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Covid-19, “misinformation has killed 2,800 people”

TORONTO – Fake news, testimonials and personal narratives used to suggest a distorted interpretation of reality and social networks used as a means of spreading false information: this and much more is discussed in the report drawn up by the Council of Canadian Academies, a non-profit organization that examines complex scientific topics of public interest. Including Covid-19, as in the case of “Fault Lines” (Expert Panel on the Socioeconomic Impacts of Science and Health Misinformation), a work supported by a gigantic bibliography (over sixty pages of references) from which it clearly emerges that misinformation on the coronavirus has done great damage to Canadian society, contributing to more than 2,800 deaths and an estimated $30 million in hospital visits and intensive care. Deaths that could have been avoided and money that could have been spent elsewhere.  (more…)

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Dead by suicide Edward Lake. His three sons killed by Muzzo

TORONTO – Misfortunes never come by themselves, says a proverb. Edward Lake, whose three sons and father-in-law were killed in a terrible accident in Vaughan in 2015, took his own life. The case has filled the pages of the newspapers for months: driving the vehicle that hit the van of the children’s grandfather, there was Marco Muzzo, scion of a rich family, drunk. A pain, that of Edward Lake and his wife Jennifer Neville-Lake, that can only be imagined. 


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Life with no parole for 22 years for intruders who killed mom of three

TORONTO –  When a grisly and gory crime hits close to home, it sends a shock wave to the whole Filipino-Canadian community of Toronto, especially to closer friends and relatives of the victim hearing for the first time that when a partner is murdered, the surviving partner is always the suspect. Tragic as it may be, the initial reaction is for everyone to send in their condolences. Only after Yostin Murillo, a main suspect of Costa Rican background, was arrested were friends and relatives of the couple able to breathe a sigh of relief.  (more…)

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Massacre in London: “Killed for being Muslim”

Article by Mariella Policheni — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

What should have been a quiet walk for a family on a very hot Sunday in early June ended in tragedy. The drama – which according to the London Police Service was the result of premeditated and hate-motivated action – took place at an intersection in northwest London. (more…)

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