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The “Ford factor” breaks into the election campaign, Conservatives ahead in the polls

TORONTO – With the Conservatives strengthening their lead over the Liberals, the “Ford factor” breaks into the campaign. The premier of Ontario, after a long silence that lasted more than five weeks, returned – tanned – in front of the cameras on Wednesday to present the vaccination passport that will come into force on September 22, two days after the federal vote. And during the press conference he launched two “torpedoes” against Justin Trudeau.  (more…)

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Week One in the Election Campaign, Confused Yet?

TORONTO – The election campaign has only just begun and there is trouble on the horizon. Some campaign organizations will have to “uncomplicate issues “, for themselves, as well as for the electorate. To begin, all the campaign teams seem to have accepted the old political philosophy that ‘all politics is local’. As crass as it may appear, the central theme for the voter is “talk to me after the cheque clears the bank”.  (more…)

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