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Toronto’s Italians for Ukraine: fundraising for Zaporizhzhia at “Venga Cucina”

TORONTO – A new solidarity initiative of the Italian restaurant “Venga Cucina”, the only one “pinseria” in Toronto, already protagonist of charity campaigns in the past. The restaurant in 3076 Dundas Street West has decided to donate the entire proceeds from 100 “pinse” (a special kind of pizza), that will be cooked on Monday 14 March, to the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great of the Monastery of St. Peter and Paul (in the pic above), in the city of Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine, severely hit in recent days in the course of the conflict with Russia. (more…)

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Toronto’s Cautious Return to Normalcy

TORONTO – Signs of a return to some semblance of normalcy are popping up around the city. For the first time the Metro Toronto Convention Centre held a three-day Art Show at full capacity. These days, exhibits like this are done differently, by lines. First line checks your electronic tickets. Second line, your proof of vaccination and identifications. Last line, security check. Then, you’re on your own but with self-discipline, maintaining physical distance while strolling in a fashionable manner, looking at one art work after another, perhaps lingering at some, trying to decipher what the artist was trying to convey. (more…)

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Toronto’s art scene comes to life in “The Spectators’ Odyssey – o dell’Inferno”

The arts and culture industry has been hit hard in the wake of Covid-19. But the industry’s revival is spurred on by an immersive, contemporary multimedia theatrical experience called The Spectator’s Odyssey – o dell’Inferno.

Created by Daniele Bartolini, artistic director of the internationally acclaimed, Italian Canadian DopoLavoro Teatrale (DLT) and developed in support with TO Live, the artistic experience connects the audience and transports them between the world of art and behind the scenes of two of Toronto’s most iconic buildings.


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President Rebelo De Sousa extends warm Easter Greetings to Toronto’s Portuguese Community

In an unprecedented step, Portugal’s President Marcelos Rebelo de Sousa took Toronto’s and Canada’s Portuguese-speaking community by surprise today by extending warm and meaningful Easter greetings.

In an address from the Presidential Palace in Lisbon, the statesman affectionately known as “Marcelo” spoke of the traditional values which bind his compatriots around the globe, including in Toronto.

Undocumented Workers Committee Chair Manuel Alexandre received special Presidential recognition as a beacon in serving the values which build a better global community.

In turn, Alexandre expressed hope that the friendship between Marcelo and Italian President Mattarella would be reflected in the ongoing friendship between the communities in Toronto and Canada?

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