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Burlington residents will elect a new MPP this election

Created in 1999, the constituency of Burlington, a district with a population of 123,180 residents and growing, has been represented mostly by members of the Progressive Conservative Party. Jane McKenna, current MPP, first represented the riding when she was elected to office in 2011. She held the riding for the PC until the Liberals took over the constituency between 2014-2018.


English Featured Ontario Election Politics

Guelph poised for another “green landscape” this election

Guelph, a provincial electoral district in Southwestern Ontario that encompasses the city of Guelph, about 100km northwest of Toronto. With a population of 131,790, a significant portion of constituents are of European origin, primarily British. It is an area popular among immigrants and Italians in particular. According to the 2016 Census, the riding is home to 12,725 residents who identify as Italian. They represent 10% of the district population.


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HCDSB revisits motion to fly the Pride flag this June

Trustees will gather to vote again on whether to fly the Pride flag at Halton’s Catholic schools this June. The matter will re-surface for discussion (January 18) at the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) meeting. The issue of hoisting the Pride flag outside Catholic schools has been a controversial topic throughout Catholic schools in Ontario. The HCDSB is not exempt from such debate. (more…)

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Escape to nowhere this holiday season

Typically, the holidays are a time for celebration, for gathering with family and friends, and a good opportunity for travel. However, the rise in Covid cases and the new Omicron variant has prompted several countries to reinstate certain restrictions causing many families to cancel their holiday travel plans.

The tourism industry is one of the hardest-hit sectors since the start of the pandemic. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) suggests that the economic strain caused by Covid-19 will likely cost the global tourism sector nearly $2 trillion (USD) in lost revenue in 2021.


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Omicron strain, this unknown. Alert also in Ontario: perhaps anticipate the third doses of vaccine

TORONTO – The whole world is on alert. The new Omicron variant of Covid-19, first identified in South Africa, has been classified as “worrying” by the World Health Organization. From just over 200 new cases confirmed per day in recent weeks, South Africa has seen the number of new daily cases rise to more than 3,200 on Saturday, most in Gauteng.  (more…)

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“This is how Denise could be today”: a new appeal from her mother Piera Maggio

MAZARA DEL VALLO (Trapani) – Tomorrow, Tuesday 26 October, Denise Pipitone would turn 21. She would, because no one knows what happened to that little girl who disappeared on 1 September 2004 from Mazara del Vallo, a town in the province of Trapani, in Sicily. Since then, investigations, trials, appeals, searches, all without the desired results: to find Denise or, at least, to know the truth about what happened that day in the small Sicilian village where everyone knows each other. (more…)

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The Rising Food Prices during this Pandemic

TORONTO – A friend once commented on the price of a Big Mac, that if you eat it regularly, like once a week, you don’t notice the price increase because it’s in the cents. But, if you order it, say, once every six months, or in my case, in a gap of almost two years because of the pandemic, you feel the crunch, as I did when I ordered two Big Mac meals three weeks ago. I paid $23 and some cents! My friend then added, it’s good if you have the coupon because you pay just a little over half of the regular price. The question that begs answering is, how often does Big Mac come up with coupons. (more…)

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Canada, coming this week 3.8 million vaccines

By the end of this week, Canada should have enough vaccines to inoculate with both doses three-quarters of all Canadians over the age of 12. Brigadier General Krista Brodie, a military commander who manages national vaccine delivery logistics for the Public Health Agency of Canada, said that Pfizer-BioNTech will send more than 2.4 million doses and Modern about 1.4 million. (more…)

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Ontario area codes – a new one will be added this fall

The province of Ontario will receive a new area code this fall.

The growing demand for telephone numbers made it necessary to introduce a new area code. To meet this demand, a new area code will be introduced in southern Ontario this fall.

The area code 742 will be released on October 16 and will be phased in gradually in areas currently served by area codes 905, 289, and 265. (more…)

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Italian study: this is how the sun destroys Covid

Article by Corriere Canadese’s staff

“We have shown that Uva and Uvb rays of the sun in a matter of tens of seconds completely kill Sars-Cov-2”. This was stated by Mario Clerici, professor of general pathology at the State University of Milan and scientific director of the Irccs of Milan Foundation Don Gnocchi, author, together with the research group of the National Institute of Astrophysics, of an all-Italian study published yesterday. (more…)

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Higher-than-usual pollen counts in the air are causing more allergies this year in Canada

Photo Credit: Aerobiology Research Laboratories

Many allergy sufferers may have noticed increased symptoms this year compared to last year. It turns out that it was caused by higher-than-normal pollen levels in the air in some parts of Canada.

A particularly strong pollen explosion occurred in southern Ontario and Quebec. There was a thin layer of yellow pollen that covered most of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. We could see an unusually large amount of pollen on our cars, perhaps the largest since many years. (more…)

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Sky over Belarus empty, airlines avoid this territory. Sanctions only for Belarus? And what’s next?

As you can see on the flightradar24.com map, the sky over Belarus is almost empty. Only single Russian and Belarusian passenger planes as well as Turkish and Chinese cargo planes pass through. Why is the matter of forcing an Irish airline Ryanair flight via Belarus to land on its territory important to Canada? Ireland is a neutral country. (more…)

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Censuses During this Pandemic and China’s Demographic Crisis

This article discusses numbers for this is what census is all about – numbers. More importantly, it discusses how these numbers affect people’s lives. So, brace yourself for this number-filled article.

It’s census time in Canada. We are reminded of this daily through ads on tv and on social media like Facebook. I filled up mine online and sent it on the same day that I received the questionnaire. Unlike the 2016 census wherein religion was not asked, this year’s questionnaire saw the re-appearance of this issue. (more…)

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“Open This Church!” People support Artur Pawłowski, a Polish pastor in Calgary

What does a masked dancing stripper have in common with Ramadan, Netflix, marijuana buyer, a gym, a T-shirt bought on Amazon and the church of Polish pastor Arthur Pawłowski in Calgary?

Screen Shot of Scott's Kernaghan post on Twitter
Screen Shot of Scott’s Kernaghan post on Twitter

On Monday, a Polish pastor in Calgary, Artur Pawłowski, was released from jail. On Saturday he was arrested for (more…)

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Italian chefs protagonists in Canada
“This is how we spread our traditions”

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian VANCOUVER – Italian chefs in Canada in the spotlight: the APCI (Professional Association of Italian Chefs) is growing exponentially in every corner of North America and last Sunday it was the protagonist of the World Tiramisù Contest, which saw one of the association’s chefs engaged in Alberta, Alberto Alboreggia (in the pic above), who presented a live video recipe. (more…)
Filipino Opinion


When you Google “Bayan Ko”, you’ll see words like Nuestra Patria (Our Country), patriotic, unofficial national anthem and seditious.

No Filipino living in any part of this planet can claim to be unaffected by this song. Bayan Ko became the rallying song after the 1983 assassination of a Marcos opponent, Benigno Aquino, and gained traction during the People Power Revolt of 1986. It’s a song that expresses opposition to anything that curtails Filipino freedom, be it a foreign power governing the Philippines or the imposition of martial law, as was the case during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos when he declared this in 1972. (more…)

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