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Ontario, the virus recedes. “Vaccine to children as soon as possible”

TORONTO – Infections still on the decline in Ontario, while Toronto is already preparing to vaccinate under-12s, as soon as the administration is authorized, because in fact the vast majority of cases are registered among the unvaccinated and, in particular, among children. But let’s go in order.  (more…)

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Federal elections, announcement coming soon

OTTAWA – The countdown is about to begin. The electoral machine is about to get going. According to a Liberal campaigning source, the start seems to have been set for August 15, while the date on which Canadians will have to go to the polls would be September 20. The rumors have been chasing each other for days: some claimed that the official launch of the campaign would take place as early as next Sunday, August 8, with the date of the elections set for September 13. (more…)

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Light at the end of the tunnel, the risk is to lower your guard too soon

TORONTO – In Ontario, we are entering the most delicate phase of this long, exhausting, never-ending battle against Covid-19. Virologists and experts point out that how the exit from the third wave will lay the foundations for the developments of the pandemic. In essence, we are at a crossroads: if we are able to comply with health and safety protocols, we could avoid a potential fourth wave. (more…)

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