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Ontario, one hundred more cases in just 24 hours

TORONTO – Over 100 more cases in 24 hours, compared to the same number of tests analyzed: today Ontario recorded 413 new ones, detected on 31,800 swabs carried out, compared to 304 on Wednesday when the tests had been more than 31,000. The positivity rate therefore goes back to 1.6% (24 hours earlier it was 1.3%). 4 deaths recorded today, the same number as on Wednesday.  (more…)

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Alberta still above 1,200 cases per day and more hospitalizations. The situation in Sasks, Manitoba and BC

EDMONTON – The Covid situation in Alberta remains of total emergency. Also on Friday, the last day on which the data were disclosed, the province recorded over 1,200 new infections: 1,256 to be precise (and 16 deaths) against the 1,254 (and 10 deaths) of Thursday and the 1,263 (and 26 deaths) of Wednesday. Most of the people who died on Friday were between 70 and 80, two in their fifties, one in their sixties, another in their nineties. In total, 2,830 Alberta residents have died of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.  (more…)

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Mohib Ullah’s killing upholds Rohingya suffrage more than ever

Mohib Ullah, who at his 40s, was a teacher and emerged as a key refugee leader and a spokesman representing the Muslim ethnic group in international meetings. He visited the White House in 2019 for a meeting on religious freedom with then-President Donald Trump and spoke about the suffering and persecution faced by Rohingya in Myanmar, in which over the years already 1.1 million of them taken shelter inhuman way in Bangladesh. Miserably, he has been shot dead in a camp in Bangladesh by unknown gunmen late Wednesday that came to the international spotlight, including in the Canadian media.  (more…)

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More than 3,000 evacuees arrived now in Canada from Afghanistan

OTTAWA – Canada evacuated over 3,700 people from Afghanistan: more than 3,000 evacuees have now arrived in Canada, which includes more than 900 passengers who arrived on four flights since Sunday, August 29. “We expect more to arrive here in the near future”, said today Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and Marc Garneau, Minister of Foreign Affairs.  (more…)

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Italy, more than 3.5 million over 50s are not vaccinated

BOLOGNA – Coronavirus in Italy: new cases stable for three weeks, but hospitalizations among the unvaccinated continue to rise. Also because in August there was a drop in the vaccination campaign (-66.5%) and still more than 3.5 million over 50s remain uncovered (the over 50s in Italy are 27,353,240 out of a population of 59,258,000). This is what emerges from the data released by the Gimbe Foundation of Bologna as part of the independent monitoring carried out every week. (more…)

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Ontario, more than 600 cases for the fourth day in a row

TORONTO – For the fourth consecutive day, Ontario recorded more than 600 new cases of Covid-19 today: to be precise, 639 (zero deaths). It is true that the number is lower than on Sunday (722 cases), but it still marks a significant increase compared to the 526 infections reported last Monday. And it is also true that the tests carried out were less: 20,000, compared to 23,075 on Sunday. The seven-day average is now 580, up nearly 24% over the week and a whopping 104% over two weeks ago. But transmission growth has slowed: in early August, cases doubled every eight days. However, according to Ontario’s scientific table, every 100 people who contract the virus will transmit it on average to 119 other people, and cases will double every 22 days.  (more…)

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“More trade and jobs thanks to CETA, despite Covid-19”

TORONTO/ROME – Since the entry into force of Ceta, the Global Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union, trade between Italy and Canada has increased by more than 22% and Italian exports of goods and services to Canada are increased by 25% with the creation of 63,000 jobs in Italy: these are some of the numbers contained in the report that the Canadian Ambassador to Italy, Alexandra Bugailiskis (in the pic, from the Italian government website), presented to the European Union Policy Commission of the Senate. Numbers that, according to the Ambassador, suggest that CETA will play a decisive role in the post-pandemic recovery and “will help make our economies stronger, greener and more sustainable”. (more…)

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Brampton man launches campaign calling for no more weed shops in the city

June 18 will mark the somber one-year anniversary of the horrific crash in Brampton that killed Karolina Ciasullo and her three innocent children. To honour the family and put an end to such deadly crashes caused by impaired drivers, 22-year old Brampton activist Cody Vatcher, spearheaded a campaign (nomoreweedshops.com) to put a freeze on pot shops opening in Brampton. (more…)

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In Ontario 469 new infected and 18 more deaths

A nurse checks a patient who came in for testing at a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) clinic at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, May 12, 2020. REUTERS/Loren Elliott

TORONTO – June 8, 2021: Canada stood today at 1,395,015 positives for Covid-19, an increase of 869 more cases than in the previous 24 hours. The number of victims – nationwide – today reached 25,786 total deaths, 25 more than on Monday. In Canada today the number of recovered people from the coronavirus stood at 1,347,274. Ontario today reached 537,076 overall positives, an increase of 469 new cases compared to Monday. (more…)

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More than 1,500 visitors for Cindi Emond’s exhibition: extended until December

It had over 1,500 visitors in just one month of opening and for this reason, in addition to the quality of the works, the virtual photo exhibition “For all the ‘I love you’s’, we forgot to say” by Cindi Emond (in the pic) has been extended until December and can therefore still be visited on the link https://cindiemondcontact2021.com


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Higher-than-usual pollen counts in the air are causing more allergies this year in Canada

Photo Credit: Aerobiology Research Laboratories

Many allergy sufferers may have noticed increased symptoms this year compared to last year. It turns out that it was caused by higher-than-normal pollen levels in the air in some parts of Canada.

A particularly strong pollen explosion occurred in southern Ontario and Quebec. There was a thin layer of yellow pollen that covered most of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. We could see an unusually large amount of pollen on our cars, perhaps the largest since many years. (more…)

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In Ontario 1,039 new infected and 33 more deaths

A paramedic transports a patient to Mount Sinai Hospital as the number of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases continues to grow in Toronto, Ontario, Canada April 17, 2020. REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

In Ontario 1TORONTO – May 25, 2021: Canada stood yesterday at 1,364,729 positives for Covid-19, an increase of 3,165 more cases than in the previous 24 hours. The number of victims – nationwide – yesterday reached 25,314 total deaths, 72 more than on Monday. (more…)

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