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Free PPE and sanctions, crackdown on retailers

TORONTO – The Ontario government will impose hefty fines on those caught reselling personal protective equipment provided by the government for free as part of a broader package of laws whose purpose is to “safely manage Covid-19 long-haul”. The regulation is part of a larger legislative package – the “plan to stay open” – that the government is working on. 


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Russia-Ukraine war, Canadians in favor of humanitarian aid and sanctions

OTTAWA – After speaking by video conference at the House of Commons in Ottawa on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke before the US Congress today. In both cases Zelensky reiterated the call for a no fly zone over Ukraine and the imposition of “new sanctions packages” on Moscow “until the Russian military machine stops.” He did it with his heart in his hand, with passion and determination. 


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Sky over Belarus empty, airlines avoid this territory. Sanctions only for Belarus? And what’s next?

As you can see on the flightradar24.com map, the sky over Belarus is almost empty. Only single Russian and Belarusian passenger planes as well as Turkish and Chinese cargo planes pass through. Why is the matter of forcing an Irish airline Ryanair flight via Belarus to land on its territory important to Canada? Ireland is a neutral country. (more…)

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