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“Henry Dundas? A historical figure to be placed in the context he lived”

TORONTO – A Corriere Canadese’s reader, Robert Nelly, wrote a letter in which he defends the name “Dundas” of many historical places in Toronto. “I have been a Toronto citizen all my life – he explains – and I like concerts in Dundas Square, I walk around Dundas Street and travel using Dundas station”. CNMNG anticipates the contents of the letter that will be published tomorrow in Corriere Canadese’s newspaper and on line edition. Here is his letter. (more…)

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Denise Pipitone, searches in a well in the house where her father’s ex-wife lived


MAZARA DEL VALLO – Denise Pipitone: from hope to anguish, in a few weeks. The illusion of having found her in Olesya Rostova, the Russian girl looking for her mother, lasted only a few days and had turned into a kind of reality show (read our article here: “Olesya is not Denise”: hope collapses on TV like in a reality show ). Yesterday, unfortunately always live on television, a cold shower arrived  (more…)

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