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“Italians in Toronto Events”, a party lasting ten years

TORONTO – Italy of the future is here. A multi-ethnic, multicultural Italy which struggles to emerge in the “Belpaese” but has found its ideal, natural dimension in Toronto. The proof is the group “Italians in Toronto Events” (Italiani a Toronto Eventi) which for a decade has been a reality made up of meetings and events for young Italians in Toronto.  (more…)

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Mississauga among top ten university cities in Canada

TORONTO – When it comes to pursuing post secondary education, typically, most people focus on academics. However, campus life and the world beyond also factor into one’s choice in their post secondary education journey. For many, it may also mean moving to a new city or town. With that in mind, Mississauga, comes in as one of the top ten university cities in Canada.


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Covid in Ontario, over ten thousand active cases. Quebec close to two thousand a day, Alberta breathes

TORONTO – The surge in infections already recorded last week in Ontario shows no sign of decreasing: today the province reported 1,476 new cases of Covid-19 and 8 deaths. Infections were 1,607 on Saturday (the high number in seven months) and on Friday 1,452. The seven-day moving average of daily cases is now 1,236 (Saturday it was 1,194, a week ago 761).  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Ontario: Covid-19 cases on the rise, ten schools closed

TORONTO – The number of Ontario schools closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak has reached double digits for the first time since the beginning of this school year. Following the decision to transfer the students of Grenoble Public School, which is located in the Flemingdon Park neighborhood, to distance learning as of today, 10 schools in Ontario are now closed. The decision to suspend face-to-face classes was taken after at least 15 students tested positive for the virus within a few days.  (more…)

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„Otworzyć Ten Kościół!” Ludzie wspierają Artura Pawłowskiego, polskiego pastora w Calgary

Co łączy tańczącą striperkę w maseczce z Ramadanem, Netflixem, kupującym marihuanę, siłownią, koszulką z Amazona i kościołem polskiego pastora Artura Pawłowskiego w Calgary?

Screen Shot of Scott's Kernaghan post on Twitter
Screen Shot of Scott’s Kernaghan post on Twitter

W poniedziałek na wolność wyszedł polski pastor w Calgary, Artur Pawłowski, który w sobotę był aresztowany za (more…)

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Professional Development Opportunities in Canada. An overview of the ten most influential Hispanics

Professional Development Opportunities in Canada. An overview of the ten most influential Hispanics

Do you have plans to live in Canada? The Facebook group Study Work Live En El Exterior invites today April 8, at 11:30 am, to listen to some of the most influential Hispanics in Canada, among which are Elvira Sánchez de Malicki, founder and former president of the Canadian Hispanic Congress; the lawyer Fernando García; the film director Norma Weis and Bernardo Riveros, international director of Strategies at Global University Systems.

The objective of the Facebook group is to inform about destinations, academic programs and institutions that may be of interest to students from LATAM and other regions.

Here the link for registration: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-Q-Q9-AWQNOhmJIYuKZzuw

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