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Conservatives and Liberals chasing Italian votes: a big crowd at the meeting with Pierre Poilievre organized by Anna Roberts

TORONTO – Election campaign has actually already begun and both the Liberals and the Conservatives are working hard to win the crucial vote of the Italian community. But the participation of the two parties in the respective events is visibly different, as can be understood from the photos we publish above (left, Conservatives meeting; right, Liberals meeting). (more…)

Commissioner of Elections audition: “Interferences, dozens of complaints”

TORONTO – The Commissioner of Canada Elections says her office is literally “under siege” to review complaints and information regarding allegations of foreign interference during the last two federal elections. “I am overwhelmed by the importance of this issue and the need to reassure Canadians in these exceptional circumstances” Caroline Simard told today to MPs of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee (PROC) which is examining the case of foreign interference in Canadian politics . (more…)