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Mexican consul in Leamington, Canada, dismissed for sex tape in his office

The director-general for North America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Roberto Velasco Álvarez, announced that Darío Alberto Bernal Acero, honorary consul of Mexico in Leamington, Canada, was dismissed from his position after knowing a sexual video recorded in front of his desk at the consular headquarters. The Canadian authorities and also in Mexico are already investigating the events. (more…)

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Cesan a cónsul de México en Leamington, Canadá, por video sexual en su oficina

El director general para América del Norte de la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE), Roberto Velasco Álvarez, anunció que, cónsul honorario de México en Leamington, Canadá, fue destituido de su cargo tras conocerse un video sexual grabado frente a su escritorio en la sede consular. Las autoridades canadienses y también en México ya investigan los hechos. (more…)

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