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Deloitte: “Canada heading into ‘mild’ recession”

TORONTO – Canada is heading into a “mild” recession as high borrowing costs, an economic downturn in the United States and persistent inflation add to the country’s economic uncertainty, new research reveals. Deloitte Canada’s latest economic outlook, released Tuesday ahead of the federal budget, says tight monetary policy is set to constrict economic growth this year. But research suggests the recession won’t be as deep as previously expected, thanks to resilient labor markets, which keep incomes strong.  (more…)

UFO in Canada and US: “Alien hypothesis non excluded”. Trudeau from Yukon: “Serious situation”. China: “10 balloons into our airspace”

TORONTO – The hypothesis is science fiction, even par excellence. But it would be taking shape, the shape of a UFO. Not a simple “unidentified flying object”, as the literal translation of the acronym suggests, but a real UFO in the literary and cinematographic sense of the term: an alien, extraterrestrial object. No one is able, at the moment, to exclude that the objects shot down in recent days between Canada and the United States are real alien UFOs, at least until the recovery and analysis of the objects themselves are completed.  (more…)