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Burkina Faso’s Alizeta Kinda receives UN Women Police Award 2022

Chief Warrant Officer Alizeta Kabore Kinda (in the pic) of Burkina Faso, who currently serves in the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), has been awarded the 2022 United Nations Woman Police Officer Award with a documentary presentation on her works in a UNCOPS ceremony co-sponsored by Canada and Norway held on Wednesday afternoon in the United Nations as it was introduced in 2011 to recognize the exceptional contributions of women police officers to UN peace operations and to promote women’s empowerment. 


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Government, to three women for the main tasks

TORONTO – Nineteen ministers and nineteen ministers, with the three most important ministries entrusted to three women. The new federal government led by Justin Trudeau – after those resulting from the electoral victories of 2015 and 2019 – takes on a very specific connotation, where there is a perfect equal balance of gender that becomes the predominant element compared to other factors that have historically characterized the process of formation of the executive in Canada, such as geographical origin or ethnic origin.  (more…)

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“Women in space”, lo Spazio in scena a Osimo con collegamenti da Canada, Uk e Usa. Apre Piero Angela

OSIMO (Ancona) – L’altra metà del cielo. Di più. Dello spazio. Sono loro, le donne, le protagoniste della World Space Week 2021, che per quest’anno ha scelto il tema “Women in space”. L’iniziativa, indetta dall’ONU per celebrare il contributo delle tecnologie e delle scienze spaziali al miglioramento della condizione umana, vede ogni anno migliaia di appuntamenti in tutto il mondo.  (more…)

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Women in the square in Kabul. The drama of mothers at the airport

KABUL – Women are the real protagonists. Those who lead the anti-Taliban processions in the streets of Kabul, waving the Afghan flag, and those who a few kilometers away, in the airport of the capital of the new Islamic Emirate, pass their youngest children over the barbed wire to foreign soldiers: “Take them away with you”.  (more…)

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The Taliban: “Women in the government. And no burqa”. Female journalists back on air

KABUL – They are back, but they say they have changed. After twenty years, the Taliban regained power in Kabul and with them the terror they had left behind returned: violence, summary executions, repression of all freedom, women forced to wear the burqa and women’s schools closed, sports and music bandits. But “now we are different”, they say. And they try to prove it. (more…)

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Ontario appoints Task Force to help empower women in the economy

Covid-19’s massive disruption to employment has had a significant impact on the economy. What is troubling is that women appear to be more affected by pandemic-related changes in the labour market than men. Ontario aims to change that.

On June 25, the provincial government announced new measures, through the creation of Ontario’s Task Force on Women and the Economy to help break down barriers women face in the economy.


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