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Parliament imposes mandatory vaccination for the MPs

TORONTO – Crossfire on Erin O’Toole. In the last twenty-four hours, two other knots have emerged that will have to be dissolved and that directly concern the leader of the Conservative Party: the decision to make the vaccination obligation mandatory for MPs who want to enter the House of Commons and the analysis of the internal review of the party that will focus on the role of Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party in the defeat suffered last September 20 in the federal elections.  (more…)

The Canadian parliament blames China for the Uighur genocide

Muhammad Ali Bukhari, CNNG News, Toronto

[GTranslate]On Monday, 266 out of Canada’s 338 members of parliament voted against this motion. Although most cabinet members were absent from voting. The House of Commons also explicitly blames for the country’s indiscriminate killings of Uighurs and other Turkish-speaking Muslims in China.

The said proposal was made in Parliament by the opposition Conservative Party. It said China’s state action in the Xinjiang region was tantamount to genocide in accordance with UN policy adopted in 1948. In addition to the Conservative members, a significant number of ruling Liberal party MPs voted in favour of the proposal. The final vote count showed that 266 MPs present voted without any opposition, only two MPs have remained officially absent. (more…)