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No end in sight to Ontario Optometrists’ job action

The stand-off between Ontario’s optometrists and the provincial government continues with no end in sight. Since September 1, nearly 95% of the province’s 2,500 optometrists have stopped performing OHIP-funded services for people under the age of 20, seniors aged 65 and over and individuals on disability.

Earlier this month, the Ontario government offered a one-time payment of $39 million to indicate a “starting point” in support of optometrists and to further discussions along. A spokesperson from the Ministry of Health (MOH) told the Corriere that, “payments will flow to optometrists across Ontario on October 15”.


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Emerging trends in the job market

The creation of new jobs is an essential part of a growing economy. In the wake of Covid-19, the job market remains in state of recovery. Its progress is largely dependent on the trajectory of the public health situation and emerging job trends.

While it is important to identify emerging trends that may positively impact economic growth, it is also essential to understand which jobs are in decline so as not to get stuck in a career that goes nowhere.


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Power up the economy with growth in the job market

With the elections in the rear-view mirror, the focus for Canadians is on the path forward. Part of that includes a government working towards ending to the pandemic, improving affordability and sustainability while stepping up economic recovery efforts and creating better jobs.

The latest job numbers by Statistics Canada suggest Canada is on track. Data shows the economy added 90,200 jobs last month. (more…)

English Featured Health & Medicine News Updates Ontario

Looming job action by Ontario optometrists may leave patients in the dark

Time is running out for eye care patients in Ontario. As of September 1, most of Ontario’s optometrists will stop providing services to seniors, adults and children covered by OHIP.

In March, an overwhelming 96% of Ontario optometrists voted to withdraw eye care services to patients covered under the Provincial health care plan. The action by the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) stems from more than three decades of underfunding by the Ontario government. (more…)

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