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Daily update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of June 17, 2021 at 6:15pm EST.

On Thursday, health officials in the UK logged more than 11,000 new infections, figures not seen in since February. The total number of confirmed positive cases now surpass 4.6 million. Of the cumulative total, 93.4% are considered recovered. In the last 24-hours, Covid-related deaths increased by 19 bringing the total fatalities to 127,945.


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নৈতিক কমিশনার এমপি রাতানসিকে জরিমানাহীন স্বার্থগত সংঘাতে পেলেন

প্রকাশিত এক প্রতিবেদনে নৈতিক কমিশনার মারিও ডিওন বলেছেন, এমপি ইয়াসমিন রাতানসি লিবারেল ককাসের সদস্য থাকাকালীন নিজের দত্তক বোনকে সংসদীয় কার্যালয়ে দীর্ঘকালীন চাকুরি দিয়ে ‘কনফ্লিক্ট অব ইন্টারেস্ট অ্যাক্ট’ ভঙ্গ করেছেন। (more…)

Covid-19 Updates English News Updates

Status update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of June 16, 2021 at 4:45pm EST.

On Wednesday, health officials in Bangladesh logged nearly 4,000 new infections, figures not seen in roughly eight weeks. In the last 24-hours, coronavirus cases increased by 3,956. Of the cumulative 837,247 confirmed positive cases, 92.4% are considered recovered. In the last day, Covid-related deaths increased by 60 bringing the total fatalities to 13,282.


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নুনাভাটের বিদায়ী এমপি মুমিলাক বলেছেন, ‘এটা আমার জায়গা নয়’

টরন্টো, জুন ১৬: নুনাভাট সংসদীয় আসনের এনডিপি দলীয় এমপি, মুমিলাক কাক্কাক সংসদে দেয়া তার বিদায়ী ভাষণে আদিবাসীদের শোষনের মাধ্যমে কানাডার প্রতিষ্ঠা, যার ইতিহাসে ‘রক্তের দাঁগ লেগে আছে’ বলে জানিয়েছেন। (more…)

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Departing Nunavat MP Mumilaaq says ‘I don’t belong here’

Toronto, June 16: Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, the New Democrat MP for Nunavut, used the opportunity to blast Canada as a country built on the oppression of Indigenous People and whose history is “stained with blood” as delivered her official farewell speech to the Parliament (watch it here). She said, “People like me don’t belong here in the federal institution. The reality is that this institution and the country have been created off the backs, trauma and displacement of Indigenous People.” (more…)

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50 Taon nang Pandemia

Noon 10 nang Hunio 2021, BBC ay nag ulat na may bagong na diskubre na maka pagpababa sa Dengue impeksion nang 77%. Ang “World Mosquito Programme” sumubok nang experimento kung saan ang lamok na impeksion sa Wolbachia bakteria na kinalabasan nang Dengue birus (DENV). Itong Wolbachia-lace lamok at ang kanilang itlog ay pinakawalan muli sa Yogyakarta siyudad nang Indonesia. Ang “World Mosquito Program” pinagmamalaki inulat na ang pag subok ay nag resulta nang 86% pag bawas nang maga Dengue nauuspital. At sa mundong na mayroon pang kalusugan pag aalaga ang sistema ay wala nang biglang pag bagsak nang sa KOBID-19 pandemia pina baba ang kabuoan pag hihirap sa hospital gumagawa nang malaking kaibahan. (more…)

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The 50-year-old Pandemic

On June 10, 2021, BBC reported that a new discovery reduces the rate of Dengue infections by 77%.  The World Mosquito Programme performed an experiment whereby mosquitoes were infected with the Wolbachia bacteria that outcompeted the Dengue virus (DENV).  These Wolbachia-laced mosquitoes and their eggs were re-released into Yogyakarta city in Indonesia.  The World Mosquito Program proudly reported that this trial results in an 86% reduction in Dengue hospitalizations.  And in a world that has health care systems non the verge of collapse from the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the overall burden on hospitals makes a big difference. (more…)

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Populacja społeczności LGBTQ w Kanadzie wynosi oficjalnie 1 milion – podał Urząd Statystyczny – Statistics Canada

Czerwiec w Kanadzie i na świecie jest miesiącem „Pride” – dumy społeczności LGBTQ. Początek obecnej wolności oraz świadomości historii społeczności LGBTQ w Kanadzie zaczął się 14 maja 1969 roku od dekryminalizacji homoseksualizmu. Wcześniej homoseksualizm był przestępstwem. (more…)

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Kanadas LGBTQ-Bevölkerung beträgt offiziell 1 Million, berichtete Statistics Canada

Der Juni in Kanada und auf der ganzen Welt ist der Monat des “Pride” – der Stolz der LGBTQ-Community. Der Beginn der gegenwärtigen Freiheit und des Bewusstseins für die Geschichte der LGBTQ-Gemeinschaft in Kanada begann am 14. Mai 1969 mit der Entkriminalisierung der Homosexualität. Vorher war Homosexualität ein Verbrechen. (more…)

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Governo federal lança campanha Ask the Experts para incentivar a vacinação Covid-19

Numa altura em que mais de 70% das pessoas com 12 anos de idade ou mais no Canadá receberam a sua primeira dose da vacina contra a COVID-19 e as províncias e territórios aceleram o processo de elegibilidade para a toma das segundas doses, o governo federal procura agora sensibilizar a população mais hesitante para a importância da vacinação. (more…)

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Federal Government launches Ask the Experts campaign to encourage Covid-19 vaccination

At a time when more than 70% of people 12 years of age and older in Canada have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and provinces and territories are speeding up the eligibility process for second doses, the federal government is now seeking to sensitize the most hesitant population to the importance of vaccination. (more…)

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En Ontario 296 nuevos infectados y 13 fallecidos

Article by Giorgio Mitolo — Translation and Video: Lisa Picerno

Canadá se situó ayer en 1.403.811 casos positivos, con un aumento de 979 infecciones, más que en las 24 horas anteriores. Las víctimas – a escala nacional – alcanzó ayer los 25.964 fallecidos, 25 más que el lunes. En Canadá ayer había 1.362.543 personas recuperadas del coronavirus. (more…)

Covid-19 Updates English News Updates

Status update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of June 15, 2021 at 4:45pm EST.

For the second time in one week, health officials in Russia logged more than 14,000 new daily infections, figures not seen in roughly four months. In the last 24-hours, coronavirus cases increased by 14,185. Of the cumulative 5.2 million confirmed positive cases, nearly 92% are considered recovered. In the last day, Covid-related deaths increased by 379 bringing the total fatalities to 127,180.


Health & Medicine News Updates Ontario

Vaccination chaos, still problems to book the second dose

TORONTO – Tottenham, Bradford, Wasaga Beach, Orillia, Hamilton, Alliston, Innisfil, Barrie. These are some of the locations where today the availability of free places was offered for booking the second dose of vaccine to all those who live in hotspots in Ontario and who received the first dose before May 9. For Toronto residents, it’s a distance between 45 to 95 kilometres. (more…)

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Justice of the Peace, Delano Vasquez Europa

Delano Europa ay nakapagtapos nang bilang isang mang ba batas na digree sa San Beda College sa Pilipinas noon 1970. Bago siya magimigrate sa Kanada Delano Europa ay mambabatas nang 13 taon sa Pilipinas. Siya ang munisipio korte husgado. Siya ay kinilalang at binigyan nang plaqueng karagalan bilang isa sa sampung pinakamabilis na mag litis sa buong Pilipinas. Siya ay isang batas na guro nang 17 taon sa St. MaryUnibersidad sa probinsia nang Nueva Viscaya. (more…)

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Honourable Delano Velasquez Europa – Justice of the Peace

Delano Europa is a graduate of Bachelor of Law degree at San Beda college Philippines in 1970. Before immigrating to Canada Delano Europa is a law practitioner for 13 years in the Philippines. He is a municipal trial Court Judge. He was recognized and awarded a plaque as one of the top ten fastest deciding judge in the Philippines. He is also a law instructor for 17 years at St. Mary’s University in the province of Nueva Vizcaya. (more…)

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Canadá y España, preocupados por la migración y la falta de vacunas

El primer ministro de Canadá, Justin Trudeau, y el presidente de España, Pedro Sánchez (in the pic from the NATO website, with the secretary general Jens Stoltenberg), se reunieron en el marco de la Cumbre de la OTAN este lunes 14 de junio. Conversaron de las relaciones económicas y sociales entre ambas naciones, así como de la migración forzada y la importancia de una política internacional de distribución de vacunas para los países menos favorecidos. (more…)

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Canada and Spain, concerned about migration and lack of vaccines

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and the President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez (in the pic from the NATO website, with secretary general Jens Stoltenberg), met in the NATO Summit this Monday, June 14. They discussed the economic and social relations between the two nations, as well as forced migration and the importance of an international policy for the distribution of vaccines for the less favored countries. (more…)

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Der neue Impfstoff Novavax Covid-19 wird noch in diesem Jahr erhältlich sein

Vieles deutet darauf hin, dass noch in diesem Jahr ein weiterer Impfstoff gegen Covid-19 für die Massenproduktion und den weltweiten Vertrieb zugelassen wird. Das US-Unternehmen Novavax Inc hat angekündigt, dass nun Phase-3-Studien für einen neuen Impfstoff laufen, der zu 90 % gegen eine Reihe verschiedener Varianten des Coronavirus wirksam ist. (more…)

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Nowa szczepionka przeciw Covid-19 Novavax będzie dostępna jeszcze w tym roku

Wiele wskazuje na to, że jeszcze w tym roku do masowej produkcji i globalnej dystrybucji dopuszczona zostanie kolejna szczepionka przeciw Covid-19. Amerykańska firma Novavax Inc poinformowała, że właśnie odbywa się 3. faza prób nad nową szczepionką, która wykazuje 90% skuteczności przeciw całej gamie różnych wariantów koronawirusa. (more…)

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Second dose, booking chaos Millions of vaccines arrive in Canada

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video CNMNG Staff

Booking a second dose, chaos in Ontario.
Yesterday, starting at 8 a.m., all residents of the hotspots identified by the provincial government – Toronto, Peel, Halton, Porcupine, Waterloo, York and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph – had the opportunity to access the portal to book an appointment for booster injection of the Covid vaccine. (more…)

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İslamofobiye son verilmesi çağrısında Çok dinli dayanışma yürüyüşü

Article by Muhammad Ali Bukhari – Translation and Video: Betul Sarikaya
Photo Service by Muhammad Ali Bukhari

Genç bir adam tarafından işlenen bu İğrenç davranış nedeniyle dört hayat sonlandi ve bir diğeri sonsuza dek değişti.

Binlerce insan geçen Cuma günü çok dinli bir toplantıda Londra, Ontario sokaklarında ırkçılığa ve İslamofobiye bir son getirme cagrisiyla ve gecen hafta sadece musluman olduklarin icin hayatlarina kastedilen 4 guzel insan icin yürüdü.

Yürüyüş sakin bir akşam yürüyüşüne çıkan Üç kuşak bir ailenin yaşadığı aynı bölgedeki ilde gerçekleşti , Salman Afzaal (46), eşi Madiha Salman (44), kızları Yumna Salman (15), oğulları Fayez Salman (9) ve Afzaal Talat Afzaal’ın annesi (74), yirmi yaşındaki Nathaniel Veltman tarafından sürülen kamyonet tarafından ezilerek oldurulmuslerdi . Sonuç olarak, 9 yasindaki minik oglan hariç hepsi hayatlarini yitirmisti.

Covid-19 Updates English News Updates

Status update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of June 14, 2021 at 5:30pm EST.

On Monday, health officials in Germany logged 904 new infections, the lowest single day increase since September 2020. Of the cumulative 3.7 million confirmed positive cases, 96.1% are considered recovered. In the last 24-hours, Covid-related deaths increased by 57 bringing the total fatalities to 90,527.


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Canadá y ACNUR calculan en mil 440 mdd, la ayuda de urgencia para los migrantes venezolanos

Canadá y el mundo tienen una responsabilidad moral con el éxodo venezolano, aseguró Michael Grant, viceministro adjunto canadiense para las Américas. En un comunicado, Grant agregó que “la crisis de refugiados en Venezuela es la más grande que ha visto el hemisferio occidental y, junto a Siria, la segunda más grande del mundo”. (more…)

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Canada and UNHCR estimate the emergency aid for Venezuelan migrants at 1,440 million dollars

Canada and the world have a moral responsibility with the Venezuelan exodus, assured Michael Grant , Canadian Deputy Deputy Minister for the Americas. In a statement, Grant added that “the refugee crisis in Venezuela is the largest the Western Hemisphere has seen and, together with Syria, the second largest in the world.” (more…)

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The shocking revelation of the former magistrate: “Denise Pipitone is alive and has a daughter”

ROME – A real media bomb. And this time to launch it is a former magistrate, Maria Angioni: Denise Pipitone, disappeared on 1 September 2004 in Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani (Sicily, Italy), would be alive, ‘settled’ in a family that would have ties with the kidnappers. And she would be a mother, she would have a daughter. A shocking revelation, also in light of the fact that the author was the attorney who had worked on the case in the initial stages of the affair, 17 years ago. (more…)

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La rivelazione-choc dell’ex magistrato: “Denise Pipitone è viva e ha una figlia”

ROMA – Una vera e proprio bomba mediatica. E questa volta a lanciarla è un ex magistrato, Maria Angioni: Denise Pipitone, scomparsa l’1 settembre del 2004 a Mazara del Vallo in provincia di Trapani (Sicilia), sarebbe viva, ‘sistemata’ in una famiglia che avrebbe legami con i rapitori. E sarebbe madre, avrebbe una figlia. Una rivelazione-choc, anche alla luce del fatto che a farla – oggi, nel corso della trasmissione di Rai 1 ‘Storie Italiane’ – è proprio il pm che aveva lavorato al caso nelle fasi iniziali della vicenda, 17 anni fa. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

“The content of this project represents the opinions of the authors and does not necessarily represent the policies or the views of the Department of Heritage or of the Government of Canada”