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What’s wrong with our society? Disaster at TDSB

A nucleus of one hundred (100!) teenagers terrorize victims in a building; beat up teachers; storm the offices of the Administration; intimidate and threaten “the administrators”; compel younger, weaker, kids to engage in fights and in public sex (in every other society that amounts to rape) for the purposes of video transmission; distribute/sell drugs openly; students overdosing in the washrooms. Teachers absent on medical leave, administrators through revolving doors; police absent.  (more…)

Canada English Featured Gastronomy News Updates Toronto

“Pentola d’Oro Awards” to the Italian excellence with ICCO

TORONTO – Great success for the tenth edition of the Pentola d’Oro Awards, the annual gala organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO) which promotes food and wine excellence and rewards companies and individuals for their extraordinary contributions to the culinary industry in Ontario. 


Canada English Featured Health & Medicine News Updates

Chaos hospitals: more than 21 hours of waiting in the emergency room in Ontario and 17 in Alberta (with some exceptions)

TORONTO –  Yet another negative record for Ontario hospitals: the average waiting times for patients arriving in the emergency room and needing to be hospitalized reached 21.3 hours in September according to data collected by Health Quality Ontario (HQO ): a considerable increase compared to the already very long average waiting times recorded in August (20.7 hours) and July (20.8 hours).  (more…)

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Premier Ford softens the tone: “I want to stop fighting with education workers”

TORONTO – It may seem strange but Doug Ford seems to have laid down the hatchet. “We want an agreement that is fair to students, fair to parents, fair to taxpayers, and fair to workers, particularly low-income workers.” Abandoning the strong tones and swaggering attitude of a few days ago, an almost conciliatory Ford during today’s press conference said that when negotiations with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) resume, the government will present “a better offer”. The Ontario premier declined to provide specific details about the government’s proposal, but said the offer is particularly good for workers with the lowest wages.” 


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Catholic schools, Election decision time: out with the bad

TORONTO – In our mind, democratic exercises – elections – are a great opportunity to rid the system of the noxious as well as to bring in the re-invigorating. There is still plenty of room for individual differences and ambitions; nothing wrong with that. Some Municipal Councils and Boards function just fine. Others, not so much. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

In Ontario with the pandemic in 170,000 without a doctor

TORONTO – Over 170,000 Ontario residents, during the first six months of the Covid pandemic, found themselves without a family doctor. This is what emerges from a study, conducted by Unity Health Toronto and the non-profit research institute ICES. The number of family doctors who stopped working doubled between March and September 2020 compared to the same period the previous year. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates

Covid-19 response, Canada is the best (with Japan)

TORONTO – Canada managed the first two years of the Covid-19 pandemic and resisted the upheaval that followed better than many other nations with similar health and economic infrastructures: this is what emerges from a research, published today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, which attributes Canada’s good performance to persistent and restrictive public health measures, as well as a successful vaccination campaign.  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Ontario, ICU patients with Covid-19 again over 200

TORONTO – For the first time in more than a month, the number of Covid-19 patients in Ontario’s intensive care units has exceeded 200: to be precise, 202 patients of whom almost half (91) are breathing with assistance of a fan. It is the highest number of people in intensive care with Covid-19 since last March 16. And it should also be considered that the admissions data are probably underestimated as some hospitals generally do not report the number of beds occupied during the weekend.  (more…)

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Italian and Indigenous cuisine together: interview with Theresa Contois (and the Native’s recipe for bison stew)

VANCOUVER – A “culinary” bridge between the Italian and Indigenous communities: the idea comes from Apci Canada, the Professional Association of Italian Chefs chaired by Chef Giovanni Trigona, an Italian in Vancouver, British Columbia, who is currently launching a collaboration with fellow Chef Theresa Contois, a Native of the Long Plain First Nation in Manitoba. A friendship destined to lay the foundations for a series of initiatives that will see the collaboration of Italian and Native chefs for the first time in history (in the pic above, Giovanni and Theresa). 


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The Pope to the Natives: “Indignation and shame for residential schools. With all my heart, I am very sorry”

VATICAN CITY – “Indignation and shame” for what happened in residential school in Canada: “for the deplorable conduct of those members of the Catholic Church, I ask for God’s forgiveness and I want to say to you with all my heart: I am very sorry”. After private meetings between Pope Francis and First Nations, Inuit and Metis delegates this week, all parties met the Pope at the Vatican on Friday and, speaking in Italian, the Pontiff asked for God’s forgiveness, recognizing the wrongs done to Indigenous in residential schools. 


English Featured Ontario Election Politics

Sault Ste. Marie: A community with strong Italian roots

The provincial electoral district of Sault Ste. Marie (the Sault), situated in Northern Ontario, is about a 700 km drive northwest from Toronto. The constituency is located at the southern tip of Lake Superior along St. Mary’s River, just north of the international boundary between Canada and the US. It is where the largest of the Great Lakes flows into Lake Huron. The St. Marie’s International Bridge is the only fixed link crossing between both countries and a key trade route for Canadian and American markets.


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario Quebec

Deaths from or with Covid-19? Ontario and Quebec review all data

TORONTO – Another 20 deaths were added today to the tragic “Covid-count” in Ontario. But the total, since the beginning of the pandemic, is not 12,638 (12,618 deaths until yesterday, plus today’s deaths), but 12,149. The provincial health authorities, in fact, have decided to review all the data, removing from the total count the “suspicious” deaths: those not directly attributable only to Covid-19. And from a first analysis, there would be 489 previous deaths not attributable to that category.  (more…)

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Giorgia Meloni with the Italian-American Community: “Your story is an extraordinary tale”

ORLANDO (Florida) – Patriotism and national pride at the center of the meeting, which took place in Orlando, in the weekend, between the President of the ECR (Party of European Conservatives) and Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni – invited by the CPAC to participate as speaker at the largest convention of American Conservatives and Republicans – and the exponents of the Italian-American community. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Minister Lecce’s announcement: ahead with EQAO tests and online lessons

TORONTO – After two years in which due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students have been tossed between distance learning and face-to-face lessons, parents are wondering what the next school year will be like. Today, during a press conference, Education Minister Stephen Lecce anticipated some funding from his government for the year 2022-23. “Funds to support the recovery of educational programs never completed and for those of mental health of students – said the minister – all this to allow them to start a more normal school year than the latter two”. 


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TECT threatens strike in labour dispute with TCDSB

Things may get a little more difficult for some Toronto area students this coming Monday. The Toronto Catholic Elementary Teachers Union (TECT) is prepared to commence strike action as early as next week. If TECT and the Toronto Catholic District School (TCDSB) fail to come to an agreement in the next few days, teachers are in a position to stop instruction services as of January 31, 2022.


Education Matters English Featured News Updates Ontario

Oakville trustee treats Hamilton courts with “extreme disrespect”

If it appears that time drags on with little to no change, that may be an accurate observation. At least when it comes to legal matters before the courts. Specifically, the matter in which a Halton Catholic District School Board trustee is concerned.

On January 18, nearly one year to the date of arrest (January 21, 2021), Oakville trustee, Nancy Guzzo was scheduled to appear (for the ninth time) with her Counsel in the Hamilton courts before a judge to dispose of criminal fraud charges – twelve in total. Unfortunately, neither she nor her counsel appeared to take the issue seriously. (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates Editorials English Featured News Updates Ontario

Election campaign with the Omicron risk and future uncertainty

TORONTO – There are five months to the provincial vote, but in Ontario the election campaign has already begun and continues unabated. The government led by Prime Minister Doug Ford in recent days has given way to the Scientific Technical Committee and Chief Medical Officer Kieran Moore and has started a chain ad campaign that have so much the flavor of electoral promises.  (more…)

Canada English Faith & Religion Featured News Updates World News

Reconciliation with the natives, the Pope arrives in Canada

TORONTO – The Pope arrives. When, we still do not know but the news is certain because today the Vatican itself published it through an article on the Vatican News website: “The Pope wants to go to Canada in the context of the indigenous question” . In a nutshell, Francis said he was willing to accept the invitation of the Canadian episcopate, engaged in the process of reconciliation with the natives. “The dates of the visit will be made official soon”, reads the article (more…)

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Transparency and trust, values with less weight at the TCDSB

Some of the most valued drivers of human behaviour include family, community, trust[worthiness] and education. The last two can have a significant impact on society as a whole. Families, who entrust their children to the publicly funded education system expect a level of transparency and trust[worthiness] from those responsible for delivering a quality education in a safe environment.


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Opinion

Data spread with the dropper. And prevention becomes difficult

TORONTO – As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic reminded us of how true that is. Wash your hands well, use the mask indoors, avoid crowds. It’s up to each of us to make prevention work. Yes. To make prevention work, however, it is also necessary to inform. And this belongs to those who govern us. It would be necessary, because it does not always happen, as in the case of the spreading of data relating to infections in Canada.  (more…)

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Power up the economy with growth in the job market

With the elections in the rear-view mirror, the focus for Canadians is on the path forward. Part of that includes a government working towards ending to the pandemic, improving affordability and sustainability while stepping up economic recovery efforts and creating better jobs.

The latest job numbers by Statistics Canada suggest Canada is on track. Data shows the economy added 90,200 jobs last month. (more…)

Canadian Federal Election English Featured News Updates Politics

Canada stays the course with a minority Government

A 36-day federal election campaign culminates with a not so surprising finish. The Liberals are headed back to parliament with a minority Government.

In a costly election, estimated at $610 million, with Conservatives and Liberals nearly tied for weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, failed to win the required 170 seats for a majority in the House of Commons.


Canadian Federal Election English Featured Politics Polls

Vaughan-Woodbridge: A hard working community with a strong Italian presence

The electoral district of Vaughan-Woodbridge is located along the south western edge of York Region. It was created by the 2012 electoral boundaries redistribution and encompasses the neighbourhood of Woodbridge and part of the City of Vaughan.

The constituency is home to the highest concentration of Italian Canadians in Canada. With an area population of 105,228 residents (2016 Census), more than half – 55,960 people – identify as Italian. (more…)

Canadian Federal Election English Featured Politics Polls

Etobicoke Centre: A competitive race with Liberals in the lead


Sandwiched between Toronto and Mississauga is the electoral district of Etobicoke Centre. The riding was created in 1976 and encompasses part of the City of Toronto, including the communities of Humber Valley Village, Markland Wood, Princess Gardens and Thorncrest Village.

According to the 2016 Census, Etobicoke Centre is home to 118,025 residents. It is a diverse community comprised of several different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. At 15% of the population, Italians represent one of the largest ethnic groups outside of the downtown core. (more…)

Canada English Featured News Updates Ontario

Life with no parole for 22 years for intruders who killed mom of three

TORONTO –  When a grisly and gory crime hits close to home, it sends a shock wave to the whole Filipino-Canadian community of Toronto, especially to closer friends and relatives of the victim hearing for the first time that when a partner is murdered, the surviving partner is always the suspect. Tragic as it may be, the initial reaction is for everyone to send in their condolences. Only after Yostin Murillo, a main suspect of Costa Rican background, was arrested were friends and relatives of the couple able to breathe a sigh of relief.  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Covid, Ontario still over 800 cases. 72% involves unvaccinated people or with a single dose of the vaccin

TORONTO – Ontario remains above 800 new daily cases of Covid-19 and the seven-day moving average continues to rise: 757 compared to the 688 average daily infections a week ago. On Sunday (latest data available for Ontario), 811 new cases and 3 deaths were recorded in the province. On Saturday there were 944 infections, on Friday 805. The provincial laboratories processed 22,410 test samples, generating a positive rate of at least 2.9%.  (more…)

Canada Community English Featured News Updates

Elections of the Comites: a meeting with the C.t.i.m. at the Italian Center in Vancouver

VANCOUVER – A meeting in view of the upcoming elections for the renewal of the Comites, the Committees for Italians Abroad: it is promoted by the Tricolor Committee for Italians in the World (C.t.i.m.), British Columbia Delegation, for next September 17, at 7.30pm, at the restaurant of the Italian Cultural Center, 3075 Slocan Street, in Vancouver.  (more…)

English Featured News Updates Sport World News

Aldo Montano closes his amazing fencing career with a silver in Tokyo

TORONTO – July 28, 2021: “Is it an endless career? It’s a finished career.” Like this Aldo Montano he replies, smiling, to journalists after winning the silver medal in the men’s team saber in Tokyo 2020 which ends his long career. I think it is right to arrive here, I have waited a year longer than I had planned, I have suffered a lot because I have a lot of problems and pains. That’s okay. It was a really difficult and complicated year and I had to manage a serious problem and it is a joy to have arrived here, competitive and to have given my contribution. Take home this medal that I feel I have helped the boys to conquer it all. It was wonderful to end a career like this “, added the blue champion who closes with a medal on the day Federica Pellegrini competed for the last time in the Games in her 200 freestyle. (more…)

Canada English Featured News Updates World News

Canadian products cooked in “an Italian way”: live streaming on line with the recipes by Apci’s chefs

VANCOUVER – On Monday 26 July, at 7 pm Italian (and 10 am in Vancouver), online on the Facebook pages of the APCI and the Canadian Embassy in Italy, ​​appointment with “Italy-Canada, culinary encounters”: protagonists, some Italian and Italian-Canadian chefs and products from both Italy and Canada, with live connections from Vancouver, Milan and Rome during which very original recipes will be performed “live”. (more…)

Editorials English Featured Sport

Euro Cup 2020 revealed those with “a touch of class”

The list of those who distinguished themselves in the four-week soccer tournament did not include England and its English fans. Yes, it is important to win in a sport that demands great technical skill, stamina, ability to follow a strategic plan, to move forward or retreat and be poised to seize opportunities all while being the ultimate team player. Such is life; such is soccer. (more…)

Canada English Featured News Updates World News

75 Canadian Imams express solidarity with Indigenous peoples at Friday Prayer Congregation

TORONTO – Muslim religious leaders (Imams) across Canada read a special solidarity statement for Indigenous peoples during their respective weekly congregations at mosques on Friday, July 9th, 2021. This unified call to action, announced by the Canadian human rights organization Justice for All, is an expressed “support and solidarity with grieving Indigenous communities, former residential school students, and families of the lost children. About seventy-five Imams across the country have responded to a joint call by Justice For All Canada & the Canadian Council of Imams for a coordinated effort in extending condolences at this time of immeasurable trauma and grief for Indigenous peoples”. (more…)

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Horwath’s appeal: LTC with awful records should not have licenses renewed

TORONTO – What needs to be done is to eliminate profit from long-term care, but until then Doug Ford “must refuse licence renewal applications to homes that did not protect the elderly during the pandemic.” This is the request NDP leader Andrea Horwath made to the government today during a conference via Zoom from Pickering. (more…)

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