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Mr Kim, il più grande fan degli Azzurri a Toronto

TORONTO – Pensate quello che volete, ma per i miei soldi (tifoseria percepita a parte), il più grande tifoso della squadra di calcio dell’Italia – gli Azzurri – in questi Europei di Calcio è Mr. Kim. È il nostro vicino (coreano), un rivenditore di t-shirt, maglie delle squadre, accessori per il calcio e bandiere. Nessuna mancanza di rispetto nei confronti della sua controparte italiana di Woodbridge. (more…)

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Halaga nang Wifi’s

May isang emplado tawagin natin sa pagalan na Susie, pumasok para maga trabaho nakita na walang wifi. Tumawag siya sa kompania nang tulong pero walang sumasagot.

Sa madali niyang pag iisip nakakuha siya nang kanilang email sa selular na telepano. Pero kunti lang ang magagawa nang selular telepano para paandarin ang isa opisina sa buong araw pang samantala.


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“Wifi’s Worth”

An employee, let’s call her “Suzie”, showed up for work only to find that the Wifi was out. She phoned Tech support, but no one was in.

Thinking quick on her toes, she managed to get some emails across by turning on “Cellular Data” in her cell phone. But there is only so much you can do to keep the company afloat for a regular work day by buying time on one’s cell phone. (more…)

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Maquina de barro, las disculpas di Blogto al Corriere

Article by Francesco Veronesi – Translation and Video: Lisa Picerno

 El tiempo es caballero, como se suele decir.
La máquina de mudslinging – lamentablemente hiperactivo en redes sociales y círculos políticos – que apuntó al Corriere Canadese en los últimos meses ha comenzado a perder simpatía por la calle. (more…)

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Sources of military actions in the Middle East: Power and Bibi

TORONTO – Whatever one might hazard to say about Israel… it would be wrong, the moment a “shot” is fired. There have been many “shots” fired in the last week. In fact, as of May 19, the overall death toll in Gaza stood at 197 people, including 58 children and 34 women, with 1,235 injured and about 70,000 displaced. (more…)

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Light at the end of the tunnel, the risk is to lower your guard too soon

TORONTO – In Ontario, we are entering the most delicate phase of this long, exhausting, never-ending battle against Covid-19. Virologists and experts point out that how the exit from the third wave will lay the foundations for the developments of the pandemic. In essence, we are at a crossroads: if we are able to comply with health and safety protocols, we could avoid a potential fourth wave. (more…)

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Sine Papano Naepektohan ang Buhay Natin

Nakapanood ka na ba nang sine na naapektohan ang buhay mo na umabot na kailagan
Ibahin mo ang kilos mo o mag ingat na para sa sarili? Oo, mayroon ang “Jaws” ay binibigyan ako nang mag isip dalawang beses bago ako lumagoy sa malalim nang dagat. “Exorcist” na gawa kong mapag isipan ang maga masasamang bagay na nakikita ko ay kadimonyohan. Hindi nasa ko dapat banggitin pero itong pelikulang Ito ay napanood ko noong ang edad ko ay maga bente annos palang ako at na bisita ko uli ang Jaws pero hindi ang Exorcist ay nilayuan ko na. (more…)

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Fraude política nas escolas e na igreja

TORONTO – Que estranho. Graças a reflexões absurdas, até mesmo fúteis (mas expostas com paixão) pelos conselheiros (trustees) das escolas católicas, o verdadeiro drama humano da vida está ocorrendo dentro da Igreja Católica. 

É coisa de filme.

A autoridade moral e jurídica do primeiro prelado do Canadá, aquele que pode ser eleito Papa ou votar no próximo, está a ser contestada publicamente. (more…)

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Political Fraud in Schools and the Church

How odd. Thanks to the nonsensical, even inane musings (but they are done with passion) of trustees in Catholic school boards, the real Human drama of life is taking place within the Catholic Church.  It’s the stuff of movies. The moral and legal authority of Canada’s premier prelate, the one eligible to be Pope or vote for the next one, is being publicly challenged. (more…)

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Toronto Catholic District School Board like Molière’s Tartuffe

TORONTO – Whenever I attend (virtually or in-person) meetings of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, I picture myself in the audience of a performance of Moliere’s comedic production, Tartufe. It is not a compliment.

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This is to say: it is difficult to take these people seriously. Tartufe, the character and the play, have become synonymous with hypocrisy, duplicity, pious fraud and treachery. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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