home for a nurse or therapist or PSW who will not arrive.”  (more…)

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Afghanistan, sos for stuck Canadians. “We will bring you home”

TORONTO – The question is: how many Canadians are still stuck in Afghanistan? The federal government will not disclose it. “Security reasons”. “Due to the security situation in Afghanistan, Global Affairs does not disclose the number of Canadians registered in the Canadian overseas registration database (Roca),” reads an e-mailed statement from a Global Affairs Canada (Gac) spokesperson to Global News, on Sunday night. And, above all, it is unknown if, how and when all these people (and with them the 20,000 Afghans that the government announced on Friday that it wants to welcome) will be able to “land” in Canada.  (more…)

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