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Ex-boyfriend charged over Elnaz Hajtamiri kidnapping in Ontario

ORILLIA, Ontario –The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have charged one person with several criminal offences in connection to the January abduction and disappearance of Elnaz HAJTAMIRI (in the pic, from by the Hajtamiri family). The 37-year-old Elnaz — who also goes by the surname TAMIRI — was abducted on January 12, 2022 from a residence in Wasaga Beach, Ontario by three suspects dressed in police gear, but not actual uniforms, in what is believed to be a white Lexus RX sport utility vehicle. 


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Covid-19, 30 deaths over the weekend in Ontario

TORONTO – The tragic toll of deaths related to Covid-19 in Ontario still rises: over the weekend 30 people died (2 today, 13 Saturday and 15 Friday) which are added to 20 on Thursday and bring the total to the province, from the beginning of the pandemic, to 13,225. One of two deaths today was an elderly person in a long-term care facility.  (more…)

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Covid in Ontario, truce already over: 19 dead

TORONTO – After a day of truce, the number of deaths related to Covid-19 in Ontario suddenly returns to high: 19, bringing the total since the beginning of the pandemic in the province to almost 13 thousand (12,991). The “zero deaths” of yesterday is therefore already a good memory, as well as the number of hospitalizations that from 1,213 return to jump above 1,500: to be precise, 1,555. 


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Ontario, ICU patients with Covid-19 again over 200

TORONTO – For the first time in more than a month, the number of Covid-19 patients in Ontario’s intensive care units has exceeded 200: to be precise, 202 patients of whom almost half (91) are breathing with assistance of a fan. It is the highest number of people in intensive care with Covid-19 since last March 16. And it should also be considered that the admissions data are probably underestimated as some hospitals generally do not report the number of beds occupied during the weekend.  (more…)

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Covid, boom of children in emergency rooms. From tomorrow fourth dose for the over 60s

TORONTO – This latest wave of Covid-19 seems to be affecting more children. Visits to hospital emergency rooms by children with severe symptoms are uphill since the pandemic began two years ago. In the last two weeks, 89 children have been hospitalized across the province of Ontario. And the pressure on the Ford government to restore the obligation to wear masks, following this recent spike in infections related to children, is growing. “We’re seeing guys who have a high fever. Children for whom it is painful to breathe, others who need oxygen supplementation,” said Dr. Brett Belchetz who serves in a Toronto emergency room. 


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Cancel Culture looms over Columbus Centre

TORONTO – Once burned, twice shy. So goes the popular saying advising all to operate with a healthy dose of skepticism. After a failed attempt to raze the Columbus Centre and Villa Colombo to the ground, in 2016-2018, to facilitate a private condominium development, it seems that the “inventive” minds at the Villa Charities Board are setting the groundwork for Round Two. 


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Poilievre announces his bid: the race for leadership has begun (and is over already)

TORONTO – Pierre Poilievre is ready to succeed Erin O’Toole at the helm of the Conservative Party. With his candidacy begins – and probably already ends – the race for the leadership of the Conservatives. It is indeed very difficult to imagine another potential candidate who has any chance of victory against Poilievre, a rising star of the Canadian right, respected by the various Tory souls and feared by the other parties. Forty-two years old, in parliament since 2004 as a representative of the Carleton district – in the Ottawa area – Poilievre has held numerous government positions under the administration of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He currently serves as Shadow Minister of Finance. 


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Ontario: another 38 dead and over 4 thousand in hospitals. 4-year-old girl dies of Covid-19 in Quebec

TORONTO – Hospitalizations on the rise, but there are only two more patients in intensive care. Today, in Ontario, the number of patients in hospitals increased by 296 units: now they are 4,183, of which 580 in intensive care, even if for the latter the increase is very slight (on Monday the people present in the hospital were 3,887, of which 578 in intensive care).  (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, over 300 deaths over the weekend

TORONTO – The attention of the world of science is now entirely focused on hospitalizations and deaths. Counting infections from Covid-19 has become impossible, both due to the consequences of the limitations on access to molecular tests (now reserved for the “risk” categories, at least in Canada), and due to the fact that the vast majority of cases are asymptomatic: the virus circulates and, fact, we no longer know where, how, when and how much. (more…)

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Ontario, nearly 2,500 in hospital for Covid. 120 deaths in Quebec over the past four days

TORONTO – The number of people in Ontario hospitals with COVID-19 continues to rise, with 438 patients now in intensive care. According to the Ministry of Health, another 26 people have entered intensive care due to the new coronavirus in the past 24 hours. Of these patients, 234 breathe with the assistance of a ventilator. There are now 2,467 Covid-19 patients in hospital, a slight increase from Sunday.  (more…)

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Ontario, over 4 thousand Covid-cases and 8.7% positivity

TORONTO – Experts’ negative predictions seem to come true, day after day: “thanks” to the Omicron variant, Ontario recorded over 4,000 new cases of Covid-19 today, the highest daily total in almost eight months. Provincial health officials have indeed detected 4,177 new infections, up from 3,301 on Saturday and 1,476 just a week ago. Today’s tally is the highest in the province since last April 23, when 4,505 new infections were reported. The seven-day moving average of daily cases is now word at 2,542: a week ago it was at 1,236. (more…)

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Over 30 thousand deaths from Covid-19 in Canada. The experts: “The worst is yet to come”


TORONTO – Skyrocketing infections and more than thirty thousand deaths from Covid-19 throughout Canada since the beginning of the pandemic: these are the sad data of today, negative on all fronts. Let’s start with Ontario, which reported the highest daily count of new cases in seven months. The province has in fact registered 2,421 new infections (53% of which of the Omicron variant), with an impressive increase compared to 1,808 new cases. Earlier this week, 1,476 new cases had been registered on Monday, 1,536 on Tuesday and 1,429 on Wednesday.  (more…)

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Terza dose a tutti gli over 18 già da lunedì

TORONTO – Non c’è più tempo da perdere, quantomeno più di quello perso finora fra esitazioni e non-decisioni. Il governo provinciale ha annunciato, ieri, che da lunedì sarà aperta la somministrazione della terza dose di vaccino a tutti i cittadini dai 18 anni in su. Non solo: sarà possibile farla a distanza di tre mesi (e non più sei) dalla seconda. Un’accelerata prima auspicata e poi caldeggiata dall’Ontario Science Table che proprio ieri era tornato alla carica, invocando misure rapide per frenare l’impennata dei casi dovuta, con ogni probabilità, alla variante Omicron, molto più infettiva della Delta. Ma andiamo con ordine… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Ontario, third dose of vaccine to all over 18s as early as Monday after three months from the second one

TORONTO – There is no more time to waste, at least more than that lost so far between hesitations and non-decisions. The provincial government announced today that the third dose of the vaccine will be open to all citizens aged 18 and over from Monday. Not only that: it will be possible to do it three months (and no longer six) from the second one. An acceleration first hoped for and then supported by the Ontario Science Table which just today returned to call for rapid measures to curb the surge in cases due, in all probability, to the Omicron variant, much more infectious than the Delta. But let’s go in order.  (more…)

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Covid-19: Ontario exceeds 1,500 cases in 24 hours, Quebec over 1,600

TORONTO – Other 1,536 new infections recorded today in Ontario against 1,476 on Sunday and 887 on last Monday. With 38,221 tests processed in the last 24 hours, Ontario therefore achieves a positive rate of 5.5%, up significantly from 3.5% a week ago. The seven-day moving average of new infections has now met 1,328, up from 940 on Monday.  (more…)

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Covid in Ontario, over ten thousand active cases. Quebec close to two thousand a day, Alberta breathes

TORONTO – The surge in infections already recorded last week in Ontario shows no sign of decreasing: today the province reported 1,476 new cases of Covid-19 and 8 deaths. Infections were 1,607 on Saturday (the high number in seven months) and on Friday 1,452. The seven-day moving average of daily cases is now 1,236 (Saturday it was 1,194, a week ago 761).  (more…)

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Covid, other schools closed. Over 8,000 cases in Ontario

TORONTO – Covid-19 infections in Ontario schools have skyrocketed to over 8000 – 8,095 to be precise. As well as in the whole community, even in schools the cases of the dreaded virus are constantly increasing: according to the latest data reported on the website of the Ontario government last Friday, within the last twenty-four years the new infections have stood at 172 of which 152 have affected students while the schools with at least one case of Covid-19 have been 792, those closed since last week’s peak of 16 have dropped to 9. (more…)

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Ontario, a thousand Covid-cases a day over the weekend

TORONTO – Weekend to forget in Ontario: for the third consecutive day, the province has in fact recorded over 1,000 new cases of Covid-19, with the count of infections reaching the highest level since the end of May. The provincial health officials in fact detected 1,184 infections today, compared to 1,053 on Saturday and 1,031 on Friday. We have to go back to 28 May to find a greater number of cases than today: at that time, the infections had been 1,273.  (more…)

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Spauracchio Omicron, terza dose a over 50 in Ontario

TORONTO – L’Ontario spinge sull’acceleratore. Lo spauracchio della variante Omicron – che si sta diffondendo a macchia d’olio in tutto il mondo – e il numero dei contagi schizzato ieri a 959 hanno spinto il governo della provincia ad allargare l’idoneità a ricevere la dose di richiamo ad un numero maggiore di persone… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Ontario, over 900 new infections and 8 deaths

TORONTO – Over 900 new Covid-19 infections and another 8 deaths related to the virus, today, in Ontario. Provincial health officials recorded 959 cases, up from 780 on Wednesday and 748 a week ago. Earlier this week, 964 cases had been reported on Sunday, 788 on Monday and 687 on Tuesday. The rise of infections resumes, therefore, once again during the weekend.  (more…)

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Pediatric vaccine, the wait is over

TORONTO – The long wait is over. Health Canada is expected to announce tomorrow that it has approved the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 for use in children between the ages of five and 11. This is the news leaked, and reported by the Toronto Star: various sources, who do not have permission to disclose the information, have confirmed the imminence of the approval.  (more…)

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Covid-19: over 700 cases in Ontario, another 5 deaths

TORONTO – New surge in infections in Ontario: today were recorded more than 700 new infections from Covid-19, the highest daily number of cases recorded in the province in almost two months. Provincial health officials have in fact detected 711 new cases, up from 512 on Wednesday and 642 a week ago. It is the highest daily tally reported since last September 24, when 727 new ones were confirmed. (more…)

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Trudeau to unveil new cabinet October 26, clash and controversy over delays

TORONTO – The controversy over the long and troubled process of forming the new government is not over. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the swearing-in of the new members of the executive will take place on October 26, while the first session of the House of Commons with the deputies elected in the September 20 elections has been scheduled for November 22. The roadmap set by the Liberal leader did not please the opposition, who denounced the delays and stigmatized the timing desired by Trudeau.  (more…)

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Ontario: over 500 infections, almost all young. 480 cases in Quebec, 356 not fully vaccinated

TORONTO – Ontario remains between 500 and 600 new daily cases of Covid-19: 573 Friday, 654 Saturday and 535 Sunday (latest figure released). Ontario’s seven-day moving average is now 537, down from last week when it was 596. 29,755 tests were carried out on Sunday: the positivity rate in the province stood at 1.8 percent. There are also two new deaths that bring the total in the province, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 9,790.  (more…)

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Parents voice concerns over Lecce’s plans to increase class sizes

TORONTO – Lecce approves the increase of class sizes at the TCDSB, parents are worried. The health and safety of students and staff is top of mind when it comes to individuals learning in Ontario education system, or at least it should be. That is why parents are concerned over the province’s plan to increase class sizes… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Parents voice concerns over Lecce’s plans to increase class sizes

The health and safety of students and staff is top of mind when it comes to individuals learning in Ontario education system, or at least it should be. That is why parents are concerned over the province’s plan to increase class sizes.

This is particularly the case for parents of students enrolled at the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). (more…)

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Elections 2021: the countdown is over

TORONTO – At the end of an election campaign full of accusations, poisons and controversy, the countdown is over. Tomorrow Canadians will go to the polls to choose their 338 representatives in the 44th legislature and, indirectly, to indicate the new prime minister. Today the leaders of the main parties held the last electoral rallies, launching the last appeal to the still undecided voters who, ultimately, could shift the final balance and therefore the outcome of the votes. Justin Trudeau spoke in Montreal in the morning, while throughout the day he was engaged in a long series of virtual events.  (more…)

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Covid, Ontario still over 800 cases. 72% involves unvaccinated people or with a single dose of the vaccin

TORONTO – Ontario remains above 800 new daily cases of Covid-19 and the seven-day moving average continues to rise: 757 compared to the 688 average daily infections a week ago. On Sunday (latest data available for Ontario), 811 new cases and 3 deaths were recorded in the province. On Saturday there were 944 infections, on Friday 805. The provincial laboratories processed 22,410 test samples, generating a positive rate of at least 2.9%.  (more…)

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Italia, oltre 3,5 milioni di over 50 non sono vaccinati: più alto il rischio-ricovero

BOLOGNA – Coronavirus: nuovi casi stabili da tre settimane, ma continuano a salire i ricoveri tra i non vaccinati. Anche perché, come accade quando “un cane si morde la coda”, ad agosto si è registrato un crollo della somministrazioni (-66,5%) e restano senza copertura, ancora, oltre 3,5 milioni di over 50 (che in Italia sono 27.353.240 su una popolazione di 59.258.000 persone). È quanto emerge dai dati resi noti dalla Fondazione Gimbe di Bologna nell’ambito del monitoraggio indipendente effettuato ogni settimana. Ebbene, … Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Italy, more than 3.5 million over 50s are not vaccinated

BOLOGNA – Coronavirus in Italy: new cases stable for three weeks, but hospitalizations among the unvaccinated continue to rise. Also because in August there was a drop in the vaccination campaign (-66.5%) and still more than 3.5 million over 50s remain uncovered (the over 50s in Italy are 27,353,240 out of a population of 59,258,000). This is what emerges from the data released by the Gimbe Foundation of Bologna as part of the independent monitoring carried out every week. (more…)

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Ontario over 700 cases, Alberta breaks through one thousand

TORONTO – They undulate, but remain around 700: this is now the average of new daily infections in Ontario. Today 740 were recorded, fewer than 835 on Saturday but up from 722 on last Sunday. The weekly average, to be precise, is now 688, compared to 564 a week ago. Of the new cases recorded today, 551 involve people who are not fully vaccinated or have an unknown vaccination status and 189 those who are fully vaccinated.  (more…)

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Ontario, new record of infections: over 500. “The Delta variant leads the fourth wave “

TORONTO – They had just said it yesterday and so it is: Ontario has arrived in the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, as today’s data confirm. 513 new cases in one day. A number that exceeds, for the first time since mid-June, the 500 daily infections, and which marks a daily increase compared to Wednesday, when 324 reports were recorded (321 on Tuesday, 325 on Monday and 423 on Sunday). In any case, more than double the 213 cases reported a week ago. Only on June 13, a higher number was registered than today: 530 cases. The seven-day average is now 375, up sharply from 332 a day ago and 198 a week ago. (more…)

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She weighed just over an apple: a miracle called Kwek Yu Xuan

SINGAPORE – An incredible story and, for once, a happy ending. It is that of Kwek Yu Xuan, the smallest baby in the world at birth, born after 25 weeks of pregnancy: when she was born she weighed just 212 grams, about the size of an apple, for 24 centimeters in length. Now, after thirteen months of treatment, she has been discharged from the National University Hospital (Nuh) in Singapore. And she weighs 6.3 kg. (more…)

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Nathaniel Veltman’s vehicle attack case in London put over until June 28

Toronto, June 25: Nathaniel Veltman, the 20 year old man has been accused of targeting Muslims in a deadly vehicle attack in London, Ontario made his last brief appearance in court on June 21 morning one week after his charges were upgraded, which now included terrorism charges. Already he is facing four counts of first-degree murder, and one count of attempted murder in the attack that left four members of the Afzaal family (in the pic) dead and a young boy injured. (more…)

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Chaos in Ontario over lack of spots for second Covid-19 vaccine dose

TORONTO – Chaos in Ontario over lack of spots for the second Covid-19 dose. Today, starting at 8 a.m., all residents of the hotspots identified by the provincial government – Toronto, Peel, Halton, Porcupine, Waterloo, York and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph – had the opportunity to access the portal to reserve the reservation of the covid vaccine recall injection. But the day was marked by delays, inconveniences, with the website overloaded with the number of requests that arrived. (more…)

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Canada and Ontario invest over $12 million to fund infrastructure projects in Vaughan

This weekend marked a fresh start for the people of Ontario. Restaurant patio’s opened for in-person dining and non-essential retailers welcomed shoppers back for the first time in months, albeit under strict guidelines.

While the province is taking a measured approach at reopening to ensure a healthy and safe transition to the next stage, an injection of more than $12 million from both levels of government for infrastructure projects in Vaughan will help rebuild businesses, promote job creation and encourage growth and investment in the city.


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