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Ontario Extending Temporary Wage Increase for Personal Support Workers

TORONTO ― The Ontario government is investing $141 million to extend the temporary wage increase for personal support workers and direct support workers in publicly funded home and community care, long-term care, public hospitals, and social services sectors. This temporary wage increase will continue until August 23, 2021, and will help stabilize, attract and retain the workforce needed to provide a high level of care during the COVID-19 pandemic. (more…)

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În Ontario, 590 de noi infectați și 11 decese

Article by  Giorgio Mitolo — Translation and Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Canada a atins ieri numarul de 1.397.849  de persoane infectate, cu o creștere de 1.844 infecții mai mult decât în ​​ultimele 24 de ore. Victimele – la nivel național – au atins ieri un total de 25.862 de decese, cu 30 mai multe decât miercuri. (more…)

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Moderna, 9 million doses on the way but caution is needed for the “Euro2020 variant”

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

TORONTO – The third wave of the pandemic is now over. For several weeks, the overall epidemiological picture in Ontario has been improving significantly, with the collapse of new daily cases, the sharp decrease in hospitalizations and ICU admissions and, more generally, with a mass immunization campaign that is finally at full power. (more…)

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Școlile in ruina au nevoie de 16,8 miliarde de dolari

Article by Mariella Policheni — Translation and Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Restanța intervențiilor structurale în școlile din Ontario, de la preluarea mandatului de către guvernul Ford, a crescut cu un miliard de dolari până la 16,8 miliarde. Acestea sunt informațiile dezvăluite de ministrul educației, Stephen Lecce. „ (more…)

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Regent Park candlelight vigil remembers 215 Native Children and lost Muslim family

Toronto, June 10: More than 300 people attended a candlelight vigil at the Regent Park last night to remember the hundreds of children whose remains were found buried at a former residential school as well as four Muslims who were run down and killed in London by a truck Sunday evening in what police say was a hate-motivated attack. Thus, all speakers denounce Islamophobia and urge action to defeat anti-Muslim hate and all forms of discrimination among people. (more…)

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রিজেন্ট পার্কে মোমবাতি প্রজ্জ্বলনে আদিবাসী ২১৫ শিশু ও নিহত মুসলিম পরিবারকে স্মরণ মোহাম্মদ আলী বোখারী, সিএনএমএনজি নিউজ

টরন্টো, জুন ১০: গত রাতে রিজেন্ট পার্কে তিন শতাধিক মানুষ মোমবাতি প্রজ্জ্বলনের মাধ্যমে কানাডার সাবেক আবাসিক স্কুলে দুই শতাধিক আদিবাসী শিশুর প্রাপ্ত দেহাবশেষ ও লন্ডনে রোববার পুলিশের ভাষায় ঘৃণ্য অভিপ্রায়ে ট্রাক চাপায় নিহত মুসলিম পরিবারকে স্মরণ করেছে। সেজন্য বক্তারা সেখানে ইসলামোফোবিয়াসহ মুসলিম বিরোধী ঘৃণা এবং মানুষে মানুষে বিদ্যমান ভেদাভেদকে প্রত্যাখ্যান করেছেন। (more…)

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In Ontario 469 new infected and 18 more deaths

A nurse checks a patient who came in for testing at a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) clinic at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, May 12, 2020. REUTERS/Loren Elliott

TORONTO – June 8, 2021: Canada stood today at 1,395,015 positives for Covid-19, an increase of 869 more cases than in the previous 24 hours. The number of victims – nationwide – today reached 25,786 total deaths, 25 more than on Monday. In Canada today the number of recovered people from the coronavirus stood at 1,347,274. Ontario today reached 537,076 overall positives, an increase of 469 new cases compared to Monday. (more…)

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Massacre in London: “Killed for being Muslim”

Article by Mariella Policheni — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

What should have been a quiet walk for a family on a very hot Sunday in early June ended in tragedy. The drama – which according to the London Police Service was the result of premeditated and hate-motivated action – took place at an intersection in northwest London. (more…)

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Daily update of Ontario’s Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

With the largest vaccination campaign underway, the province has administered more than 10.0 million doses into the arms of Ontarians. Just over 1 million people have been fully vaccinated. On June 7, numbers released by the Ministry of Health show health officials administered 116,829 vaccine doses on Sunday, down from 158,393 doses the day prior.


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Status update of Ontario’s Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

With the largest vaccination campaign underway, the province has administered more than 9.9 million doses into the arms of Ontarians. Just over 1 million people have been fully vaccinated. On June 6, numbers released by the Ministry of Health show health officials administered 158,393 vaccine doses on Saturday, down from 172,855 doses the day prior.


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অন্টারিওর নির্মাণ শ্রমিকরা মাত্রাতিরিক্ত অপিয়ড আক্রান্ত

টরন্টো, জুন ৩: নির্মাণ শ্রমিকদের ক্ষেত্রে এটিকে মহামারি বিবেচনা করে অন্টারিও কনস্ট্রাকশন কনসোর্টিয়াম (ওসিসি) মাত্রাতিরিক্ত অপিয়ড ব্যবহারের বিরুদ্ধে সচেতনতা গড়ে তোলার এক আন্দোলন শুরু করেছে, কেননা অর্থনৈতিক খাতে সবচেয়ে বেশি তাদের মৃত্যুহার বৃদ্ধি পেয়েছে। (more…)

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School’s chaos, premier Ford could cut minister Lecce in the next shuffle

TORONTO – The controversy over schools in Ontario is not going away. Twenty-four hours after the provincial government’s decision to continue remote teaching until the end of this school year, it has infused the political climate, provoking accusations and poisons during the last parliamentary session in Queen’s Park before the summer break. But not only that. (more…)

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În Ontario, 699 de noi infectați și 9 decese

article by Giorgio Mitolo, translation and video by Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Canada a atins ieri un numar de infectii de 1.382.822, cu o creștere de 2213 in ultimele 24 de ore. Victimele la scară națională au atins ieri 25.565 de decese, cu 37 mai multe decât luni. În Canada, un total de 1.325.065 de persoane s-au vindecat ieri de coronavirus. (more…)

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Presión sobre el gobierno para reabrir en medio de la reorganización y el colapso del consenso

article by Francesco Veronesi, translation and video by Lisa Picerno

Aumenta la presión sobre el gobierno por aliviar las restricciones en Ontario. Con los datos que confirman que la tercera ola de la pandemia ahora está disminuyendo: ayer solo hubo 699 casos nuevos, cifra más baja desde octubre del 2020 – las solicitudes de una aceleración de la reapertura también de la economía provincial comparado con el cronograma, y ​​extremadamente cauteloso, presentado la semana pasada por Doug Ford y el Ministro de Salud Christine Elliott. (more…)

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Premier Ford urged to reopen the economy

TORONTO – Pressure is growing on the government to loosen restrictions in Ontario. With data confirming that the third wave of the pandemic is now in the drips – yesterday there were only 699 new cases, the lowest since October 2020 – there are increasing demands for an acceleration of the reopening of the provincial economy also compared to the extremely prudent roadmap presented last week by Doug Ford and The Minister of Health Christine Elliott. (more…)

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Ontario, iată punctul de cotitură pentru cea de-a doua doză. Îndoieli in legatura cu Astrazeneca

article by Francesco Veronesi, translation and video by Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Guvernul provincial este gata să schimbe viteza pe frontul vaccinării. Începând cu următoarele zile, eforturile autorităților sanitare din Ontario vor viza intensificarea campaniei de vaccinare, în special pentru cea de-a doua doză, care în acest moment este încă un punct dureros, deoarece numerele pentru injecția de rapel sunt încă prea mici comparativ cu alte țări din G20. (more…)

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Ontario, here’s the turning point on the second dose

TORONTO – The provincial government is ready to change gears on the vaccination front. Starting in the next few days, the efforts of the Ontario health authorities will be aimed mainly at intensifying the vaccination campaign especially on the second dose, which until now is still a sore point, because the numbers on the recall injection are still too low compared to the other G20 countries. The provincial government has thus announced some changes in the roadmap announced previously, with the aim of reducing the time between the first and second dose of the Covid vaccine. (more…)

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A renewed pledge to restore, protect and conserve the Great Lakes

Photo Credit: Corriere Canadese, Lake Ontario, Toronto

North America is home to the world’s largest freshwater lake system in the world. The Five Great Lakes: Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario hold roughly, 5,400 cubic miles of water, accounting for approximately 20% of the world’s surface freshwater. That is something worth protecting. (more…)

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În Ontario 1.135 de noi infectați și 19 decese

article by Giorgio Mitolo, translation and video by Cristiana Petrescu

Image by Dr StClaire from Pixabay

TORONTO – Canada a atins ieri un nivel pozitiv de 1.370.020, cu o creștere de 2.864 infecții mai mult decât in ziua precedenta. Victimele – la scară națională – au atins ieri un total de 25.397 de decese, cu 45 mai multe decât miercuri. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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