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Mississauga named one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities worldwide

Cities are the engines of economic growth. In a modern society, technology plays a key role in making cities function better, faster and smarter. Tools like network connections, computers, sensors and cameras, can help communities use integrated data to make wiser decisions. A digitally “Smart City” is a benefit to its residents, but an “intelligent community” is one that uses information and technology to drive prosperity, tackle social and economic issues and helps enrich the lives of its inhabitants.

This year, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) named Mississauga as one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities in the world. (more…)

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Who is Mary Simon, named 30th governor general of Canada

TORONTO – Mary Simon (in the pic) is Canada’s new Governor General. This was announced today by Justin Trudeau, who, with the appointment of the Queen’s new representative, wanted to send out a very precise political signal. Simon is in fact an Inuk leader, representative of the indigenous peoples of Canada and his appointment comes at a time of general rethinking of the history of our country, in particular the federal government’s treatment of Aboriginal people in the past. (more…)

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