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The school plan in Ontario is still a big question mark

TORONTO – In exactly two months, the new school year will begin, and in Ontario the plan for re-entry is still a huge question mark. In recent months, the provincial government and in particular the Public Education Minister Stephen Lecce have put aside all the problems created by the Covid-19 pandemic in the school sector to devote themselves to something else. (more…)

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Un’estate a due dosi per i giovani dell’Ontario

TORONTO – Un numero inferiore di casi, miglioramenti negli indicatori sanitari chiave e tassi di vaccinazione più elevati sono la base per l’allentamento di ulteriori restrizioni. Questo è ciò che sta guidando lo slancio nella “Tabella di marcia per la riapertura” della provincia. Per favorire tale agenda, a partire da oggi alle 8am, i giovani di età compresa tra 12 e 17 anni possono prenotare un appuntamento anticipato per la seconda dose di vaccino. (more…)

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Delta variant alert, outbreak at The Village of Tansley Woods

TORONTO – Now it’s the Delta variant that’s scary. In communities as well as in nursing and long-term care homes. And it is precisely this strain – which is more than twice as transmissible as the first forms of the virus – that is responsible for an outbreak of Covid-19 that broke out at The Village of Tansley Woods in Burlington. Until today there were 16 active cases among the residents while among the staff there was only one infection. When the outbreak began, there were just three confirmed cases. (more…)

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What a “two-dose summer” means for Ontario youth aged 12-17

Lower case counts, improvements in key health indicators and higher vaccination rates are the basis for the easing of further restrictions. That is what is driving the momentum in the province’s “Roadmap to Reopen”. To further that agenda, starting July 5 at 8am, youth aged 12-17 can book an accelerated second dose vaccine appointment.


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Die Regierung von Ontario möchte Ihre Meinung zu ihrer Vision der Verkehrsentwicklung für Toronto und Greater Golden Horseshoe erfahren

Die Regierung von Ontario hat ein umfassendes Dokument veröffentlicht, das als Grundlage für das Verständnis und die Formulierung einer Vision für die Entwicklung des Verkehrswesens für Toronto und den Greater Golden Horseshoe für die nächsten Jahrzehnte dienen soll. (more…)

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Holy Cross Catholic Academy é reconhecida como uma IB World School

Article by  Priscilla Pajdo — Translation and Video: Luis Aparicio

Há uma notícia empolgante para os intelectuais da região de York. A Holy Cross Catholic Academy (CA) é agora reconhecida como uma IB World School autorizada para o International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Programa de Diploma de Bacharelato Internacional). (more…)

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Reopening, Step 2 starts in Ontario tomorrow

We missed being able to dine outside, we missed coffee with friends, we missed the mall. But we also missed – and our uncultivated hairstyles bear witness to this – the hairdresser. From tomorrow, with Ontario entering Step 2, it will be possible to do all this and more. The long-awaited relaxation of some of the restrictions with reopening non-essential shops, albeit at 25% of capacity, bodes well after so many difficult months. (more…)

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No Ontário, 210 novos infetados e 3 mortes

Article by  Giorgio Mitolo – Translation and Video: Luis Aparicio


O Canadá atingiu ontem um total de 1 413 777 infetados (desde o início da pandemia), um aumento de mais 622 infeções em relação às últimas 24 horas. O número de vítimas – em todo o país – chegou ontem a um total de 26 230 mortes, mais 3 do que no domingo. O número de pessoas recuperadas do coronavírus no Canadá era ontem de 1 379 190. (more…)

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Canada, coming this week 3.8 million vaccines

By the end of this week, Canada should have enough vaccines to inoculate with both doses three-quarters of all Canadians over the age of 12. Brigadier General Krista Brodie, a military commander who manages national vaccine delivery logistics for the Public Health Agency of Canada, said that Pfizer-BioNTech will send more than 2.4 million doses and Modern about 1.4 million. (more…)

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Tindahan na Paupahan sa Kalye na Pinamimilhan ng mga Mayayaman

Meron 17 na tindahan ang nagsara sa Bloor, 8 nito ay may karatulang “Prime Retail for Lease” sa mga dingding nito. Ang nabanggit na kalye ay lugar na mamahalin na tindahan katulad ng Louis Vuitton at Hermes. Mula nang tumungtong ako sa bayan na ito nung 1974, hindi ko pa maalala kung kailangan ganito karami ang nagsarang tindahan ng mga damit. Pero nalulungkot ako sa pagkawala ng Gap sa kanto ng Bay at Bloor kasi doon ako namimili ng mga bagong polo shirt ko at mga pan-regalo ko pag pasko. (more…)

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Prime Retail for Lease

On a stretch of 1.9 kms, sandwiched between Yonge Street and the Royal Ontario Museum, lies the posh district of Bloor Street where the rich buy their Louis Vuittons and Hermes. These days of the pandemic, 17 stores or boutiques are closed, 8 of which have the sign “prime retail for lease” stuck to their windows. Never in my Canadian life, since I first set foot here in 1974, has there been that many vacancies, until now. While I can’t remember which boutiques ceased operating in Bloor, one store stood out for me — the Gap which is not even high-end but had 3 levels of shopping space which I would visit when I needed new shirts or items for Christmas gifts. (more…)
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As novas diretrizes para imunizados: sem máscara se estiverem em pequenos grupos

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: Luis Aparicio

Um pequeno, mas significativo passo em direção ao regresso à normalidade pré-pandemia no Canadá. Isso é confirmado pelas novas diretrizes anunciadas pelas autoridades federais para todas as pessoas imunizadas contra a Covid-19, ou seja, que receberam as duas doses da vacina e que esperaram mais duas semanas, após a injeção de reforço. (more…)

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Vaccini, l’Ontario accelera la seconda dose

Articolo di Mariella Policheni — Video: Rosanna Colavecchia

TORONTO – L’Ontario spinge sull’acceleratore. A partire dalle 8 di questa mattina, tutti gli abitanti dell’Ontario di età pari o superiore a 18 anni che hanno ricevuto la prima dose di un vaccino mRNA potranno prenotare un appuntamento per ricevere la seconda prima del previsto. Ciò accelererà l’idoneità alla seconda dose per circa 1,5 milioni di abitanti dell’Ontario. (more…)

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Ontario accelerates second dose: from tomorrow all Ontarians Aged 18+ Becoming Eligible

TORONTO – Ontario pushes on the accelerator. Starting at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning, all Ontario residents aged 18 and over who received the first dose of an MRNA vaccine will be able to book an appointment to receive the second before schedule. This will accelerate second-dose eligibility for about 1.5 million Ontario residents. (more…)

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The new guidelines for immunized: no masks in small groups

TORONTO – A small but significant step toward a return to pre-pandemic normality in Canada. This is confirmed by the new guidelines announced by the federal authorities for all people immunized against Covid-19, that is, who received the two doses of vaccine and who waited another two weeks after the recall injection. In the new protocols, there is no generalized ‘free all’. On the contrary, a long list of situations is listed in which those who have been vaccinated will have obvious advantages over those who have not yet done so. (more…)

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Ontario appoints Task Force to help empower women in the economy

Covid-19’s massive disruption to employment has had a significant impact on the economy. What is troubling is that women appear to be more affected by pandemic-related changes in the labour market than men. Ontario aims to change that.

On June 25, the provincial government announced new measures, through the creation of Ontario’s Task Force on Women and the Economy to help break down barriers women face in the economy.


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In Ontario, 296 new cases and 6 deaths

Article by Giorgio Mitolo — Translation and Video CNMNG Staff

Canada stood yesterday at 1,411,433 positive cases, with an increase of 714 more infections than in the previous 24 hours. The victims – on a national scale – reached a total of 26,187 deaths yesterday, 15 more than on Wednesday. (more…)

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Hesitancy and confusion towards mixing Moderna and Pfizer

TORONTO – Hesitancy is growing toward mixing Moderna and Pfizer vaccine in Ontario. As was widely expected, the unavailability of the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine due to a late supply and the decision by Ontario health authorities to replace it with Moderna prompted thousands of people to cancel or postpone the appointment date for the second dose. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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