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Covid “swing” in Ontario: hospitalizations start to rise again

TORONTO – More deaths and more hospitalizations: we have often called it a “swing”, that of the daily data on the pandemic, and so it is today: on Tuesday, Ontario confirmed another 11 deaths – which bring the total to the province, from the beginning, to 13,083 – against 2 yesterday, and 1,345 infected patients, a sharp increase from 1,122 in the previous 24 hours. 

Monday’s data, however, reflected a still incomplete census as 10% of hospitals do not report data over the weekend and only update it as of Tuesday. And, in any case, hospitalizations have decreased by 13% compared to the same day last week, when 1,555 people with Covid-19 were hospitalized. (more…)

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Canada, ordinary hospitalizations increase and active cases start growing again

TORONTO – Covid-19: 661 people in Ontario hospitals today with Covid-19, including 165 intensive care inpatients. Therefore, the trend that has characterized the last few days is confirmed: ordinary hospitalizations on the rise (yesterday there were 611) and intensive care in decline (on Wednesday there were 174). Unfortunately, the trend of victims also remains almost unchanged: today another 10, bringing the total of Ontario from the beginning of the pandemic to 12,366.  (more…)

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Chaos and accusations: in Ottawa we start again from where we left off

TORONTO – Ottawa starts again exactly as the last legislature ended: accusations, controversies, poisons. The climate of institutional bon ton lasted very little, time to elect the new Speaker of the House – with the reconfirmation of the Italian Canadian Anthony Rota – and to listen to the historic Speech from the Throne of the Governor General Mary Simon – the first in English, French and in the Inuit language – and in the Canadian parliament we returned to the old good manners.  (more…)

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Fighting the pandemic and economic recovery, at the start of the G7 summit in Cornwall

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

Global contrast to the pandemic, common strategy on the vaccine front, the investigation into the origins of Covid. This weekend’s G7 Summit in Cornwall, England will revolve around these three themes. (more…)

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Let’s Start Building Today!

When COVID-19 has passed and life resumes to normal, the Canadian economy is unlikely to grow without further stimulus. At that point, the federal government may resort to typical stimulus tactics during recessions of infrastructure funding. I believe this is Canada’s big opportunity to build large infrastructure projects such as pipelines and public transit, but it should also be bold and fund the construction of new hospitals and schools. (more…)

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Phase Two of COVID-19 Vaccination will start in April, premier Ford said

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – Vaccinate at least 9 million people in Ontario by July. This is the new ambitious plan of the provincial government. The Ford government presented details of the so-called Phase Two of the vaccination campaign in the province, which according to plans by premier Doug Ford and Health Minister Christine Elliott is due to start in April. (more…)

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