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The virus does not give up: 20 deaths and more hospitalizations in Ontario, many deaths also in Alberta and Quebec

TORONTO – The virus does not give up in Ontario: despite the comforting data of the last few weeks, today’s numbers show a growing with another 20 deaths and 779 patients with Covid-19 in the hospitals of the province, down from 914 last week but in sharp increase compared to 693 on Monday and 684 on Sunday. Of the 779 patients currently in hospital, 246 are in intensive care, a number down from the 278 on last Tuesday and also on Monday’s 249.  (more…)

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Surf’s up! The Tofino Imperative

TORONTO – What happens when one consciously or inadvertently causes one’s image to take a beating. Your enemies will gloat with delight. Your friends will suffer in astonishment, when that “je ne sais quoi” moment happens to wash away your entire legacy and leave you with “that stain” that will forever define you and your hard-earned reputation… if it matters.  (more…)

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Election Day coming up. How will you vote?

TORONTO – I voted in the advance polls. Like many readers of the Corriere Canadese, I have been taken aback by the riding profiles offered daily by Priscilla Pajdo in our pages. No other publication has been providing their readers with as extensive and detailed a picture of any constituency as her pieces have. She has focused on districts where 9% or more of the population are of Italian origin.  (more…)

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