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Canada’s Department of Health proposes a ban on the production and sale of most vaping flavours

In order to make flavoured vaping products less attractive to youth, the government plans to ban most of their production and sales. Health Canada has presented a draft legislation that would restrict the use of all e-cigarettes with flavors other than tobacco, mint and menthol, but still leave an option for smokers who wish to switch to an alternative source of nicotine. (more…)

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Waltz of the ministers: Lecce resists, Fullerton is reassigned

Article by Mariella Policheni — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

[Photo in Video Background: Merrilee Fullerton and Rod Phillips]

As his government fluctuates between highs and lows in popularity – lower than high in recent times – Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford has decided to reshuffle the government structure. (more…)

Business & Economy Canada English Featured GTA News Updates

Toronto moves up in fDi’s Americas Cities of the Future study

Toronto has moved into second place overall in a study of the most promising investment locations in the Americas by fDi Intelligence – a specialist publication from the Financial Times. This ranking reflects Toronto’s rising stature as an international centre of investment, commerce, trade, development, and innovation. (more…)

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বিশ্বের ছয় পরিবেশকর্মী পেলেন গোল্ডম্যান এনভায়রনমেন্টাল প্রাইজ ২০২১

টরন্টো, জুন ১৮: গোল্ডম্যান ইনভায়রোনমেন্টাল ফাউন্ডেশন মালাউয়ি, ভিয়েতনাম, বসনিয়া ও হারজেগোভিনা, জাপান, যুক্তরাষ্ট্র এবং পেরু থেকে বাছাইকৃত তৃণমূল পর্যায়ের ছয়জন পরিবেশকর্মীকে গোল্ডম্যান ইনভায়রোনমেন্টাল প্রাইজ ২০২১ সন্মানে ভূষিত করেছে। এতে এক ভার্চুয়াল অনুষ্ঠানে জেন ফন্ডার উপস্থাপনায় সঙ্গীত জগতের লেনি ক্রাভিটজ্্, বাবা মাল, নেডলভু ইয়ুথ কোয়ার ও সিগোরনে উইভার ছাড়াও উগান্ডার পরিবেশবাদী ভেনেসা নেকেট উপস্থিত ছিলেন। (more…)

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Six Environmental Heroes receive Goldman Environmental Prize 2021

Toronto, June 18: The Goldman Environmental Foundation has announced six recipients of the 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize among grassroots environmental activists from Malawi, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, the United States and Peru. It has been announced in a virtual ceremony with featuring Jane Fonda as host, musical guests Lenny Kravitz, Baaba Maal, and the Ndlovu Youth Choir, with Sigourney Weaver and a special appearance from Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate. (more…)

Covid-19 Updates English Health & Medicine Ontario

Ontario sets new vaccination record, but the chaos persists for the second vaccine doses

TORONTO – Ontario sets a new vaccination record; more than 202,000, according to covid19tracker.ca, but at the same time, the problems that emerged on the second vaccination for the residents of the hotspots were not solved. In general, the mass vaccination campaign proceeds in stages dispatched according to the roadmap presented by the provincial government. (more…)

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The 50-year-old Pandemic

On June 10, 2021, BBC reported that a new discovery reduces the rate of Dengue infections by 77%.  The World Mosquito Programme performed an experiment whereby mosquitoes were infected with the Wolbachia bacteria that outcompeted the Dengue virus (DENV).  These Wolbachia-laced mosquitoes and their eggs were re-released into Yogyakarta city in Indonesia.  The World Mosquito Program proudly reported that this trial results in an 86% reduction in Dengue hospitalizations.  And in a world that has health care systems non the verge of collapse from the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the overall burden on hospitals makes a big difference. (more…)

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Governo federal lança campanha Ask the Experts para incentivar a vacinação Covid-19

Numa altura em que mais de 70% das pessoas com 12 anos de idade ou mais no Canadá receberam a sua primeira dose da vacina contra a COVID-19 e as províncias e territórios aceleram o processo de elegibilidade para a toma das segundas doses, o governo federal procura agora sensibilizar a população mais hesitante para a importância da vacinação. (more…)

Canada English Featured Health & Medicine News Updates

Federal Government launches Ask the Experts campaign to encourage Covid-19 vaccination

At a time when more than 70% of people 12 years of age and older in Canada have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and provinces and territories are speeding up the eligibility process for second doses, the federal government is now seeking to sensitize the most hesitant population to the importance of vaccination. (more…)

English History Ontario Politics

Ford allocates $10 million to survey the grounds of 18 Indian residential schools in Ontario

The Kamloops Residential School

The Ontario government will spend $10 million to examine the soil of eighteen residential schools in Ontario and to preserve and commemorate the remains found. Provincial Premier Doug Ford announced today that the money, which will be spread over three years, will be part of the “indigenous-led” effort to identify, protect and commemorate “the burial sites of Indian residential schools.” (more…)

Health & Medicine News Updates Ontario

Vaccination chaos, still problems to book the second dose

TORONTO – Tottenham, Bradford, Wasaga Beach, Orillia, Hamilton, Alliston, Innisfil, Barrie. These are some of the locations where today the availability of free places was offered for booking the second dose of vaccine to all those who live in hotspots in Ontario and who received the first dose before May 9. For Toronto residents, it’s a distance between 45 to 95 kilometres. (more…)

Canada Community Filipino News Updates World News

Justice of the Peace, Delano Vasquez Europa

Delano Europa ay nakapagtapos nang bilang isang mang ba batas na digree sa San Beda College sa Pilipinas noon 1970. Bago siya magimigrate sa Kanada Delano Europa ay mambabatas nang 13 taon sa Pilipinas. Siya ang munisipio korte husgado. Siya ay kinilalang at binigyan nang plaqueng karagalan bilang isa sa sampung pinakamabilis na mag litis sa buong Pilipinas. Siya ay isang batas na guro nang 17 taon sa St. MaryUnibersidad sa probinsia nang Nueva Viscaya. (more…)

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Honourable Delano Velasquez Europa – Justice of the Peace

Delano Europa is a graduate of Bachelor of Law degree at San Beda college Philippines in 1970. Before immigrating to Canada Delano Europa is a law practitioner for 13 years in the Philippines. He is a municipal trial Court Judge. He was recognized and awarded a plaque as one of the top ten fastest deciding judge in the Philippines. He is also a law instructor for 17 years at St. Mary’s University in the province of Nueva Vizcaya. (more…)

Canada English Featured Immigration News Updates World News

Canada and UNHCR estimate the emergency aid for Venezuelan migrants at 1,440 million dollars

Canada and the world have a moral responsibility with the Venezuelan exodus, assured Michael Grant , Canadian Deputy Deputy Minister for the Americas. In a statement, Grant added that “the refugee crisis in Venezuela is the largest the Western Hemisphere has seen and, together with Syria, the second largest in the world.” (more…)

English Featured News Updates

The shocking revelation of the former magistrate: “Denise Pipitone is alive and has a daughter”

ROME – A real media bomb. And this time to launch it is a former magistrate, Maria Angioni: Denise Pipitone, disappeared on 1 September 2004 in Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani (Sicily, Italy), would be alive, ‘settled’ in a family that would have ties with the kidnappers. And she would be a mother, she would have a daughter. A shocking revelation, also in light of the fact that the author was the attorney who had worked on the case in the initial stages of the affair, 17 years ago. (more…)

Community English Featured GTA

Brampton man launches campaign calling for no more weed shops in the city

June 18 will mark the somber one-year anniversary of the horrific crash in Brampton that killed Karolina Ciasullo and her three innocent children. To honour the family and put an end to such deadly crashes caused by impaired drivers, 22-year old Brampton activist Cody Vatcher, spearheaded a campaign (nomoreweedshops.com) to put a freeze on pot shops opening in Brampton. (more…)

Canada English Featured GTA News Updates

Julia Prajza is the chosen artist for the “Rooster of Barcelos Project”

Julia Prajza’s design proposal was the final choice for the “Rooster of Barcelos Project” (in the pic, courtesy of Little Portugal on Dundas BIA), a public art project presented by the City of Toronto, in conjunction with Little Portugal on Dundas BIA, StreetARToronto, the Office of Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão, the Consulate General of Portugal in Toronto and the Barcelos Migrant Association. (more…)

English Featured Technology World News

Head Up in the Clouds (Computing)

On June 8, 2021, the internet broke down. CNN, The New York Times, the UK Government, Amazon, Paypal, the Financial Times, Bloomberg News, Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Verge, along with thousands of other government, news and social media web sites – all fell off the grid. The western hemisphere was still in dreamland; most of us had not even had our morning coffee yet. It happened just before 6 am EDT. (more…)

Business & Economy Employment English Featured World News

Toronto ranked one of the best cities in the world for entrepreneurial success

Toronto has a lot to offer, especially if you are someone looking to start your own business. In fact, Toronto is considered to be one of the best cities in the world for entrepreneurs.

Individuals are entrepreneurial, not cities, you say. However, some cities are more able to attract creative and innovative people to realize their budding new venture.


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Fighting the pandemic and economic recovery, at the start of the G7 summit in Cornwall

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

Global contrast to the pandemic, common strategy on the vaccine front, the investigation into the origins of Covid. This weekend’s G7 Summit in Cornwall, England will revolve around these three themes. (more…)

English Featured Health & Medicine World News

Delta variants are spreading at an alarming rate in the villages of Bangladesh

The previous simple calculation is changing in Bangladesh. The delta variant identified in India is now spreading in its villages. Experts say the speed at which the infection is spreading may be out of control at some point. This situation is almost the same in the 32 districts around the border area. The health department thought that corona in Bangladesh would not be so prevalent in villages than urban areas. Now they say the situation is dire. (more…)

Canada English Featured World News

Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities

President of the Republic leaves a message of gratitude and hope to the Portuguese Diaspora. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who is in the Autonomous Region of Madeira for the June 10th commemorations, regrets once again that the pandemic is postponing “fraternal coexistence with all compatriots and Portuguese descendants who live and work outside physical borders of Portugal, but they are part of our spiritual frontiers”. (more…)

Canada English News Updates Travel & Tourism World News

The United States has loosened travel restrictions to 60 countries, including Canada

In the face of declining Covid disease statistics around the world, the United States has decided to make it easier for its citizens to travel to nearly 60 countries.

The US Department of State decided to lower the so-called “travel warnings” for travel to many countries, including among others Canada, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. (more…)

English Health & Medicine Ontario Podcasts & Videos Science

Moderna, 9 million doses on the way but caution is needed for the “Euro2020 variant”

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

TORONTO – The third wave of the pandemic is now over. For several weeks, the overall epidemiological picture in Ontario has been improving significantly, with the collapse of new daily cases, the sharp decrease in hospitalizations and ICU admissions and, more generally, with a mass immunization campaign that is finally at full power. (more…)

English Health & Medicine Science

We must be prudent against the ‘’Euro 2020 variant’’

TORONTO – The third wave of the pandemic is over. For some weeks now, the overall epidemiological picture in Ontario has been improving markedly, with the collapse of new daily cases, the sharp decrease in hospitalizations and intensive care admissions and, more generally, a mass immunization campaign that is finally travelling at full capacity. (more…)

Canada English Nature News Updates

Experience the “Ring of Fire”: Canada’s first solar eclipse of the year

If you are an early riser, you may be lucky enough to catch the first solar eclipse of 2021. Around sunrise on June 10, northern and eastern areas of North America, including Greenland, Europe and Asia will get the opportunity to experience the dramatic event. That is of course, providing mother nature cooperates and offers up a clear sky.


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Peruvians in Canada await the result of the elections

The definition of the 2021 General Elections in Peru will be defined vote by vote. According to the last information from the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), Pedro Castillo, from the Peru Libre party, remains at the top with 50.255% over the 49.745% that represents Keiko Fujimori, from Fuerza Popular, as of June 8th, 2021. (more…)

Business & Economy News Updates Reviews & Press Releases

Canada and Ontario Invest $15 million in Municipal Infrastructure to Respond to the Impacts of COVID-19 in Northern Ontario

THUNDER BAY —Communities across Canada are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, and need immediate assistance to ensure their public infrastructure is safe and reliable. Details were provided by the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Superior North, on behalf of the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities; Stephen Crawford, Parliamentary Assistant to Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure and Member of Provincial Parliament for Oakville, on behalf of the Honourable Laurie Scott, Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure; and His Worship Bill Mauro, Mayor of the City of Thunder Bay. The governments of Canada and Ontario are investing more than $15 million to protect the health, and well-being of residents in 99 municipalities across Northern Ontario. (more…)

Education Matters English Podcasts & Videos Politics

Crossfire on Lecce, now the minister is in danger

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Video and Translation: CNMNG Staff

The controversy about schools in Ontario does not go out. Twenty-four hours after the provincial government’s decision to continue with distance learning – until the end of this school year – it has set the political climate on fire, provoking accusations and poisons during the last parliamentary session in Queen’s Park before the summer break. (more…)

Education Matters English Ontario

School’s chaos, premier Ford could cut minister Lecce in the next shuffle

TORONTO – The controversy over schools in Ontario is not going away. Twenty-four hours after the provincial government’s decision to continue remote teaching until the end of this school year, it has infused the political climate, provoking accusations and poisons during the last parliamentary session in Queen’s Park before the summer break. But not only that. (more…)

English Featured Politics World News

The Russian Hug

On June 1, a plane of LOT Polish Airlines was stopped in Kaliningrad, Russia just before taking off to Warsaw.

Kaliningrad is a small piece of Russia in Central Europe with a second port for the navy, which does not freeze in winter, it is a strictly militarized zone, neighboring with Poland and Lithuania, only 70 km from Belarus, which is in the customs union with Russia. (more…)

English Nature News Brief Podcasts & Videos Science

Italian study: this is how the sun destroys Covid

Article by Corriere Canadese’s staff

“We have shown that Uva and Uvb rays of the sun in a matter of tens of seconds completely kill Sars-Cov-2”. This was stated by Mario Clerici, professor of general pathology at the State University of Milan and scientific director of the Irccs of Milan Foundation Don Gnocchi, author, together with the research group of the National Institute of Astrophysics, of an all-Italian study published yesterday. (more…)

Business & Economy English Ontario

Premier Ford urged to reopen the economy

TORONTO – Pressure is growing on the government to loosen restrictions in Ontario. With data confirming that the third wave of the pandemic is now in the drips – yesterday there were only 699 new cases, the lowest since October 2020 – there are increasing demands for an acceleration of the reopening of the provincial economy also compared to the extremely prudent roadmap presented last week by Doug Ford and The Minister of Health Christine Elliott. (more…)

Canada Nature Polish The Environment

Wyższa niż zwykle liczba pyłków w powietrzu powoduje więcej alergii w tym roku w Kanadzie

Photo Credit: Aerobiology Research Laboratories

Wiele osób, które cierpią na alergię zapewne zauważyło w tym roku zwiększone jej objawy w porównaniu do ubiegłego. Okazuje się, że doprowadził do tego wyższy niż normalnie poziom pyłków w powietrzu w niektórych częściach Kanady.

Szczególnie silna eksplozja pyłków nastąpiła w południowym Ontario i Quebecu. Zauważyć się dała cienka warstwa żółtego pyłku, która pokryła większość Toronto, Ottawy i Montrealu. Mogliśmy zauważyć wyjątkowo dużą ilość pyłków na naszych samochodach, być może największą od niepamiętnych czasów. (more…)

Canada German Nature The Environment

Höhere Pollenzahlen als üblich in der Luft verursachen in diesem Jahr in Kanada mehr Allergien

Photo credit: Aerobiology Research Laboratories

Viele Allergiker haben in diesem Jahr möglicherweise im Vergleich zum Vorjahr erhöhte Symptome festgestellt. Es stellt sich heraus, dass es in einigen Teilen Kanadas durch überdurchschnittlich hohe Pollenwerte in der Luft verursacht wurde.

Eine besonders starke Pollenexplosion ereignete sich im Süden von Ontario und Quebec. Es gab eine dünne Schicht gelben Pollens, die den größten Teil von Toronto, Ottawa und Montreal bedeckte. Wir konnten eine ungewöhnlich große Menge Pollen auf unseren Autos sehen, vielleicht die größte seit vielen Jahren. (more…)

Canada English Nature The Environment

Higher-than-usual pollen counts in the air are causing more allergies this year in Canada

Photo Credit: Aerobiology Research Laboratories

Many allergy sufferers may have noticed increased symptoms this year compared to last year. It turns out that it was caused by higher-than-normal pollen levels in the air in some parts of Canada.

A particularly strong pollen explosion occurred in southern Ontario and Quebec. There was a thin layer of yellow pollen that covered most of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. We could see an unusually large amount of pollen on our cars, perhaps the largest since many years. (more…)

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Vaccine over 80, the second dose arrives

article by Mariella Policheni

TORONTO – Reservations were opened yesterday for the early administration of the second dose of Covid vaccines for Ontario residents aged 80 and over.

Anticipating the times is possible as large quantities of vaccine doses are arriving in Canada: the country will receive 2.9 million doses this week thanks in large part to an increase in scheduled deliveries from Pfizer and BioNTech. (more…)

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