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Italy Meets Hollywood: AVP Summit 2024

TORONTO – The third edition of the Audio-Visual Producers Summit, inaugurated in 2021, was recently held in Altafiumara Resort & Spa, Reggio Calabria on June 10-12, 2024. The “AVP Summit” is an international conference and 3-day event, which focuses on the Italian Film Industry and its International Partners, bringing together key representatives from several major Distributors, TV Networks, Platforms and Film Studios. This year’s panel addressed a plethora of concerns over the near and foreseeable future of the Film Industry at large, and its knock-on effects for Italian cinema. (more…)

“Taste of Little Italy” and Italea: the Italian traditions under the spotlight in College on the weekend

TORONTO – It’s June, the Italian month in Canada, and the events dedicated to the Heritage of “Belpaese” continue in Toronto. This weekend will be the turn of “Taste of Little Italy”: on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th, the area of ​​College Street between Bathurst Street and Shaw Street (historically, the Italian quarter in Toronto), will host a series of events including music, shows and food stands to celebrate the large Italian community and the excellence of Made in Italy.  (more…)

New housing: skyrocketing costs for infrastructure, but there’s a way. All the details in the report “A Jump Start”

TORONTO – Canada needs to build more homes and it needs to do it as fast as possible. But there is a… “but”: this will imply the need to increase spending on municipal infrastructure like roads, sewers, water mains, public transport, schools, parks, fire stations… and according to the report “A Jump Start” by former city manager and Ontario deputy minister Michael Fenn and the Canadian Urban Institute (funded by the Canada Infrastructure Bank), the average cost of such infrastructure could exceed $100,000 for each newly built home (you can download and/or read the whole report here: A-Jump-Start). (more…)

The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance

In a time whereby some sectors of the film industry have become breeding grounds for political activists, it’s encouraging to see a non-political, edgy, and slightly offensive comedy return to theatres. Netflix’s recent release of “The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance” is a welcomed break from the agenda-laden films audiences have recently become accustomed to.