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Ontario, vaccination passport is coming

TORONTO – After the no, no and still no repeated in recent weeks, Ontario Premier Doug Ford would be considering the implementation of a vaccination passport system. To report it to CTV News Toronto is a source very close to the provincial government who indicates the week just begun, as the one in which the official announcement of the creation of a system of vaccination certificates in the province will take place. According to the source who is well aware of the situation, the certificate “will be required in non-essential environments such as restaurants and cinemas”: mouth sewn instead on the parameters necessary to request the vaccination test and what form the certificate will take.  (more…)

Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates

Vaccination passport, the clash is served

The vaccination passport, is without a shadow of a doubt, the bone of contention. Premiers in favor and premiers against are giving life to a clash with blows of words while the infections return to rise a little everywhere. Yesterday in Ontario there were 423 new cases, the highest number since June 14. And with the infections, hospitalizations and intensive care go up. But all this does not seem to change the mind of the prime minister of the province Doug Ford who continues to remain firm on his positions: the vaccination passport, at the moment, is not talked about. (more…)

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