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Steven Del Duca: “Low property taxes and more community safety”

TORONTO – A candidate with Italian roots for the most “Italian” city of the GTA: Steven Del Duca (in the pic above, from his Twitter profile), 49 years old, is a first-generation Canadian, born to an Italian father (his paternal grandfather immigrated to Canada from Italy in 1951) and a Scottish mother. He is married to Utilia Amaral and they live with their two daughters in Woodbridge, the new “Little Italy”. 


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Federal Parties cry at O’Toole’s departure: Goodbye Mr. Safety net

TORONTO – I think that any man or woman who presents himself/herself for the highest levels of public office (Party leadership) deserves a nod of respect for trying to define a vision and for subsequently attempting to co-ordinate the rest of us towards its realization. On that score, Erin O’Toole is no less deserving than the next aspirant to the top job. It’s a role unsuited for the feint of heart or for the whiny types at school boards who are unaccustomed to scrutiny. And there is plenty of that. 


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The Afghan Paralympic athletes in safety: destination Tokyo

KABUL – Zakia and Hossain have made it: they are out of Afghanistan and could fulfill their dream of participating in the Tokyo Paralympics, the Olympics for disabled people who have just started. A dream that seemed to have shattered when the Taliban arrived, just as the two Afghan athletes, Zakia Khudadadi (taekwondo) and Hossain Rasouli (athletics) were about to leave for Japan.  (more…)

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Cable car crashed in Italy: the safety brake did not work

VERBANIA – It was supposed to be the Sunday of the restart, for Italy, after months of lockdowns and restrictions, but it will remain in the memory of the Italians as a tragic Sunday: yesterday in Piemonte, on mount Mottarone in Verbania, a cable car crashed, making a flight twenty meters and rolling downstream until it ends its death race against some trees. Fourteen victims and only one survivor: a 5-year-old boy who is admitted to the hospital in Turin on a reserved prognosis. (more…)

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