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Canada: 548 sexual abuse in schools in five years

TORONTO – Even one case, only one, of child sexual abuse in a school setting would be extremely serious. Well, from 2017 to 2021 such cases in Canada would have been 548. “At the very least,” says the disturbing report made by the Canadian Center for Child Protection, calling for action by the federal government in this regard, given the incredible number of reports of sexual abuse within schools in Canada. (more…)

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Catholic schools, Election decision time: out with the bad

TORONTO – In our mind, democratic exercises – elections – are a great opportunity to rid the system of the noxious as well as to bring in the re-invigorating. There is still plenty of room for individual differences and ambitions; nothing wrong with that. Some Municipal Councils and Boards function just fine. Others, not so much. 


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Ontario Schools: stalemate in negotiations, CUPE towards the strike

TORONTO – Another step towards the strike. That’s what the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has done, representing 55,000 Ontario education workers – including custodians, librarians and early childhood educators: since negotiations with the government fail to deliver anything, the union has requested the so-called “no board” report that could put them on a legal strike position in less than three weeks. 


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Municipal elections issues (1): Catholic schools – YCDSB

TORONTO – It is time to get serious about the reasons why we have elections. First, throw out the riffraff in office and weed out the ones that would replace them. Secondly, study the alternatives and vote for them. Third, reaffirm the principles for which institutions exist and hold to account those who erode their value for the sake of their personal pet projects. 


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Schools closed longer, few fewer cases

TORONTO – The school is not a place of greasers. This is in summary the result of a study conducted by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences during the provincial closure that began in December 2020. This closure was followed by a regionalized approach to the reopening of schools by the Ford government that lasted until January and February 2021. 


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The Pope to the Natives: “Indignation and shame for residential schools. With all my heart, I am very sorry”

VATICAN CITY – “Indignation and shame” for what happened in residential school in Canada: “for the deplorable conduct of those members of the Catholic Church, I ask for God’s forgiveness and I want to say to you with all my heart: I am very sorry”. After private meetings between Pope Francis and First Nations, Inuit and Metis delegates this week, all parties met the Pope at the Vatican on Friday and, speaking in Italian, the Pontiff asked for God’s forgiveness, recognizing the wrongs done to Indigenous in residential schools. 


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Ontario, no masks in schools: the controversy starts

TORONTO – “School trustees are not doctors so they should simply follow the advice of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Kieran Moore.” Without mincing words, the premier of the province Doug Ford discourages the school boards from asking for extensions to the revocation of the obligation to use the mask set for March 21 and triggers the controversy. Trustees from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) have formally requested that the province suspend the decision indefinitely due to concerns about the potential spread of Covid-19 when students return to school after the March Break. 


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Schools which forget that their priority is to teach children

From words to deeds. Since the work of three school trustees of the San Francisco School Board left something to be desired, the residents of the city decided to relieve them of their duties. Their wrong, according to the citizens, was to have given space to “wrong priorities” and to have “put progressive politics before children”. 


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Toronto schools, 15% absent on Friday

TORONTO – According to data provided by school boards to the Ontario government, more than 15 percent of all staff and students at Toronto’s public schools were absent on Friday. The province’s Ministry of Education indicated that of the 385 schools on the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) that reported absence data for last Friday, 23 TDSB schools reported absences of more than 30 percent, and all but two were high schools where students were preparing for exams or taking them. 


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In 337 Ontario schools absence rates of 30% or more

TORONTO – That in the midst of the Omicron wave absence rates in schools would be high was to be expected. The numbers, made public today, did nothing but confirm the high percentage of absences among both students and teachers. Of the 3,451 Ontario schools for which data are available, 337 reported a 30% absence rate last Friday, 111 recorded an absence rate of more than 50%. 


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Experts: “Schools must be reopened safely”

TORONTO – The Canadian school system looks like a boat at the mercy of the waves. Since the beginning of the pandemic what has been missing is a minimum of stability, a coherent line of the Ministry of Education and the commitment to make all schools safe places for children who are paying dearly for the protracted pandemic that since March 2020 has come to count four waves. 


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Schools closed, parents increasingly frustrated

TORONTO  – Here we go again. The Ontario government’s ostentatious security about the reopening of schools after the Christmas holidays has melted like snow in the sun. After a timid two-day postponement announced last week, the bad news arrived on Monday: schools will remain closed at least until January 17. Ford suddenly reversed course and ordered schools to switch to virtual learning. 


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From bad to worse: 47 schools closed in Ontario

TORONTO – The evidence can no longer be denied. Covid-19 entered Ontario schools from the main entrance. Almost one in a hundred public schools is now closed due to Covid-19 outbreaks or operational reasons related to the pandemic. If only two days ago the institutes closed due to outbreaks of the virus were 28, the number today – according to data provided by the Ministry of Education – jumped to 47. As many as 47 schools closed with the transfer of children to distance learning with Covid that continues to create havoc as regards face-to-face lessons.  (more…)

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Ford: there is no need to expand access to rapid tests in schools

TORONTO – The Omicron variant already present in Canada and the upcoming holiday holidays do not worry Prime Minister Doug Ford at all. “There is no need for Ontario to expand access to Covid-19 testing,” he reiterated following increasing pressure to have these tests used by more people and in schools in the province.  (more…)

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Schools between record infections and Omicron variant: 345 new cases of COVID-19

TORONTO – There is little to be cheerful about. The number of Ontario schools with at least one active case of Covid-19 has reached its highest point so far this year, infections over the weekend have soared to 345 and the new Omicron variant has appeared for the first time in an educational institution in the province.  (more…)

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Covid, other schools closed. Over 8,000 cases in Ontario

TORONTO – Covid-19 infections in Ontario schools have skyrocketed to over 8000 – 8,095 to be precise. As well as in the whole community, even in schools the cases of the dreaded virus are constantly increasing: according to the latest data reported on the website of the Ontario government last Friday, within the last twenty-four years the new infections have stood at 172 of which 152 have affected students while the schools with at least one case of Covid-19 have been 792, those closed since last week’s peak of 16 have dropped to 9. (more…)

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Ontario: Covid-19 cases on the rise, ten schools closed

TORONTO – The number of Ontario schools closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak has reached double digits for the first time since the beginning of this school year. Following the decision to transfer the students of Grenoble Public School, which is located in the Flemingdon Park neighborhood, to distance learning as of today, 10 schools in Ontario are now closed. The decision to suspend face-to-face classes was taken after at least 15 students tested positive for the virus within a few days.  (more…)

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Ontario: increase in infections, four schools closed

TORONTO – Covid-19 has started to run again. The number of active cases of Covid-19 associated with Ontario’s public schools has reached 1,006 for the first time since October 29. Since the beginning of the school year, the infections are a total of 5,626. By this time, during the 2020-2021 school year, there had been only 3,387 confirmed cases among students and school staff.  (more…)

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Infections run in schools, PCR tests are coming November 15

TORONTO – Covid-19 and school. The bond, this year, seems to be stronger than in 2020. It is the numbers that give us the picture of the situation: last year at the end of October, 1,966 cases were detected in public schools since the beginning of the school year. This year the infections in the same period of time are as many as 4,454. The fault, say the doctors, is to be attributed to the variant of the Delta coronavirus that some scientists have discovered to be contagious like chickenpox.  (more…)

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Alberta, infections in 756 schools and 8.27% positivity

EDMONTON – 1,263 cases of Covid-19 and 26 deaths in just twenty-four hours and infections in 756 schools: few numbers that give a good idea of ​​how serious the situation in Alberta is. The new infections, detected on Wednesday on 15,400 tests analyzed, bring the positive rate of the province to 8.27%, slightly lower but still very high compared to the other provinces of Canada (that of Ontario, to give an idea, today was 1.7%).  (more…)

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Classes oversize at TCDSB’s schools, parents organize the protest

TORONTO – Classes oversize in the schools of the Toronto Catholic District School Board: the parents are preparing the protest. After the decision of the TCDSB to increase the number of students in the classrooms, exceeding the number of thirty for each classroom, “to save money” (the salaries of teachers whose number will be reduced), the families have decided to organize protests in front of the schools, tomorrow, from 8.30 to 10.  (more…)

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The first National Day for Truth: Canada remembers residential schools

TORONTO – Songs, drums, speeches, dances. But also painful testimonies and tears. For the first time in its history, Canada celebrated The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation yesterday. A day, that of yesterday, established by Ottawa last June 3 to commemorate the tragic and painful history of residential schools, to remember the dead children and those who survived, their families and communities.  (more…)

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Ontario, 30% of new Covid-cases are in schools. Contagions in polling stations

TORONTO – Ontario today recorded another 158 cases of Covid-19 in public schools: 20 more than on the same day last week. 135 of the cases were detected in students and 22 in staff members, while the attribution of another case was not disclosed. There are now 1,627 known active cases of Covid-19 associated with the public school system, accounting for approximately 30% of all known active cases in Ontario.  (more…)

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Ontario’s plan to expand Indigenous learning in schools

Education leads to better understanding. In this regard, the Ontario Government is making changes to strengthen mandatory Indigenous-focused learning in school curriculum.

The announcement comes during the same week that Canada marks the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. In addition to the existing funding for the 2021-2022 academic year, the Ministry announced the investment of nearly $24 million in funding to provide supportive, culturally appropriate and safe education for Indigenous students.


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Schools in Ontario, infections skyrocket to almost 600

TORONTO – It is alarming. With the beginning of the school year, Covid infections are skyrocketed, which with the last 109 today have abundantly exceeded 500. There are 98 cases among students attending schools in Ontario, 8 among teachers and 3 non-teaching staff members infected with the Delta variant of the virus, which bring infections to 585.  (more…)

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Ontario schools report 286 active COVID-19 cases; up 97 from 24 hours earlier

TORONTO – Infections are rising and schools are closing. As expected, the return to school is not spinning as smooth as oil. Today the school boards of the province reported 286 active cases of Covid, an increase of 97% compared to the day before while entire classes were given the order to stay at home in quarantine. (more…)

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Italy: ‘Green Pass’ extended to schools and universities, no-vax teachers without salary

ROME – On the eve of entry into force of the Green Pass in Italy (from tomorrow), necessary to access restaurants, museums, cultural centers, swimming pools, gyms and to attend shows or participate in festivals (to name a few), the same document is extended to new categories, as already widely anticipated in recent days: school staff, first of all. But it will be necessary to show the “vaccination passport” also to travel on long-distance trains (excluding, however, local transport). (more…)

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Ontario schools, allocated $25 million for air quality

TORONTO – When the school year resumes Ontario will allow students to participate in “close indoor sports” such as basketball and hockey, and the province does not yet plan to impose COVID-19 vaccinations for educators, staff or students. The Minister of Education of Ontario Stephen Lecce reiterated this today during a press conference: the provincial government will continue to support its immunization campaign, he said, but the mandatory “at the moment” is not taken into account.  (more…)

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Ford allocates $10 million to survey the grounds of 18 Indian residential schools in Ontario

The Kamloops Residential School

The Ontario government will spend $10 million to examine the soil of eighteen residential schools in Ontario and to preserve and commemorate the remains found. Provincial Premier Doug Ford announced today that the money, which will be spread over three years, will be part of the “indigenous-led” effort to identify, protect and commemorate “the burial sites of Indian residential schools.” (more…)

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School’s chaos, premier Ford could cut minister Lecce in the next shuffle

TORONTO – The controversy over schools in Ontario is not going away. Twenty-four hours after the provincial government’s decision to continue remote teaching until the end of this school year, it has infused the political climate, provoking accusations and poisons during the last parliamentary session in Queen’s Park before the summer break. But not only that. (more…)

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Ford: “Shorter interval between COVID-19 vaccine doses”. And schools still closed

COVID-19 vaccine: Ontario is speeding up eligibility for second doses and “the majority of those who want them will be fully immunized by the end of summer”. And the schools will remain closed, Ontario’s premier Doug Ford said at a press conference on Friday morning.

“We’re all getting one step closer to returning to normal,” Ford said. (more…)

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High schools, year divided into ‘quadmester’

The next school year in Ontario’s high schools will also be divided into ‘quadmester’. That’s what Toronto District School Board (TDSB) spokesman Ryan Bird said. “The Ministry of Education has ordered all school boards, including the TDSB, to follow a program that emphasizes as much as possible the division into groups of students, which translates into the “quadmester model” (more…)

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Political Fraud in Schools and the Church

How odd. Thanks to the nonsensical, even inane musings (but they are done with passion) of trustees in Catholic school boards, the real Human drama of life is taking place within the Catholic Church.  It’s the stuff of movies. The moral and legal authority of Canada’s premier prelate, the one eligible to be Pope or vote for the next one, is being publicly challenged. (more…)

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