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The election numbers tell a worrying story

TORONTO – The results were barely tabulated and a horde of “political scientists”, commentators and Party lobbyists emerged from nowhere to advance their interpretation of the outcome of Election Ontario, 2022.There was a sense of revisionism in their analyses, an attempt to “interpret for the great unwashed” what their votes for the PC really meant. 


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Democracy – decision making – is all about numbers

TORONTO – And about common acceptance that decisions so arrived are legally binding and enforceable. Thank God that is still the case, despite the disruptive human habit to shrug off decisions we may find personally undesirable. At the very least, talk/debate, replace shooting, stabbing and anarchy. Elections are a “civil substitute” for mayhem and violence. 


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Ontario, 92 more dead. And hospitalizations drop. Are the numbers reliable?

TORONTO – Another 92 deaths, bringing the total from the beginning to 11,160. The number of deaths recorded today in Ontario is only lower than that of January 15, 2021, when the victims were 100. A figure in stark contrast to that of hospitalizations, which fell today: patients in the hospitals of the province are now 4,016, down sharply from 4,132 a week ago. (more…)

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Trouble for the Canadian economy as international students numbers decline

Education in Canada is big business. International students contribute more than $21 billion each year to the Canadian economy and promote diversity within communities. The pandemic has presented a variety of challenges for foreign students resulting in a drop in enrollment numbers. The effects could have a negative economic impact.


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