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The last 48 hours of Edward Lake

TORONTO – The tragic death of Edward Lake, father of the three children killed in an accident by Marco Muzzo in 2015, has awakened grief and anger throughout the community. On the one hand there are those who want the surname of the Muzzo family to be removed from the hospitals that have received millionaire donations from it – there are two petitions on change.org – on the other there are those who return to ask for harsher penalties for those who get behind the wheel drunk and sow death. 


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Covid-19 kills 31 in Ontario and 30 in Quebec in 24 hours. The evolution of hospitalizations, province by province

TORONTO – The total number of deaths related to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in Ontario is approaching 13 thousand: today, 31 registered deaths (the highest number added to the provincial tally in more than a month), in addition to 16 just 24 hours earlier. The total is now 12,889. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario Quebec

Spike in hospitalizations: 276 more in 24 hours in Ontario, almost two thousand in Quebec

TORONTO – Strong, sudden surge in Covid hospitalizations in Ontario: from 1,090 hospitalized on Monday to 1,366 today (+276). The last time the hospitalization count had exceeded that figure dates back to last February 16 when, during the first wave of Omicron (and fifth of the pandemic), the beds occupied by patients with the virus were 1,403. The number of people admitted to intensive care has also increased: from 184 to 190 in 24 hours.  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario Quebec

Covid-19, positivity from 12 to 18% in 24 hours in Ontario

TORONTO – Sudden leap forward in the positivity rate of Covid-19 in Ontario: from 12.2% on Sunday to 17.9% today. Only at the end of January it was so high. And this despite the low number of tests carried out because of the limitation of swabs to the “at risk” categories only: just over 6,200 tests processed in the last 24 hours, which revealed the presence of 1,741 positive people.  (more…)

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Ontario, hospitalizations doubled in 24 hours. The Minister: “Explosive growth”

TORONTO – An “explosive” growth, as the office of the Ontario Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, defined it: today provincial health officials recorded the presence of 2,081 people hospitalized for Covid-19 (288 are in intensive care), with an impressive jump, in just 24 hours, from the 1,290 patients of which 266 in the intensive care unit) on Tuesday – numbers moreover partial, given that the minister herself reported that about 10% of hospitals did not report the number of their patients. Anyway a worrying figure, as well as that of deaths, as many as 14 in a single day, which bring the total of victims in Ontario, from the beginning of the pandemic, to 10,252. (more…)

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Covid-19: Ontario exceeds 1,500 cases in 24 hours, Quebec over 1,600

TORONTO – Other 1,536 new infections recorded today in Ontario against 1,476 on Sunday and 887 on last Monday. With 38,221 tests processed in the last 24 hours, Ontario therefore achieves a positive rate of 5.5%, up significantly from 3.5% a week ago. The seven-day moving average of new infections has now met 1,328, up from 940 on Monday.  (more…)

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Ontario, one hundred more cases in just 24 hours

TORONTO – Over 100 more cases in 24 hours, compared to the same number of tests analyzed: today Ontario recorded 413 new ones, detected on 31,800 swabs carried out, compared to 304 on Wednesday when the tests had been more than 31,000. The positivity rate therefore goes back to 1.6% (24 hours earlier it was 1.3%). 4 deaths recorded today, the same number as on Wednesday.  (more…)

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Ontario schools report 286 active COVID-19 cases; up 97 from 24 hours earlier

TORONTO – Infections are rising and schools are closing. As expected, the return to school is not spinning as smooth as oil. Today the school boards of the province reported 286 active cases of Covid, an increase of 97% compared to the day before while entire classes were given the order to stay at home in quarantine. (more…)

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Canada leaves Kabul. Three hours later, the massacre

TORONTO – Perfect timing. At 8 am today, the head of the Canadian Armed Forces, General Wayne Eyre, announced that “Canada’s evacuation efforts in Afghanistan have ended”: Canadian personnel left Kabul “eight hours ago”. Less than three hours later, at the Kabul airport a suicide bomber (two, according to American and Russian sources) blows himself up: forty dead (including children) and dozens of wounded. Among the victims, also US Marines, as confirmed on Twitter by John Kirby from the Pentagon Press Secretary.

Just in time, one might say, despite the “push and pull” of recent days, in which on the one hand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed that Canada would remain in Afghanistan after the date set by the Taliban with their ultimatum (“everyone out by August 31”) and on the other “his” ministers denied him by stating that the Canadian evacuation operations would be completed before the end of the month,”as the United States decided”, as underlined by the Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan in the press conference two days ago, the same one in which the Minister of Women, Maryam Monsef, called the Taliban “our brothers”. (more…)

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NDP leader Horwath: ” Four hours of care in nursing homes. Now”

The lack of staff in nursing homes is the sore point and the problem inevitably has an impact on poor care for the elderly. This is the complaint of Andrea Horwath who today, during a conference in Ottawa, reiterated the need for an urgent increase in staff so that every resident can receive a minimum of four hours of assistance every day. A goal, which Doug Ford has assured, can be achieved in 2025. (more…)

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Slow vaccination, In Ontario inoculated 108,000 doses in 24 hours

Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – Covid vaccination in Canada and Ontario does not take off. (more…)

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School chaos, infection records: 518 in 24 hours

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian A new surge in Covid-19 infections in Ontario schools. Yesterday the record was recorded since the beginning of the school year: 518 cases – 440 are students, 77 teachers and 1 is a non-teaching member – which has increased the total number to 12,750. There are 1,168 schools where outbreaks of the virus are currently active while the number of schools closed has risen to 58. (more…)

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