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School, today the return in presence

TORONTO – Students from the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) returned to class today. After taking online classes for two weeks, Monday was supposed to be the day of the big comeback but a massive winter storm forced them to stay home for another two days. The reopening of schools took place – said the TDSB – following the “significant progress” that the city has made in clearing the main roads and secondary roads. 


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Holding trustees accountable to the public they serve

The moral and ethical debate pertaining to trustee accountability appears to be an ever-present issue. The job is not an easy one. They are publicly elected officials with a job to represent the interests of their constituents. For Catholic school board trustees in Ontario, they are accountable to those they serve, while at the same time, advocating for the protection, preservation and promotion of the Catholic education system.

Parents have free will to decide where their children will be educated. While several factors may influence that choice, those who chose to enrol their children in the Catholic School System, do so with purpose. (more…)

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The tax for no vax continues to divide

TORONTO – The Quebec government’s decision to impose a tax on no vax continues to cause controversy. For now, no other province seems oriented to follow the same path as the executive led by Francois Legault. Too many problems of a legal nature – there are those who hypothesize the evident unconstitutionality of the measure – or of simple political gain: it is a highly divisive measure and no other prime minister has decided to risk. Yet, the debate over the appropriateness and feasibility of the measure goes on. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario Quebec

Ontario and Quebec, over 300 deaths over the weekend

TORONTO – The attention of the world of science is now entirely focused on hospitalizations and deaths. Counting infections from Covid-19 has become impossible, both due to the consequences of the limitations on access to molecular tests (now reserved for the “risk” categories, at least in Canada), and due to the fact that the vast majority of cases are asymptomatic: the virus circulates and, fact, we no longer know where, how, when and how much. (more…)

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HCDSB revisits motion to fly the Pride flag this June

Trustees will gather to vote again on whether to fly the Pride flag at Halton’s Catholic schools this June. The matter will re-surface for discussion (January 18) at the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) meeting. The issue of hoisting the Pride flag outside Catholic schools has been a controversial topic throughout Catholic schools in Ontario. The HCDSB is not exempt from such debate. (more…)

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The pandemic’s impact on immigration and international students

Immigration is the key to economic growth in Canada. With the nation’s fertility rate on a steady decline, the Canadian government maintains that immigration is key to replenishing the population. It estimates that 75% of the country’s population growth is attributable to immigration.

Part of that growth is generated through international students. According to a Statistics Canada report (June 2021), about six in ten first-time study permit holders who worked throughout their duration of study or post graduation become permanent residents.


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario Toronto

Back in the classroom but everything is as before

TORONTO – Ontario students will receive two rapid antigen tests when they return to class next Monday, but other than that, the government’s plan rests primarily on previously announced measures to keep schools safe during the Omicron wave. The pillars of his plan to return to school on January 17 are updated screenings, new deliveries of quality masks, ventilation improvements, vaccinations, new hires. The vast majority of the measures included in the plan had previously been announced.  In short, nothing new. 


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Mandatory vaccine: divisive issue, silence by the political class

TORONTO – Officially nobody is talking about of it. And this is because the issue – very topical – is hot and complicated and difficult to solve: a mix of explosive characteristics for the political class, which in these days has therefore preferred to stay behind the scenes, if not in some small case. Yet, despite the embarrassed silences of those who govern us and those who, in opposition, should sting the executive on its shortcomings and shortcomings, vaccination obligation is talked about. Experts, virologists, trade representatives of the health and hospital sector discuss it. 


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Ontario, nearly 2,500 in hospital for Covid. 120 deaths in Quebec over the past four days

TORONTO – The number of people in Ontario hospitals with COVID-19 continues to rise, with 438 patients now in intensive care. According to the Ministry of Health, another 26 people have entered intensive care due to the new coronavirus in the past 24 hours. Of these patients, 234 breathe with the assistance of a ventilator. There are now 2,467 Covid-19 patients in hospital, a slight increase from Sunday.  (more…)

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Mandatory vaccine: Minister Duclos in pressing on the Provinces

TORONTO – Since Covid vaccines became available, here in Canada the idea of mandatory vaccination has remained taboo. Now, faced with the surge in infections caused by the Omicron variant, with the vertical increase in hospitalizations, hospitalizations in intensive care and deaths, the idea of making vaccination mandatory begins to be a topic of debate. 


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School, pressure of pediatricians on the government: “Reopen or serious effects on children”

TORONTO – After the parents, pediatricians take the field. The Canadian Paediatric Society, the Pediatrics Section of the Ontario Medical Association and the Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario have written an open letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Education Minister Stephen Lecce urging them to resume face-to-face classes in schools by January 17. 


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Insigne to Toronto is a done deal: the video message to the new fans

TORONTO – It’s official: from next July 1st, Lorenzo Insigne will play for Toronto Fc. The agreement was announced on Saturday by the Canadian company which also published a short video greeting the attacker to Toronto Fc fans on its social networks, writing “See you soon! We’ll see you soon, Lorenzo!”

The now former captain of Napoli has signed a four-year contract plus option for the fifth year worth 7.75 million euros including bonuses, plus benefits.

On social media, the president of the Canadian club, Bill Manning, expressed satisfaction with the agreement: “This is a historic and exciting day for our club. Lorenzo is a world-class forward at the height of his career. He was champion of Europe with Italy and has performed on the biggest stages during his club career with Napoli. Lorenzo has the talent to change the game. He plays with joy and passion and our fans and supporters will love to see him as a member of our team”.

(Photos and videos from Toronto Fc socials)

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Ontario, hospitalizations doubled in 24 hours. The Minister: “Explosive growth”

TORONTO – An “explosive” growth, as the office of the Ontario Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, defined it: today provincial health officials recorded the presence of 2,081 people hospitalized for Covid-19 (288 are in intensive care), with an impressive jump, in just 24 hours, from the 1,290 patients of which 266 in the intensive care unit) on Tuesday – numbers moreover partial, given that the minister herself reported that about 10% of hospitals did not report the number of their patients. Anyway a worrying figure, as well as that of deaths, as many as 14 in a single day, which bring the total of victims in Ontario, from the beginning of the pandemic, to 10,252. (more…)

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Omicron alarm in Ontario, from the 5th new measures

Starting the 5th of January, students will return to virtual learning and Ontario will return to a modified Phase Two of its reopening plan, with the closure of indoor restaurants, gyms, theaters and with lower capacity limits in other settings. The high to the roadmap was announced today by Prime Minister Doug Ford in response to the Omicron variant that in recent weeks has been causing a record number of cases. 


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The Good Lord Called a Good Friend to His Side

TORONTO – The Honourable Joe Comuzzi (in the pic above), my friend of thirty-three years from 1988 (when we were both elected to serve in Canada’s Parliament), passed away on New Year’s Eve. For twenty years, until he retired in 2008, he also served as my self-described “older brother”. We were not related. Luckily, I did not protest too vigorously. 


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Toronto ’trashy’ fra spazzatura e mascherine abbandonate

TORONTO – Toronto produce 900.000 tonnellate di rifiuti all’anno. Ma non è chiaro se questa cifra sia pre-pandemia. La spazzatura non è un problema incentrato su Toronto. È stato recentemente riportato dal New York Times che 193 Paesi hanno prodotto 8 milioni di tonnellate di rifiuti di plastica legati alla pandemia. Si prevede che 1,5 miliardi di maschere per il viso finiranno nei nostri oceani… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario Toronto

School, back in the classroom on January 5

TORONTO – Ontario was the laggard but today it finally announced through the mouth of the Chief Medical Officer of Health of the province Kieran Moore, the latest news about the return to school of students at the end of the Christmas holidays. Return that with great general surprise sledges of only two days, from Monday January 3 to Wednesday January 5. 


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জার্মানি কেন পারমাণবিক বিদ্যুৎকেন্দ্র বন্ধ করছে?

বিপুল বায়ুদূষণ, জলবায়ু পরিবর্তন ও ২০১১ সালে জাপানে সংঘটিত বিপর্যয়ে জার্মানি তাদের শেষ তিনটি পারমাণবিক বিদ্যুৎকেন্দ্র এ বছর শেষে বন্ধ করতে যাচ্ছে এবং তাতে সরবরাহ ঘাটতি ঘটবে না বলে বিশেষজ্ঞরা জানিয়েছেন। 


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Basura ng Toronto

TORONTO – Mahigit na 900,000 toneladang basura ang linalabas nang Toronto bawa’t taon. Pero hindi maliwanag kung ang ulat na ito ay bago pandemia. Ang basura ay hindi lamang problema nang Toronto. Ang huling ulat nang New York Time, 193 na bayan ay nag kamit na 8 milliones na tonelada plastik na basura konektado sa pandemia basura. 1.5 billiones takip sa mukha ay mauuwi sa atin karagatan. 


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Trashy Toronto

TORONTO – Toronto produces 900,000 tonnes of waste per year.  But it is unclear whether this figure is pre-pandemic.  Trash is not a Toronto-centric problem.  It was recently reported in the New York Times that 193 countries have produced 8 million tonnes of pandemic-related plastic waste. 1.5 billion face masks are projected to end up in your oceans. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates Editorials English Featured

Scientists stumbling in the dark: where is the credibility?

TORONTO – Just so that no-one gets the wrong impression, I am considered fully vaccinated for Covid-19, and have already had the now seemingly obligatory booster for greater efficacy. Nor am I ideologically or philosophically an “ant-vaxxer”. Neither I nor the Corriere are in the business of disseminating bad information, untruths or conspiracy theories – especially as they relate to the health and wellbeing of the population, irrespective of race, colour, sex, age. 


Alberta Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates

No updates on Covid in Alberta from 23 December, but there is the ‘black market’ of data

TORONTO – Canada has officially registered more than two million cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic: 2,058,872, to be exact. And they are probably “few”, given that on the one hand health workers are preparing for a possible post-holiday peak driven by the fast-spreading Omicron variant and on the other hand the numbers of the last few days could represent only the tip of the iceberg given the difficulty in processing all tampons. But there is also who doens’t provide the data at all, such as Alberta. (more…)

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Halton School Board N. Guzzo tries to defer the inevitable

It does not seem like a winning tactic. HCDSB trustee, represented by her Counsel Stephen Bernstein, was scheduled to appear in Hamilton Court (December 21) before a judge to dispose of twelve charges of fraud – ten of them under $5,000 and two over that amount.

She had been arrested almost a year ago, January 21, 2021, on charges dating from 2017 and 2018, prior to her election as Trustee. (more…)

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Veicoli elettrici, una scelta intelligente per l’ambiente

TORONTO – I veicoli elettrici (EV) potrebbero non risolvere i problemi associati al cambiamento climatico; possono però svolgere un ruolo chiave nell’aiutare a ridurre le emissioni di gas serra (GHG). Secondo Our World in Data, il settore energetico è responsabile del 73% di tutte le emissioni di gas serra. Tale tasso include circa il 16% delle emissioni associate ai trasporti, di cui il 12% relativo al trasporto su strada… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

Economy English Featured The Environment

Electric vehicles: part of a global climate change solution

Electric vehicles (EV) may not solve the issues associated with climate change; they may play a key role in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). According to Our World in Data, the energy sector is responsible for 73% of all GHG emissions. That rate includes roughly 16% of emissions associated with transportation, of which 12% is related to road transportation.

In Canada, road transportation accounts for roughly one-fifth of the nation’s total GHG emissions. Eliminating carbon emissions from passenger vehicles is part of the national plan to reach net-zero by 2050. (more…)

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Emissioni di carbonio, i ricchi inquinano di più

TORONTO – C’è stato uno sforzo internazionale concentrato a combattere il cambiamento climatico. Uno degli obiettivi principali è la riduzione delle emissioni di gas serra (GHG), di cui l’anidride carbonica (CO2) è uno dei principali responsabili. Ma da dove provengono queste emissioni e chi è responsabile della maggior parte delle emissioni di carbonio? … Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

English Featured The Environment

The world’s wealthiest are responsible for nearly 50% of carbon emissions

There has been a concentrated international effort to combat climate change. One main focus is on the cutting of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), carbon dioxide (CO2) being one of main culprits. But where do these emissions come from and who is responsible for the majority of carbon emissions?

According to the World Inequality Report 2022 (December 2021), data analysis by a team of world-leading economists suggests that the richest 10% of the global population produces close to 50% of GHG. (more…)

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Ontario, new restrictions and third doses for everyone: but the wait is endless

TORONTO – Today, in Ontario stricter public health measures returned, with lower capacity limits in restaurants and social gatherings. Premier Doug Ford announced the new restrictions on Friday, saying the Omicron variant is so contagious that it threatens to “overwhelm the healthcare system.”  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Over 30 thousand deaths from Covid-19 in Canada. The experts: “The worst is yet to come”


TORONTO – Skyrocketing infections and more than thirty thousand deaths from Covid-19 throughout Canada since the beginning of the pandemic: these are the sad data of today, negative on all fronts. Let’s start with Ontario, which reported the highest daily count of new cases in seven months. The province has in fact registered 2,421 new infections (53% of which of the Omicron variant), with an impressive increase compared to 1,808 new cases. Earlier this week, 1,476 new cases had been registered on Monday, 1,536 on Tuesday and 1,429 on Wednesday.  (more…)

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Ontario, third dose of vaccine to all over 18s as early as Monday after three months from the second one

TORONTO – There is no more time to waste, at least more than that lost so far between hesitations and non-decisions. The provincial government announced today that the third dose of the vaccine will be open to all citizens aged 18 and over from Monday. Not only that: it will be possible to do it three months (and no longer six) from the second one. An acceleration first hoped for and then supported by the Ontario Science Table which just today returned to call for rapid measures to curb the surge in cases due, in all probability, to the Omicron variant, much more infectious than the Delta. But let’s go in order.  (more…)

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The changing scenes of Christmas

Christmas, the most wonderful time of year! Whether you observe Christmas or any other holiday for that matter, it is hard not to be impressed by the festive displays and celebrations this time of year.

If the cold weather and gloomy skies dampen your mood this season, just pass through any neighbourhood, your feelings may brighten with the dazzling display of lights. (more…)

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The virus spreads: more than 1,800 Covid-cases in Ontario and 2,386 in Quebec

TORONTO – The virus spreads.  Ontario today reported the highest number of Covid-19 cases in more than six months: 1,808. To count more in just 24 hours, we have to go back to last May 21, when the new infections in one day were 1,890. Not only that: the number of active cases has increased by about 50% in a week: seven days ago they were 8,351, now they are 12,666.  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Long-Term Care homes, from today the vaccination is mandatory

TORONTO – Time is up. Since today, staff in Ontario’s long-term care homes, if they want to continue working in these facilities, must be fully vaccinated. The original deadline set for workers in the sector among the most affected by Covid-19 has been postponed from November 12 to December 13, said LTC ministry spokeswoman Vanessa De Matteis, following the recommendation of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization.  (more…)

Canada Economy English Featured

The challenges of filling bellies as food prices soar


Prepping for the holidays means heading to the store to stock up on groceries. Based on provincial capacity limits, Ontario families could be entertaining up to 25 people in their homes this holiday season. With food prices on the rise, that grocery bill will be pricey. Heading into the new year, shoppers will be paying more to feed their families.

According to Canada’s Food Price Report 2022 (released December 9), an average family of four is expected to pay up to $14,767 for food in 2022. That represents an increase of about $966 from the total annual food cost in 2021, an overall increase between 5% and 7%. (more…)

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Weight of the pandemic and new expenses on the fiscal update

TORONTO – Take stock of the health of Canadian finances and understand if the conditions exist to plan a return from the long-term deficit. These are the two central themes on the eve of the presentation of the new tax update by the federal government, also in light of the additional expenses approved to cope with the Covid-19 emergency and the growing uncertainty linked to the development of the new Omicron variant in Canada and the rest of the world.  (more…)

Covid-19 Updates English Featured Ontario

Omicron emphasizes the urgency of vaccinations

From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ontario has reported more than 626,000 confirmed positive cases, the majority of which were non-fatal. Unfortunately, 10,036 fatalities (as of December 8) were attributable to the virus.

Health authorities point out that following the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, the incidence of severe infection and fatalities decreased when higher vaccination rates were achieved among the population. (more…)

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Election campaign with the Omicron risk and future uncertainty

TORONTO – There are five months to the provincial vote, but in Ontario the election campaign has already begun and continues unabated. The government led by Prime Minister Doug Ford in recent days has given way to the Scientific Technical Committee and Chief Medical Officer Kieran Moore and has started a chain ad campaign that have so much the flavor of electoral promises.  (more…)

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Comites Toronto: the results of the vote and the elected representatives

TORONTO – ‘Comites’ elections in Toronto, there are the results: of the 12 seats available, 6 go to the list of the outgoing president Michela Di Marco, “Uniti per la Comunità 2021”, the remaining 6 are equally divided between the other two lists: “l’Italia che ci lega” and the civic list “Italiani in Canada”. In fact, therefore, there is parity between the winning list and the other two who with their elected representatives (3 + 3) reach the same number (6) as the representatives of the first list. (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Ontario, the virus does not give up and the restrictions will remain

TORONTO – Fewer tampons, fewer cases. The drop in new infections recorded today, 887 against 1,184 on Sunday, bodes well for only a few seconds: the time to look at the number of tests performed, that is 25,981 against 31,735 on Sunday. The positivity rate, in fact, rises from 3.2% to 3.5% in twenty-four hours and the moving average of daily cases calculated over seven days is now equal to 940, an increase both compared to today (926) and compared to as of a week ago (783). Three deaths were also recorded today, bringing the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic in Ontario to 10,027.  (more…)

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Heightened public health concerns as Omicron is on the move

Health officials are raising the alarm as the Covid-19 variant Omicron has more than thirty mutations. Researchers are suggesting it is spreading twice as fast as the Delta variant.

Some medical experts theorize that Omicron has picked up genetic material from other viruses that cause the common cold, potentially making this strain more transmissible. While many unknowns remain with the new variant, people’s fears and anxieties have grown over the severity of accompanying illness and how lethal Omicron may be.


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Omicron, Canada at the crossroads between restrictions and vaccination mandate

TORONTO – There is growing concern about the Omicron variant in Canada and the rest of the world. The new strain, highly contagious compared to the original Covid-19, has forced many countries to reactivate restrictions that had been set aside in recent months and has fueled the debate on the need to get to the mandatory vaccination of the population.  (more…)

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