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Toronto, a sanctuary city for immigrants from around the world, will provide vaccination to its residents without Ontario Health Insurance Plan

On April 30, the city of Toronto announced that it was partnering with the FCJ Refugee Center and Access Alliance to bypass the official provincial OHIP card-number based road to receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.


Until now, it has not been possible for people without an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card or those with expired cards i.e., so called “undocumented workers” to register for the vaccination. (more…)

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Ontario expands vaccine eligibility to residents aged 45 and older in hot spots

TORONTO – Minimum requirements for receiving the Covid-19 vaccine are being lowered in Ontario hotspots. This was announced by the provincial minister of health Christine Elliott, confirming the news that she had been in the air for a few days now: the goal is to give a turning point to the vaccination campaign of the province, managing to reach another slice of the population that wants to vaccinate against Covid-19. (more…)

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