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Covid-19, another 8 deaths in Ontario. And the descent of the infections slows down

TORONTO – The virus does not give up. Today, in Ontario, another 8 deaths related to Covid-19, bringing the total in the province, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 13,351. Even the number of hospitalizations, like yesterday, is not very comforting: there are still 506 patients with the virus in Ontario hospitals, so the drop is slight (yesterday they were 512, a week ago 522) compared to two weeks ago when hospitalizations had dropped by 34.9%, from 808 to 526. Now it remains around 500, a sign that the descent has slowed down.  (more…)

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Covid-19, deaths and infections return to rise after a day of respite

TORONTO – Another 23 deaths in Ontario, today: the number of victims of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic rises to 12,606. And after just one day of respite, hospitalizations are starting to rise again: today there were 1,392 patients in hospitals against 1,332 just 24 hours earlier. Attendance in intensive care units is only slight: 177 today, the previous day they were 182.  (more…)

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3,453 Covid-cases in Ontario and another 11 deaths. Record of infections in Quebec

TORONTO – Another slight decline in infections, but many deaths: 11 in a single day, today, in Ontario, where 3,453 new infections were recorded, down from 3,784 on Monday and 4,177 on Sunday, but still clearly increase from 1,429 a week ago. In recent weeks, cases have steadily increased across the province where the Omicron variant of Covid-19 – which experts say has a doubling time of 2.9 days – now accounts for 88% of cases. 


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COVID-19 runs, 21 infections at St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre

TORONTO – The COVID-19 race in Ontario schools seems to be unstoppable: with 227 new cases in the last twenty-four hours, the total number of infections since the beginning of the school year has risen to 9,111. And among the new infections reported stand out the 21 identified in the St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre elementary school located in Mississauga. (more…)

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Schools between record infections and Omicron variant: 345 new cases of COVID-19

TORONTO – There is little to be cheerful about. The number of Ontario schools with at least one active case of Covid-19 has reached its highest point so far this year, infections over the weekend have soared to 345 and the new Omicron variant has appeared for the first time in an educational institution in the province.  (more…)

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School, between uphill infections and controversy

TORONTO – Compared to a month ago, there are more than twice as many active cases of Covid-19 associated with Ontario’s public schools. The Ministry of Education has in fact communicated that with the 178 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in a 24-hour period, the total number of active infections has reached 1,879. This is an 18% increase week after week and is more than double the number of active infections associated with schools in this period last month: 913. Overall, since the beginning of the school year, there are now 8,280 infections: at this point in the school year in 2020 there were 5,420.  (more…)

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Ontario, over 900 new infections and 8 deaths

TORONTO – Over 900 new Covid-19 infections and another 8 deaths related to the virus, today, in Ontario. Provincial health officials recorded 959 cases, up from 780 on Wednesday and 748 a week ago. Earlier this week, 964 cases had been reported on Sunday, 788 on Monday and 687 on Tuesday. The rise of infections resumes, therefore, once again during the weekend.  (more…)

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Surge of infections: almost a thousand cases in Ontario, 1,000 new daily infections in Quebec in the weekend

TORONTO – Despite the snow has whitened everything, it was a black weekend in Ontario on the Covid front. Today 964 new cases were registered, the highest number reported in a single day since last May 30, when 1,033 cases were detected. But Saturday and Friday wasn’t better, with – respectively – 854 and 927 infections. Now the seven-day moving average is 760, last week it was 645. And the positivity rate also rises: with 29,692 tests processed in the last 24 hours and 964 cases detected, it is now 3.2%.  (more…)

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New increase in infections in Ontario, 748. Quebec exceeds 900

TORONTO – The trend of the last few weeks is also confirmed in this one: at the arrival of the weekend, the infections rise and today they were 748, a sharp increase compared to the 591 of just 24 hours earlier. The seven-day moving average continues to rise, reaching 692 (a week ago it was 597). With 33,932 tests processed in the last 24 hours, the positivity rate rises to 2.6% from 2% a week ago.  (more…)

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Ontario: increase in infections, four schools closed

TORONTO – Covid-19 has started to run again. The number of active cases of Covid-19 associated with Ontario’s public schools has reached 1,006 for the first time since October 29. Since the beginning of the school year, the infections are a total of 5,626. By this time, during the 2020-2021 school year, there had been only 3,387 confirmed cases among students and school staff.  (more…)

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Infections on the rise, Elliott does not worry but Ford is more cautious

TORONTO – No turnaround. The alarm launched by the director of the Ontario Science Advisory Table Peter Juni following the constant increase in Covid-19 infections in the province did not go well. Today the Minister of Health Christine Elliott intervened on the issue and made it clear that everything is under control, the reopening plan will not change. “An increase in cases was predicted with the arrival of cold weather since people spend more time at home, and this was taken into account by the province,” she said.  (more…)

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Ontario, fluctuating infections: now they are decreasing. The percentages of vaccinated in Canada

TORONTO – The pace of infections in Ontario is once again fluctuating. Today, the province recorded more than 300 new cases (331) and another 7 deaths. Infections down, therefore, compared to 422 on Monday but up compared to 269 a week ago. However, much better than a year ago: on this same day of 2020, the province had reported 948 new cases. (more…)

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Infections run in schools, PCR tests are coming November 15

TORONTO – Covid-19 and school. The bond, this year, seems to be stronger than in 2020. It is the numbers that give us the picture of the situation: last year at the end of October, 1,966 cases were detected in public schools since the beginning of the school year. This year the infections in the same period of time are as many as 4,454. The fault, say the doctors, is to be attributed to the variant of the Delta coronavirus that some scientists have discovered to be contagious like chickenpox.  (more…)

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Ontario: infections still down, no deaths

TORONTO – 326 new cases of Covid-19 and no new deaths. Data even better than yesterday’s for Ontario where on Sunday the infections had been 370 and on Saturday 373. With 18,397 tests processed in the past 24 hours, provincial health officials report a provincial-level positivity rate of 1.6%, down slightly from last week’s 1.8%. The seven-day moving average of new cases has now dropped to 372 from 416 on Monday.  (more…)

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Alberta: ‘only’ 652 infections. But the positives are above 14 thousand. Negative record for Saskatchewan

EDMONTON – 652 new cases of Covid-19 in Alberta and, above all, 38 deaths which bring the total number of victims, in the province, from the beginning of the pandemic to 2,901. These are the data from Wednesday, which for the number of deaths represent a negative record: the figure in fact equals that recorded on 12 January for the majority of deaths reported in a single day. (more…)

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Ontario, infections are still going down: 306

TORONTO – Covid-19, the positive trend continues in Ontario. today 306 new cases were recorded (out of 23,219 tests processed), a sharp decline compared to 390 on Tuesday, 458 on Monday, 535 on Sunday and 654 on Saturday. It is therefore the fifth consecutive day of decreases in the daily case count and today is also the lowest number of new daily infections since last August 5, when 213 cases were recorded.  (more…)

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Ontario: over 500 infections, almost all young. 480 cases in Quebec, 356 not fully vaccinated

TORONTO – Ontario remains between 500 and 600 new daily cases of Covid-19: 573 Friday, 654 Saturday and 535 Sunday (latest figure released). Ontario’s seven-day moving average is now 537, down from last week when it was 596. 29,755 tests were carried out on Sunday: the positivity rate in the province stood at 1.8 percent. There are also two new deaths that bring the total in the province, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 9,790.  (more…)

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Alberta, infections in 756 schools and 8.27% positivity

EDMONTON – 1,263 cases of Covid-19 and 26 deaths in just twenty-four hours and infections in 756 schools: few numbers that give a good idea of ​​how serious the situation in Alberta is. The new infections, detected on Wednesday on 15,400 tests analyzed, bring the positive rate of the province to 8.27%, slightly lower but still very high compared to the other provinces of Canada (that of Ontario, to give an idea, today was 1.7%).  (more…)

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The negative records of Alberta: 45,655 infections and 259 deaths in just one month

EDMONTON – The month of September 2021 was, so far, the worst month in Alberta during the entire Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, more inhabitants of the province have tested positive than in any previous month and records have also been set for hospitalizations and intensive care. September was also the deadliest month since the second wave of the pandemic.  (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, infections continue to go down

TORONTO – Contagions still decreasing in Ontario: just over 500 were recorded today, about 100 less than those confirmed last Monday. In fact, provincial health officials today detected 511 new infections from Covid-19, down from 580 on Sunday and 613 a week ago. The seven-day moving average of new cases continues to decline, dropping to 582 from 621 last Monday. With 23,667 tests processed in the last 24 hours, the provincial level of positivity is 2%, exactly like Sunday when 32,220 were analyzed.  (more…)

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Ontario: infections again below 600

TORONTO – Contagions down again in Ontario after the increase recorded over the weekend: 580 new cases were recorded today (in addition to two other deaths), while on Saturday there were 704 infections and 668 on Friday. The seven-day moving average of new cases then dropped to 596, from 607 on Saturday and 620 a week ago. With 32,220 tests processed in the last 24 hours, the positive rate in the province stands at 2.0%.  (more…)

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Ontario: infections remain below 500

TORONTO – Ontario: 495 new infections today, slightly up from 466 on Tuesday and 463 a week ago. But still below 500, according to a reassuring trend that seems to be confirmed day after day. There were 613 new cases on Monday, 653 on Sunday and 640 on Saturday. The seven-day moving average is now 610, up from 692 a week ago. Today’s infections were detected on a total of about 36,400 tests in the last 24 hours, with a positivity rate of 1.7%, relatively unchanged compared to a week ago.  (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, the infections continue to decline

TORONTO – For the third consecutive day, Ontario has reported fewer than 700 new Covid-19 infections and the seven-day moving average of daily cases continues to decline. Health officials in fact recorded 613 new cases today, marking a slight compared to 654 on Sunday, 640 on Saturday and 727 on Friday. The daily average is now 621 (last week it was 710). And with about 22,600 tests processed in the last 24 hours, the provincial positivity rate remains steady at 2%, like Sunday. Furthermore, no new deaths were reported today.  (more…)

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Ontario, infections and hospitalizations return to rise

TORONTO – Cases in Ontario returned to increase within twenty-four hours but the daily average drops thanks to the good numbers of the last few days: today, provincial health officials recorded 677, up from 463 on Wednesday but significantly lower than to 864 on last Thursday. The seven-day moving average of new infections therefore still drops to 665, down from a week ago (732).  (more…)

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Schools in Ontario, infections skyrocket to almost 600

TORONTO – It is alarming. With the beginning of the school year, Covid infections are skyrocketed, which with the last 109 today have abundantly exceeded 500. There are 98 cases among students attending schools in Ontario, 8 among teachers and 3 non-teaching staff members infected with the Delta variant of the virus, which bring infections to 585.  (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, infections in decline: less than six hundred a day

TORONTO  – After the sleepy long weekend of the second “pandemic” Labor Day in its history, Ontario wakes up with good news: infections have dropped, at least in the last two days. 581 on Monday and 564 today, against 811 on Sunday, 944 on Saturday and 807 on Friday. The seven-day moving average therefore stops at 746 (yesterday it was 757). It is true that fewer tests were carried out: 19,200 swabs performed on Monday and 17,118 those on Tuesday, against 22,410 on Sunday when 811 cases were recorded. The positivity rate therefore rises to 3.5% (average percentage of the two days) against 2.9% three days ago.  (more…)

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Back above 600 infections: 151 in Toronto. The situation in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and B.C.

TORONTO – The new cases of Covid-19 in Ontario are well above 600. Today the province reported 660 infections in 24 hours, against 486 on Tuesday: the seven-day average is now 625 (Tuesday it was 600, a week ago it was 496). It was enough to do more tests (26,406 in the last 24 hours, while on Tuesday 17,369 were made) to raise the average. Now the provincial positivity rate is 2.4%, however slightly down compared to last week.  (more…)

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Ontario, new record of infections: over 500. “The Delta variant leads the fourth wave “

TORONTO – They had just said it yesterday and so it is: Ontario has arrived in the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, as today’s data confirm. 513 new cases in one day. A number that exceeds, for the first time since mid-June, the 500 daily infections, and which marks a daily increase compared to Wednesday, when 324 reports were recorded (321 on Tuesday, 325 on Monday and 423 on Sunday). In any case, more than double the 213 cases reported a week ago. Only on June 13, a higher number was registered than today: 530 cases. The seven-day average is now 375, up sharply from 332 a day ago and 198 a week ago. (more…)

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In Ontario the number of Covid infections drops to 2,170, only 4 deaths

TORONTO – The positive trend in Ontario regarding the Covid-19 emergency continues. There were 2,170 new infections reported yesterday, down slightly from the 2,199 cases confirmed on Sunday. The latest count is a significant decrease from the 2,716 infections reported on Monday, May 10.

The number of deaths related to the virus also fell: yesterday there were four, the lowest daily death toll recorded since 22 March: overall deaths in the province rose to 8,489. (more…)

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San Marino, from world “capital” of infections to “Covid-free” thanks to Sputnik

SAN MARINO – From record to record. San Marino, the small Republic nestled between Emilia Romagna and the Marche, in the center of Italy, could soon be a Covid-free state, also thanks to the use of the Russian Sputnik vaccine that was administered here massively, given the delays recorded in the distribution of other vaccines. (more…)

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Covid-19, a boom of infections in Ontario schools

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian A boom of infections. Never before so many cases of Covid-19 in Ontario schools as yesterday: 409 cases of which 333 are students, 75 teachers and one is a non-teaching staff member. From 921 to 997 schools where there is currently an outbreak of the virus while schools closed rise from 44 to 48. (more…)

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Covid-19 infections are rapidly rising in Ontario schools

Covid-19 infections are rapidly rising in Ontario schools: with the last 132, they have reached 10,882. Peel Region is on alert: there are 10 schools closed due to a virus outbreak. The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board shuttered three elementary schools as of Friday: San Lorenzo Ruiz, St. Cornelius and St. John the Baptist elementary. St. Sofia School in Mississauga is among the schools that have been closed for longer. It’s reporting 10 students and five staff members who are ill with Covid-19: one other staff member also needed to go to the hospital due to COVID-19 complications.

An in-depth analysis of the situation will follow in the afternoon.

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