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What Would Happen If We Lost Satellite Communications?

As if we did not have enough on our plates looking over our shoulder for COVID-19, we now had to look up to the sky for a falling rocket. Chicken Little’s pleas of “The Sky is Falling!” – not so funny. The 100 foot Chinese rocket, claimed to pose no risk as it most likely would burn up in our atmosphere upon re-entry, begs to ask the question: Who is responsible for things that go awry in Space? More chilling, what would happen to humankind if we were to lose a vital satellite? (more…)

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At What Age Would You be Retiring?

Filipino elderly celebrating her 80th birthday in the Philippines.
The author Sara Gruen in “Water for Elephants” wrote, “Keeping up the appearance of having your marbles is hard work, but important”.
Whoever coined the phrase “Aging is a gift” may still have all his marbles, so to speak, but any elderly, junior or senior, will agree with me when I say that keeping up appearances to possess these marbles is oftentimes a monumental task for the person.

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