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Pakistani-born surgeon leads pig heart transplant in human

The scientist behind the recent landmark success story in the world of first transplanting the pig heart into human in the United States is Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Mohiuddin, a Pakistani-born MBBS doctor of Dow Medical College of Karachi as well as co-founding director of the Cardiac Xenotransplantation Program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. 


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Human rights violation in the Philippines, then and now….

Human rights violation in the Philippines, then and now…..MARCH 8,2021

Growing up in the heart of Manila where I was born, everything looked bright to me. I felt safe playing in the streets with my two younger siblings. My parents never had any cause to worry for our safety. The country which suffered at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army during the war was experiencing a rebirth and everyone was excited to be part of this rebirth. (more…)

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