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Peregrinação a Medjugorie

MEDJUGORIE – A Igreja de São Tiago em Medjugorje é o centro de muitas grandes celebrações. Declarado monumento nacional desde 1969, é uma igreja clássica em estilo basílica com duas magníficas torres laterais. Missas em inglês e croata são celebradas aqui diariamente e transmitidas em diferentes idiomas através de frequências FM.


Catholic Education in Toronto: the Joke is on Us

TORONTO – The Honourable Justices of Divisional Court in Toronto are deliberating allegations of discrimination in York Catholic District Schools Board. If they are looking for real life guidance on how trustees and Directors can evade, if not completely avoid (“waive”) their Statutory and Procedural obligations, they need only watch the video of the Toronto Catholic District School Board meeting of April 23 (see it here). 


Minister Lecce and Archbishop Leo in Education Crosshairs

TORONTO – The Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, in three short weeks has gone from being the hero of the Progressives (teachers’ unions, government workers, “human rights activists”…) to the target for the disgruntled, impatient or entitled. They are characterized by the culture best described as embodying the mentality of “what’s ours is ours and what is yours is negotiable until it becomes ours or is controlled by us”.