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Federal elections: Vuong remains, Dzerowicz wins at the photo finish

TORONTO – We are close to putting an end to these federal elections that have caused so much discussion and that have not changed the structure of the parties in the House of Commons. Today, Elections Canada said that most of the 850,000 mail-in ballots not counted on Monday evening were counted, although in various constituencies due to the head-to-head between the candidates it is still necessary to establish the exact outcome of the race. (more…)

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Leader-bashing: the not-so-new political blood sport

TORONTO – After a ho-hum election that saw a mere 59% voter-turnout, the public is ready for more interesting sport. The official results from Elections Canada are not yet public but Party leaders are being placed on the endangered species list. Yes, that includes Liberal Party Leader, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister and political “golden boy”. The Liberal Party today “belongs” to its leader more so than any of the others do to theirs.  (more…)

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The Conservatives lost twenty-one seats The reason? Maxime Bernier

TORONTO – The divisions between the Conservatives and Ppc penalized Erin O’Toole. Three days after the federal vote, with the final data of Elections Canada, it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis of the total preferences received by the various parties running in all Canadian constituencies.  (more…)

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Ontario, infections and hospitalizations return to rise

TORONTO – Cases in Ontario returned to increase within twenty-four hours but the daily average drops thanks to the good numbers of the last few days: today, provincial health officials recorded 677, up from 463 on Wednesday but significantly lower than to 864 on last Thursday. The seven-day moving average of new infections therefore still drops to 665, down from a week ago (732).  (more…)

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Power up the economy with growth in the job market

With the elections in the rear-view mirror, the focus for Canadians is on the path forward. Part of that includes a government working towards ending to the pandemic, improving affordability and sustainability while stepping up economic recovery efforts and creating better jobs.

The latest job numbers by Statistics Canada suggest Canada is on track. Data shows the economy added 90,200 jobs last month. (more…)

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Ford: “Green Pass against lockdowns”

TORONTO – They are necessary but will be temporary. At the moment, in essence, according to the premier of Ontario, in the face of the entry into force of vaccination passes, all that remains is to make a good face to bad game. “It is a very important measure to combat the disease – Ford reiterated today during a conference a few hours after the implementation of the measure – the Green Pass is essential to avoid another lockdown in the province but it is an interim measure”.  (more…)

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Toronto, chaos at the polling station: “Partisan scrutineers and strange phone calls”

TORONTO – Federal elections: two “big words” that would suggest a great, impeccable organization. Not so much, really, listening to the testimonies coming from the polling stations after Monday’s vote. This is the case of the York Humber High School seat at 100 Emmett Avenue, York, in Toronto. A scrutineer, who contacted the editorial staff of the Italian newspaper Corriere Canadese and also sent photographic documentation to support her story, describes a situation of total chaos. (more…)

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Political uncertainty remains even after the federal elections

TORONTO – The federal elections have not resolved the climate of uncertainty that has characterized Canadian politics since 2019. The tear wanted by Justin Trudeau, with the leap in the dark represented by the early vote during the fourth wave of the pandemic, has not brought clarity in the balance of power between the parties and the political balances to the House of Commons. At the end of this election we find ourselves exactly where we started: with a minority government, with the oppositions too weak to sabotage the political agenda of the liberal prime minister and with a fragmented and divided electorate.  (more…)

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No clear mandate for anything post September 20 election

TORONTO – There are no objective experts to interpret, and more importantly apply, the results of this latest election in Canada. Some observers are more informed about precedent than others. But, this being a political act and not an enforceable decision of a Court, everything is negotiable, within generally accepted boundaries.  (more…)

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The real outcome of election night

TORONTO – Election day – the last one – seems already so far away. It was a momentary distraction from our everyday lives, a pattern that has come to define as Canadians. We like to be left alone to pursue whatever and any interruption is merely that, a brief pause lasting no more that the 15 minutes required to place an x beside someone’s name.  (more…)

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The election paradox: everyone lose, the only winner fails to get elected

TORONTO – So many losers, a single winner who, paradoxically, cannot even get elected and remains outside parliament. These are the main data that emerge from Monday’s election. The leaders of the main parties in the race have failed miserably in their main objectives, while the parliamentary balance between the parties remains virtually unchanged.  (more…)

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Everything as before: Liberal minority Government

TORONTO – Everything as before. The outcome of the 2021 elections does not change the balance of power that characterized the last legislature by a comma. We will have, just as in the last two years, a Liberal minority government led by Justin Trudeau, in his third term after the victories of 2015 and 2019. In support of the new executive there will be 158 deputies compared to the 157 elected in the previous electoral round.  (more…)

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Canada stays the course with a minority Government

A 36-day federal election campaign culminates with a not so surprising finish. The Liberals are headed back to parliament with a minority Government.

In a costly election, estimated at $610 million, with Conservatives and Liberals nearly tied for weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, failed to win the required 170 seats for a majority in the House of Commons.


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Again a minority government, no Bangladeshi elected in Canada

TORONTO – As projected in earlier surveys, the incumbent Liberal government under PM Justin Trudeau in Canada has failed to secure 170 seats for a majority government in ‘pandemic election’, instead landed into a minority, and analysts think another election may loom within 18 months, if repeated coalition fails with NDP.  (more…)

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Elections, the Liberals win. The counting of votes continues: minority or majority government?

TORONTO – With numerous polling stations still in the counting phase, Justin Trudeau’s victory in the federal elections is already clear. These are the percentages as we write (around 10.30 pm): Liberals 37.5%, Conservatives 32.8%, NDP 16.2%, Bloc Quebecois 5.5%, People Party 4.7%, Green 2, 5%. At the moment, the Liberals would not have the seats for a majority government (they are stuck at 144 against 117 for the Conservatives) but the results of many seats are still lacking.

The photo is taken from the Twitter profile of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Obligation vaccine for children, de Villa in pressing

TORONTO – The Covid-19 vaccine is expected to join the list of nine mandatory vaccines for Ontario students. This is what the Toronto Medical Officer of Health Eileen de Villa says in a report submitted to the Toronto Board of Health asked the provincial government to add this vaccine to those provided for by the Immunization of School Pupils Act.  (more…)

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A thousand cases in two days: restrictions in Saskatchewan

REGINA – First Alberta, now Saskatchewan: on Sunday, the province broke three negative records, registering the highest number of new daily cases, hospitalizations and admissions to intensive care. In fact, Saskatchewan reported 543 new cases of Covid-19 and 1 death on Sunday and 439 new cases on Saturday, thus adding 982 infections in total over the weekend. And also on Friday there were 472 cases, of which 383 (81%) detected in unvaccinated individuals, 25 (5%) partially vaccinated and 64 (14%) fully vaccinated, as evidenced by the graphic (in the pic above) published on the Saskatchewan government’s Twitter page (  (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, new Covid-19 cases down today

TORONTO – The number of new cases in Ontario continues to decrease: today 610, down from 715 on Sunday, although up from 600 a week ago. The seven-day moving average of new infections is now 711, down four units from last Monday and, with 23,864 tests processed in the past 24 hours (Sunday was 29,906), the provincial-level positivity rate is now 2.7%, down from 3.1% last Monday.  (more…)

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School chaos, school boards in the storm

TORONTO – It is a constant growth that of Covid-19 cases in ontario schools where with the last 121 infections last Friday, the total, after about two weeks of attendance, is 619. The latest outbreak is the one that broke out at Elmlea Junior School in Etobicoke – Rexdale and Islington district – where at least two cases have been reported.  (more…)

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TCDSB, who defends the rights of Catholics?

TORONTO – The Canadian Confederation, as a form of government, has a unique feature in its Constitution, or “corporate by-laws”. Under section 93, it ascribes to the provinces the sole jurisdiction for education. Within that section, it provides further exclusive “denominational rights” to certain citizens as a protection against the tyranny of the majority in a democratic society.  (more…)

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Elections 2021: the countdown is over

TORONTO – At the end of an election campaign full of accusations, poisons and controversy, the countdown is over. Tomorrow Canadians will go to the polls to choose their 338 representatives in the 44th legislature and, indirectly, to indicate the new prime minister. Today the leaders of the main parties held the last electoral rallies, launching the last appeal to the still undecided voters who, ultimately, could shift the final balance and therefore the outcome of the votes. Justin Trudeau spoke in Montreal in the morning, while throughout the day he was engaged in a long series of virtual events.  (more…)

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Alberta, two thousand cases in one day. The doctors: “Immediate military aid”

EDMONTON – Scary numbers. Alberta, which until a few days ago was “stay open for good”, registered 2,020 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday (out of a total of 17,000 tests carried out). A huge amount, considering that Alberta has just over 4.3 million inhabitants. To make a comparison: today Italy, which has over 60 million inhabitants, recorded 3,838 new cases (out of a total of 263,571 swabs analyzed).  (more…)

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A photo finish for what will likely appear to be another minority government

After a short 5-week campaign, voting day has arrived. Tomorrow, Canadians across the Nation will head to the polls to cast their vote. Some may still be asking whether holding an election in the middle of a pandemic was necessary. Either way, casting a vote gives Canadians the opportunity and privilege to have a say in Canada’s future government.


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The Rising Food Prices during this Pandemic

TORONTO – A friend once commented on the price of a Big Mac, that if you eat it regularly, like once a week, you don’t notice the price increase because it’s in the cents. But, if you order it, say, once every six months, or in my case, in a gap of almost two years because of the pandemic, you feel the crunch, as I did when I ordered two Big Mac meals three weeks ago. I paid $23 and some cents! My friend then added, it’s good if you have the coupon because you pay just a little over half of the regular price. The question that begs answering is, how often does Big Mac come up with coupons. (more…)

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Liberal dropped its candidate in Spadina-Fort York riding

TORONTO – The federal Liberals have dropped their nominated candidate, Kevin Vuong in the downtown Toronto riding of Spadina-Fort York, and he will not be a member of their party’s caucus if he is elected Monday, after the Toronto Star revealed that he was charged with sexual assault of a woman in 2019, who actually told the Crown prosecutor in the case that she “didn’t have the energy” to proceed with a trial process but maintained her allegations are true. (more…)

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A non-election election, to set up the next one

TORONTO – Everyone’s mind is made up. The advance polls are closed. More citizens have voted than expected – 5,780,000 according to the latest Elections Canada estimate (an average of just over 17,100 per constituency) than in past elections. In fact, that represents an 18.48% increase over the turn out at the advance polls in the last election.  (more…)

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Schools in Ontario, infections skyrocket to almost 600

TORONTO – It is alarming. With the beginning of the school year, Covid infections are skyrocketed, which with the last 109 today have abundantly exceeded 500. There are 98 cases among students attending schools in Ontario, 8 among teachers and 3 non-teaching staff members infected with the Delta variant of the virus, which bring infections to 585.  (more…)

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Elections, Italian Canadians looking for a seat

TORONTO – The office of the Italian Canadian candidates in this electoral round is starting. In all, there are 69 candidates of Italian origin looking for a seat, concentrated as always in Ontario and Quebec but also present in the other Canadian provinces. Also in these elections the representatives of our community represented themselves in all the main federal parties.  (more…)

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Vaughan-Woodbridge: A hard working community with a strong Italian presence

The electoral district of Vaughan-Woodbridge is located along the south western edge of York Region. It was created by the 2012 electoral boundaries redistribution and encompasses the neighbourhood of Woodbridge and part of the City of Vaughan.

The constituency is home to the highest concentration of Italian Canadians in Canada. With an area population of 105,228 residents (2016 Census), more than half – 55,960 people – identify as Italian. (more…)

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Ancient emotions relive on Andrea Botticelli’s fortepiano

TORONTO – Her debut album marks a series of firsts: it is the first commercial recording on the Graf fortepiano owned by the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity in Canada; it is the first ever recording of Robert Schumann’s “Novelletta in F sharp minor”, op. 21 No. 8, on the fortepiano; it is the first album on the home label Céleste Music, and, most likely, the first solo fortepiano album recorded by a Canadian artist.  (more…)

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King-Vaughan: A two-horse race between Liberals and Conservatives

At the north western edge of York Region is the electoral district of King-Vaughan. The constituency was created by the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution and includes parts of the Township of King and the City of Vaughan.

According to the 2016 Census, King-Vaughan is home to 131,995 residents. It is a riding with one of the highest concentrations of Italian-Canadians. Roughly 40,955 constituents are of Italian origin, that represents 31% of the area’s population.


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Clash in the provinces, still statistical parity between O’Toole and Trudeau

TORONTO – Five days before the vote, conservatives and liberals are in substantial statistical parity. The latest polls confirm that the distance between the two parties is below the 2 percent threshold, which represents the margin of error and therefore certifies how the balance of power, expressed in the voting intentions of the Canadian electorate, has crystallized into a generalized parity. To try to understand what are the dynamics that are characterizing this new balance between the political forces in the race, it is necessary to analyze the situation on a regional basis.  (more…)

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TIFF 2021: We are trying our best to go back to The Real Normal

TORONTO – There is a gaping hole in front of Roy Thomson Hall. Where there was once a long white pitched-up tent where the media elbowed each other to get a word in edge-wise to famous celebrities as they graced the red carpet, there now stand dog walkers picking up poop in David Pecaut Square. It is quiet. No screaming fans, no flash photography. But all is not lost. (more…)

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Election Day coming up. How will you vote?

TORONTO – I voted in the advance polls. Like many readers of the Corriere Canadese, I have been taken aback by the riding profiles offered daily by Priscilla Pajdo in our pages. No other publication has been providing their readers with as extensive and detailed a picture of any constituency as her pieces have. She has focused on districts where 9% or more of the population are of Italian origin.  (more…)

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Ontario schools report 286 active COVID-19 cases; up 97 from 24 hours earlier

TORONTO – Infections are rising and schools are closing. As expected, the return to school is not spinning as smooth as oil. Today the school boards of the province reported 286 active cases of Covid, an increase of 97% compared to the day before while entire classes were given the order to stay at home in quarantine. (more…)

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Ontario, positivity rate dips to lowest level since mid-August

TORONTO – More than 500 new cases of Covid-19 also today, in Ontario, but the positivity rate in the province drops to the lowest level in the last thirty days: 2.3%, compared to 3.4% a week ago (and it’s the lowest since mid-August). Provincial health officials reported 577 new cases today, down from 600 on Monday but slightly up from 564 on the same day last week. (more…)

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Effect of debates: liberals catch up the lost ground

TORONTO – With the televised debates Erin O’Toole had the chance to close the game, but evidently was not able to take advantage of the opportunity. This is the key to reading that derives from the analysis of all the polls carried out in Canada in September, which highlight how in the first week of this month the Conservatives had consolidated a good margin of advantage over the Liberals, but how, at the same time, after the double confrontation between the leaders of the parties this advantage has been dissipated. At this moment, after a phase of substantial statistical parity between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party, it is Justin Trudeau who has returned to play the role of front runner in view of the vote on September 20.  (more…)

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Etobicoke Centre: A competitive race with Liberals in the lead


Sandwiched between Toronto and Mississauga is the electoral district of Etobicoke Centre. The riding was created in 1976 and encompasses part of the City of Toronto, including the communities of Humber Valley Village, Markland Wood, Princess Gardens and Thorncrest Village.

According to the 2016 Census, Etobicoke Centre is home to 118,025 residents. It is a diverse community comprised of several different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. At 15% of the population, Italians represent one of the largest ethnic groups outside of the downtown core. (more…)

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Already 189 cases among students and staff in Ontario, one school closed

TORONTO – The school year has just begun and there are already several cases of Covid-19: precisely 189, distributed among students and staff. Several classes are already self-isolating at home and one school has been closed: the Viscount Alexander Public School in Cornwall, Ontario. But let’s go in order. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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