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Doug Ford wants sheriff-mayors: a law to increase their powers

TORONTO – The mayor? Better if he’s a “sheriff”, according to Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who is considering new legislation that would give to the mayors of Toronto and Ottawa new powers and a potential veto on the city council, according to reports earlier by the Toronto Star and then from Global News. The Ford government is therefore working on legislation that should grant greater powers to mayors, as well as allow them to address the issue of housing accessibility with more room for maneuver.  (more…)

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Bangladesh’s democracy and the new media law

‘As journalism goes, so does democracy’ is the motto of Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF), founded in 1990 precisely to celebrate and facilitate excellence in journalism. Consequently, the justifiable reference of CJF is as a new proposed media bill contradicts labour law in Bangladesh, which has been conveyed by the Newspaper Owners’ Association of Bangladesh (NOAB). 


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Mainenti: “Explosives from the sea for the massacres, law enforcement actions need to be intensified”

Palermo, 8 July 2021 – “A few days before the commemoration of the massacre in via D’Amelio, in which judge Paolo Borsellino was killed, the words of the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, through the Vice President of Csm, David Ermini, weigh like boulders in expressing solidarity in the face of the news (leaked from the detention of a ‘Ndrangheta boss) that the model would be ready to assassinate the magistrate Nino Di Matteo in an attack”. This is what Daniela Mainenti (in the pic), professor of comparative criminal procedural law and expert in the fight against illegal fishing, says. (more…)

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Homophobia, the Vatican against the Zan law: Freedom of thought is at risk for Catholics

Article by Marzio Pelu` — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

For the first time, the Vatican is officially asking the Italian government to amend a bill, appealing to the Concordat, the “pact” that regulates relations between the Italian state and the Catholic Church. (more…)

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Trustees in breach of fiduciary obligations, law

TORONTO – A tangled web of breach of fiduciary obligations, administrative incompetence, questionable ethics and blatant unjustifiable breaches of corporate duties by “dissidents” at Catholic School Boards. Some Catholics are saying “enough is enough!”


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Has Ratansi become a lawmaker to break the law

Muhammad Ali Bukhari, CNMNG News, Toronto

It is the work of sociology to cover the issues of our daily lives; on the other hand, the task of a newspaper is to gather news, general knowledge or gossip. Just as the leadership of an unorthodox or clownish group is unmasked in the process, so the world is nothing but a dialectic for unschooled politicians, although differences are visible to liberals. (more…)

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