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Recounts at TCDSB: here is the law, do what you want

TORONTO – The action, or non-action, of the school board has left him with no choice but to seek relief in the Court. Phil Horgan, legal counsel to trustee candidate Robert Pella, in Ward 1 of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) issued a Notice of Application in Ontario Superior Court, together with reasons, for an order to recount of the ballots cast in the election held October 24. 


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“More powers to the mayor, a boomerang for the City”

TORONTO – An absolute “first” for Super-Tory, today, in the City Council for the assembly that inaugurated the new mandate after the last municipal elections. John Tory once again occupies the Mayor’s seat, but this time with the new powers assigned to him by legislation wanted by the provincial government to speed up the construction of new houses. (more…)

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“Trudeau, what is the truth about the China case?”

TORONTO – Justin Trudeau’s behavior in the China case “either it’s not honest or it’s not very bright. Which one is it?”: the question come from the opposition parties who consider the prime minister’s response to alleged Chinese interference in the 2019 federal elections insufficient and late. Interferences that were the reason for the clash between Trudeau himself and the Chinese president Xi Jinping at the G20 in Bali (in the pic above) and on which, then, two days ago, the prime minister declared that he had never received any official information from the Canadian intelligence. (more…)

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“Pentola d’Oro Awards” to the Italian excellence with ICCO

TORONTO – Great success for the tenth edition of the Pentola d’Oro Awards, the annual gala organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO) which promotes food and wine excellence and rewards companies and individuals for their extraordinary contributions to the culinary industry in Ontario. 


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The “Pepe Le Pew” cartoon smell test: it is not a cat!

TORONTO – It seems that “experts” have entered the debate on the charade that has come to define “human rights” issues at the Halton District School Board (HDSB). Not to put too fine a point on it, the school board and its administration are either incompetent fools or they have drunk the proverbial Kool Aid. 


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Waiting times up to 45 hours to be visited at the hospitals in Ontario

TORONTO – In yesterday’s article, we wrote that during the month of September in Ontario the average waiting times for patients who arrive in the emergency room and need to be hospitalized reached 21.3 hours (data from Health Quality Ontario – HQO). If it seemed like a lot to you, when you read it, hold on tight: according to a report from Health Canada obtained by the liberal provincial parliamentarian Adil Shamji and released today, once patients are hospitalized, 90% of them have to wait another 45 hours to complete the visit.  (more…)

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Chaos hospitals: more than 21 hours of waiting in the emergency room in Ontario and 17 in Alberta (with some exceptions)

TORONTO –  Yet another negative record for Ontario hospitals: the average waiting times for patients arriving in the emergency room and needing to be hospitalized reached 21.3 hours in September according to data collected by Health Quality Ontario (HQO ): a considerable increase compared to the already very long average waiting times recorded in August (20.7 hours) and July (20.8 hours).  (more…)

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Premier Ford softens the tone: “I want to stop fighting with education workers”

TORONTO – It may seem strange but Doug Ford seems to have laid down the hatchet. “We want an agreement that is fair to students, fair to parents, fair to taxpayers, and fair to workers, particularly low-income workers.” Abandoning the strong tones and swaggering attitude of a few days ago, an almost conciliatory Ford during today’s press conference said that when negotiations with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) resume, the government will present “a better offer”. The Ontario premier declined to provide specific details about the government’s proposal, but said the offer is particularly good for workers with the lowest wages.” 


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Homes in Toronto: prices stable, but the market is at a standstill


TORONTO – The average price of a home in Toronto has remained virtually unchanged over the past two months: the market seemed to be on standby, due to a sharp drop in new listings. In fact, the latest data from the Toronto Region Real Estate Board (TRREB) shows that the average sale price across all property types was $ 1,089,428 in October, up from $ 1,086,762 in September. Prices remain down 5.7% from the same period last year, while October is the third consecutive month with little or no change in TRREB’s benchmark index.  (more…)

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Lecce: “Negotiations? Only if you call off the strike”

TORONTO – While the government goes ahead to pass the Keeping Students in Schools Act as soon as possible, Education Minister Lecce uses an iron fist with the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Any counter-offer proposed to the government must include the cancellation of the strike scheduled for Friday. “Take the threat off the table and let’s talk about it – said Lecce at a press conference – we were very clear. We are ready to negotiate with those who wish to do so as long as Friday’s strike is called off. We will not accept a strike, neither this Friday nor on any other day.” 


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Hatemongering in Canada’s mainstream press: You are the target

TORONTO – “Why do we allow Ontario’s Catholic school system to violate the Charter?” This incredible headline appeared October 28, 2022, in one of Canada’s premier print media. It seemed ready made to influence judges currently deliberating the now celebrated case of Del Grande v. the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). 


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Ontario, more homes for everyone: but who will pay for the services?

TORONTO – The municipalities of Ontario fear that the new housing legislation adopted by the Province could unload excessive burdens on the municipalities themselves and on taxpayers. The bill presented Tuesday by Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, would, in fact, reduce and / or exempt from taxes that builders would have to pay in order to build.  (more…)

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Bank of Canada, here’s the increase: interest rate at 3.75%

TORONTO – Said and done. Bank of Canada raised the interest rate by another 0.50, taking it from 3.25 to 3.75 percent. Since last March, the central bank has raised the reference rate six times, “with the aim of combating inflation and bringing it back to the 2% target”, as the central bank has always maintained. A goal that is far from being achieved, as the Bank of Canada admits in the statement published today on its website (here). (more…)

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School in Ontario:
Impasse negotiations,
pressing of the CUPE

TORONTO – “We know that they are there to talk about what their next political decisions will be, we also know that in the end a strike can be avoided by coming to the negotiating table with a real proposal that respects workers and that respects families.” This was stated by the president of the Ontario School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU) Laura Walton, present at the protest that was held Saturday in front of the Toronto Congress Centre where a general meeting of the Progressive Conservative of Ontario was underway. 


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Politicization of the judicial system

York Catholic District School Board has had its internal difficulties. Recently, it came out at the wrong end of a Divisional Court decision regarding who can be a Catholic School trustee. More specifically, can non-Catholic students who apply for attendance at a Catholic school be student trustee. The basic issue is/was Board Policy 107 that says no they cannot


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Catholic schools, Election decision time: out with the bad

TORONTO – In our mind, democratic exercises – elections – are a great opportunity to rid the system of the noxious as well as to bring in the re-invigorating. There is still plenty of room for individual differences and ambitions; nothing wrong with that. Some Municipal Councils and Boards function just fine. Others, not so much. 


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Vaughan Elections, Danny De Santis: “Traffic, crime and the cost of living: we need a turning point”

TORONTO – Traffic reduction, fight against crime, aid to counter the increase in the cost of living. These are the pillars of the program platform presented by Danny De Santis (in the pic above), candidate for the office of Mayor of Vaughan in the next elections on October 24th. De Santis’ program starts from the assumption of a progressive “disconnection between politicians and the people”, and the consequent need to mend this relationship that has deteriorated in recent years in the city administration. 


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Ontario Schools: stalemate in negotiations, CUPE towards the strike

TORONTO – Another step towards the strike. That’s what the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has done, representing 55,000 Ontario education workers – including custodians, librarians and early childhood educators: since negotiations with the government fail to deliver anything, the union has requested the so-called “no board” report that could put them on a legal strike position in less than three weeks. 


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Violent car thefts in the GTA, police arrest two other suspects

TORONTO – Two suspects arrested while the hunt for two others continues. Today during a press conference at its headquarters the Toronto Police updated the residents of the city on the ongoing investigation into the growing wave of violent car thefts. Sometimes, drivers are even thrown out of their car. “One can only imagine the trauma of people whose vehicles are stolen by violent individuals waiting for them in parking lots, at traffic lights, even in the driveway of their home, who ambush them – said Inspector Rich Harris – with their actions they cause a heavy psychological impact on the victims”. 


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Canada, the gasp of Covid-19: “There is a new wave”

TORONTO – The pandemic is far from over: Covid-19 is growing again also in Canada, as in other countries: Italy, for example. And that “shouldn’t come as a surprise,” as McGill University genomic evolutionary biologist Jesse Shapiro put it. ““Even just based on waning immunity, the time since the average person had their last infection or their last booster, a wave was expected,” Shapiro told various news agencies.  (more…)

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Ontario’s Science Table: “The healthcare system is falling down”

TORONTO – A finale shock: exiting the scene, the Covid-19 Science Advisory Table – set up to deal with the pandemic and dissolved in September – painted a gloomy picture of the state of health in Ontario. Unequal distribution of access to primary care throughout the province, lack of data and serious general communication problems, inability to contact family doctors, exhausted health personnel. A disaster, in short.  (more…)

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In Ontario with the pandemic in 170,000 without a doctor

TORONTO – Over 170,000 Ontario residents, during the first six months of the Covid pandemic, found themselves without a family doctor. This is what emerges from a study, conducted by Unity Health Toronto and the non-profit research institute ICES. The number of family doctors who stopped working doubled between March and September 2020 compared to the same period the previous year. 


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She is Giorgia: from “the people’s daughter” to prime minister in pectore

ROME – Her political history begins thirty years ago in a Roman section of the Fronte della Gioventù (the Youth Front of the far-right party MSI) where she arrives and, simply, knocks on the door. It is 1992 and she, Giorgia Meloni, is 15 years old and attends the linguistic school “Amerigo Vespucci”. She does not come from any “lineage” of the Roman right but, like so many of the ones who embraced political militancy in those years, she comes from a particular family situation: her mother, Anna, is separated, and also has another daughter (Arianna), and she does the most varied jobs to get by. All three live in a 45 square meter two-room apartment, a spartan home, without a sofa and with a single table where they can do their homework, eat and rest their elbows to watch TV. Giorgia and Arianna sleep on a mobile bed, “one for the head and one for the feet”, located in the corridor.  (more…)

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The theatre of the absurd in the YCDSB

TORONTO – According to the 2016 Census, York Region has the highest concentration of Canadians who self- identify as being of Italian origin, 38% in the city of Vaughan alone. Most of them send their children to the schools administered by the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB). The Board currently is governed by ten trustees evenly split between five trustees of Italian background and five who are not (including a member of a visible minority). 


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House of Commons: tribute to Queen. Blanchet: “The history between the Crown and the Quebec nation is both thorny and cruel”

TORONTO – “Last week, Canada lost the only sovereign that most of us have ever known”: these are the words Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (in the pic above) said, today, during the official commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away last week, in the House of Commons which met extraordinarily for the occasion. (more…)

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Two out of three Canadians have caught Covid-19, the experts: “It’s a turning point”

TORONTO – It might sound like bad news, but it’s actually good: most Canadians have contracted Covid-19 since Omicron and its highly contagious sub-variants first appeared. Virtually two out of three Canadians have caught the coronavirus. And the news is good because, according to experts, this, added to the massive vaccinations made, generates broad immunity or, in any case, greater protection against the more serious forms of Covid.  (more…)

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Change is in the air: the Conservatives certainly hope so

TORONTO – In the 1960s, frequently referred to as the golden age of popular music in Western societies, there was no shortage of songs whose lyrics aimed at having the listeners reflect of the ‘human condition’ and the wistful failure of ideologies to produce the Utopia they espoused. It was not all grim. 


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Arcobelli: “We will defend citizenship and the Italian language abroad”

TORONTO – This is not his first attempt at elected office. The first time was preparation round, he says. Given the complexities associated with the Italian electoral system, especially as it pertains to becoming elected as a representative of the Italian Diaspora in the Italian Parliament, many random factors have to fall into place to secure election, not least of which is the position of the party whose colours in the electoral premises of the electorate in Italy. 


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