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Ontario, parents boycott distance learning

TORONTO – Alberta and British Columbia – unlike Ontario and other provinces – do not stop in front of the constantly increasing number of Covid cases and continue quickly with their school reopening plan. Since today all the students have returned to their classes. “Experts across Canada and around the world continue to emphasize the importance of face-to-face learning to preserve the overall health of our children and youth,” Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange said at a press conference. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario Toronto

Schools closed, parents increasingly frustrated

TORONTO  – Here we go again. The Ontario government’s ostentatious security about the reopening of schools after the Christmas holidays has melted like snow in the sun. After a timid two-day postponement announced last week, the bad news arrived on Monday: schools will remain closed at least until January 17. Ford suddenly reversed course and ordered schools to switch to virtual learning. 


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When Boards think they know better than the parents they serve

Some school boards seem to be losing their bearings. On December 7, the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) trustees will meet to choose a new Chair and Vice Chair for the Board and its Committees to lead them into the final year of the Board’s mandate before the 2022 election. Patrick Murphy and Marvin Duarte are the incumbents in the two senior positions.

The past three years have been challenging for the Board on several fronts. Board meetings have been characterized by factional divides and “dysfunctionality”. (more…)

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An educational “buzz saw” in US politics: parents do know best

In which weird society does a candidate for political office declare that parents know nothing about education so they should stay away from the education of their own children in schools? I am not talking about Canada, but the “elephant” next door in the USA. Brace yourself; what happens there usually spills over. It started in Virginia – parents had had enough.  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Vaccine chaos, unimmunized teachers and undecided parents

TORONTO – Up to 50,000 education workers in Ontario could be laid off if Covid-19 vaccines were mandatory for this sector that already faces staffing issues. This was said by the Minister of Education Stephen Lecce. “I think we need to be realistic and ensure that every member of staff who comes into our school undergoes a double test, a negative antigen test, to ensure that they are safe, to make sure that there are staff in our schools and that children can continue to go to school every day,” Lecce said. (more…)

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Parents rally to keep students safe and class sizes small

Parent groups and concerned community members rally in solidarity to protest the province’s plan to increase class sizes. Parents held coordinated demonstrations at several Catholic elementary schools across Toronto calling on the Ontario government and the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) to halt the reorganization of class sizes.


Canada Education Matters English News Updates Ontario

Parents voice concerns over Lecce’s plans to increase class sizes

TORONTO – Lecce approves the increase of class sizes at the TCDSB, parents are worried. The health and safety of students and staff is top of mind when it comes to individuals learning in Ontario education system, or at least it should be. That is why parents are concerned over the province’s plan to increase class sizes… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Chaos at the TCDSB, tomorrow the protest of the parents

TORONTO – The increase in the maximum number of students per class starting from October 12 to parents just does not go down. It was precisely to express their disappointment, in the hope of blocking this decision, that for tomorrow they organized protests in front of numerous schools of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). (more…)

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Parents voice concerns over Lecce’s plans to increase class sizes

The health and safety of students and staff is top of mind when it comes to individuals learning in Ontario education system, or at least it should be. That is why parents are concerned over the province’s plan to increase class sizes.

This is particularly the case for parents of students enrolled at the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). (more…)

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Classes oversize at TCDSB’s schools, parents organize the protest

TORONTO – Classes oversize in the schools of the Toronto Catholic District School Board: the parents are preparing the protest. After the decision of the TCDSB to increase the number of students in the classrooms, exceeding the number of thirty for each classroom, “to save money” (the salaries of teachers whose number will be reduced), the families have decided to organize protests in front of the schools, tomorrow, from 8.30 to 10.  (more…)

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“TCDSB lays cover for questionable and contrarian behaviour against parents”

We publish a letter by Phil Hornak, a member of the TCDSB Parent Coouncils, which points out a series of issues that worry the families of students attending Catholic Schools in Toronto.

TORONTO – TCDSB staffing and contractors have been added and established to lay the cover deemed required in this less than genuine operation. The Parent Engagement Group, Integrity Commissioner and Social Media Group are excellent examples of these type of initiatives. Look and sound nice but facilitates what? How many parents are actually being reached by the schools or Board?  (more…)

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