Join Our Team

The Canadian National Multimedia News Group (CNMNG) invites journalists and article writers from the Multilingual Community to join our team.

If you are a talented writer and would like your articles posted on our portal, kindly send your resume and a sample article of about 300 words to  If selected, you will be contacted with more information about remuneration, and how to post.

Here are some of the terms and conditions you must adhere to:

  1. All contributing writers/journalists would be participating on a free-lance basis unless otherwise specifically indicated in writing otherwise
  2. Articles would be in the 400-500 words range in length unless previously agreed upon otherwise with the Agency Remuneration would be based on the length and original photos
  3. All submissions become the intellectual property of CNMNG. They can be shared with interested publications only with expressed permission by CNMNG and acknowledgment of source
  4. Articles must be original, written by Canadian residents/citizens. No plagiarism (cut and paste). No unreferenced articles.
  5. The perspective must be a Canadian one, even if the topic may relate to a different geopolitical entity from Canada.
  6. Themes can/should be “local” – Canadian, provincial or municipal – but do not necessarily have to be political; we would prefer non-partisanship.
  7. We welcome contributions that are social-cultural in nature or which address issues specific to a community’s unique challenges in integration
  8. All contributions will be posted on the CMNG website which will acknowledge the participation of the government of Canada
  9. No articles will be accepted if they engage in ad hominem attacks on individuals or groups. No article will be accepted if it does not end with the disclaimer: “The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and nothing in the foregoing necessarily reflects the opinion of the CNMNG”.
  10. Articles will be accepted in a language other than English but an English copy must accompany it for verification purposes and verified by a translator in that language (we would pay for that on an agreed-upon basis upon receipt of the invoice)

CNMNG would engage in a commercial partnership with you to coordinate (as well as “to write”) a team of writers from the community. There is no limit to the number of articles per week that any journalist might theoretically wish to provide. There is one other caveat though – CMNG directly (but most likely through you) could ask a writer to research and write on a specific item. Nothing should prevent a writer/researcher to delve into a theme with two or more articles, provided consultation and approval precede the work.
Payment will be by cheque or e-tranfer upon receipt and acceptance of submissions.