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Pharmacare, agreement between NDP and Liberals: the government is safe, so far

OTTAWA – Justin Trudeau’s minority government supported by Jagmeet Singh’s NDP is safe, so far: an agreement has in fact been reached between the Liberals and New Democrats on pharmacare, free access to some types of drugs. On it, the NDP had given the Trudeau government an ultimatum: either it passes by March 1, or the NDP’s support fades and we go to vote. Trudeau and the Liberals have obviously given in: if we go to vote now, according to the polls, the Conservatives would win by a landslide.  (more…)

NDP’s pricing bill without the Liberals: slap in the face for Trudeau

OTTAWA – While the federal government has been trying, in vain, for months to convince the food companies to sign up to a “code of conduct” to contain prices, the leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, sets the tone and overtakes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, bringing forward a bill with the support of his and Liberals’ “enemies”: thanks to the vote of the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois, in fact, the NDP’s bill – which aims to reduce the cost of basic necessities – has already passed its second reading in the House of Commons. The Liberals voted against, but Singh – who also supports Trudeau’s government, keeping it alive – goes on. (more…)

Millions of dollars from the federal government to stop car thefts

TORONTO – Too many car thefts: a real “massacre” in recent months. The federal government of Canada has therefore decided to “invest” 15 million dollars to combat the phenomenon. The initiative was announced today during a joint press conference by the Minister of Public Security, Dominic Leblanc, the Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, the Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, the Commissioner of the RCMP, Mike Duheme.  (more…)

Ontario, shorter environmental assessments for highways

TORONTO – Once again, the environment is in the “crosshairs” of Doug Ford’s government: after the attempt – notoriously failed – to take land away from the Greenbelt to reach the goal of 1.5 million new homes by 2031, the Province returns to the fray with a new piece of legislation, the Get It Done Act, designed to speed up the construction of new highways in Ontario by shortening environmental assessment timelines.  (more…)

Ontario, the legislature resumes: priorities and issues to resolve

TORONTO – There are many issues to be resolved  by the Ontario government and by Prime Minister Doug Ford (in the photo, from his Twitter X page – @fordnation): Queen’s Park resumes this week with a flurry of activity, as the repeal of the unconstitutional wage cap law, and the formalization of an about-face on the decision to dissolve the Region of Peel, and the introduction of omnibus legislation, and many others.  (more…)