Day: 14 April 2024

The less they know, the louder their voice: just mind your business

TORONTO – As if we Canadians did not have enough distractions. A quasi-judicial hearing into foreign interference in our electoral system was just coming to a conclusion on Friday. Senior government ministers and officials had appeared with seemingly contrasting statements on whether there had been, continues to be or may be surreptitious efforts by foreign entities to insinuate themselves in our affairs. 


Housing, the government negotiates with “rebel” Alberta

OTTAWA – Yet another “trouble” for Justin Trudeau’s government: the premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, intends to adopt the Quebec model of federal-provincial relations when it comes to issues such as housing (so essentially, she wants greater freedom of action), and the federal housing minister, the liberal Sean Fraser, is forced to declare his willingness to “negotiate” with the (conservative) premier of Alberta.  (more…)