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Vaughan, Mayor Bevilacqua will not run for re-election

VAUGHAN – The mayor of Vaughan, Maurizio Bevilacqua, will not run again in the next municipal elections, next 24 October.

The news was announced by Bevilacqua himself, during a gala tonight in Vaughan, where the mayor also celebrated his birthday.

“The city is in good shape,” Bevilacqua told those who asked him the reason for his decision.


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Kenney throws in the towel Brain Jean, Danielle Smith will run for the leadership

TORONTO – Jason Kenney (in the pic) throws in the towel. Alberta’s premier and leader of the United Conservative Party has decided to resign as head of the party after the vote on the review of his leadership split the Canadian right, worn out by months of internal feuds, accusations, poisons and controversy until the dramatic epilogue on Wednesday evening. 


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Kristine Wong-Tam leaves the City Council to run for NDP in provincial election

TORONTO – Kristine Wong-Tam, city councilor in Toronto, has decided leave (starting May 4th) her role to run in the next provincial elections with the NDP. The news was announced by the councilor herself through a long letter that appeared on her website – https://www.kristynwongtam.ca – which, according to the Corriere Canadese, gives the impression of being financed by the Municipality itself (a point on which the Corriere Canadese itself asked the candidate to clarify).

If she will lose the elections, Wong-Tam (in the pic above, taken from her Twitter profile @kristynwongtam) will not be able to rejoin the City Council also because she has already announced – in the same letter – that she will not run again in the next municipal elections in the autumn. At the Toronto Catholic District School Board, they are not following the same example: neither the trustee Ida Li Preti (candidate with the Liberals) nor the trustee Angela Kennedy (candidate with the Conservatives) have in fact renounced their position as trustees.

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Infections run in schools, PCR tests are coming November 15

TORONTO – Covid-19 and school. The bond, this year, seems to be stronger than in 2020. It is the numbers that give us the picture of the situation: last year at the end of October, 1,966 cases were detected in public schools since the beginning of the school year. This year the infections in the same period of time are as many as 4,454. The fault, say the doctors, is to be attributed to the variant of the Delta coronavirus that some scientists have discovered to be contagious like chickenpox.  (more…)

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Conservatives on the run, the debate in Quebec does not change the balance

TORONTO – The debate in Quebec on September 2 between the leaders did not shift the balance of power between the parties. The confirmation comes from the last 8 polls carried out after the debate in French which highlight how the Conservative Party led by Erin O’Toole continues to enjoy a comforting margin of advantage over the liberals of Justin Trudeau. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP continues to play the role of third inconvenience while the percentage of undecided remains high. The gap that divides the conservatives from the Liberal Party ranges from the 1.5 percent detected by Nanos to 6.4 percent highlighted by Ekos. In general, tories are stabilising at around 35 per cent, while grits range from 28.1 per cent to 33 per cent.  (more…)

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Mark Carney, Canada’s “Mario Draghi” is ready to run

TORONTO – What if Canada also has its Mario Draghi? A prestigious and authoritative banker, who worked for years at important international financial institutions, ready to make the big leap into politics? This hypothesis could materialize as early as the next federal election: Mark Carney is considering running for the Liberal Party, a hypothesis that has been circulating in the chambers of power for many months but which now buys more credit for contingent news of political news. (more…)

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