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CORRIERE CANADESE / Quebec, l’indipendenza non è archiviata

TORONTO – Pochi giorni fa, l’aveva “buttata lì” Francois Legault: il premier del Quebec aveva minacciato il primo ministro Justin Trudeau di indire un referendum sull’immigrazione (per la quale il Quebec vuole più poteri, per difendere la francofonia) e “forse anche su altri argomenti”. Poi, è arrivato in visita il primo ministro francese Gabriel Attal: baci e abbracci con Francois Legault. Immediatamente dopo, domenica, un annuncio: … Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

Quebec, independence is not archived

DRUMMONDVILLE – A few days ago, Francois Legault threatened to call a referendum on immigration (because Quebec wants “more powers, to defend the francophonie”) and “maybe also on other topics”. Then, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal arrived for a visit: hugs and kisses with Quebec’s premier. Immediately afterwards, on Sunday, an announcement: Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon told about 500 party members at the PQ’s national council in Drummondville that Quebecers have one “last” chance to protect their language and culture amid what he called an “existential threat” from Ottawa. And he reiterated his commitment to a third referendum on Quebec independence if his party were to take power in the next provincial elections. 


The less they know, the louder their voice: just mind your business

TORONTO – As if we Canadians did not have enough distractions. A quasi-judicial hearing into foreign interference in our electoral system was just coming to a conclusion on Friday. Senior government ministers and officials had appeared with seemingly contrasting statements on whether there had been, continues to be or may be surreptitious efforts by foreign entities to insinuate themselves in our affairs. 


CORRIERE CANADESE / Legault: “Troppi immigrati: referendum in Quebec”

QUEBEC – “Referendum”. Una parola che, associata a “Quebec”, fa tremare il governo federale canadese. A pronunciarla è stato, martedì, il premier del Quebec, François Legault, che è tornato a chiedere al primo ministro Justin Trudeau di ridurre il numero di immigrati temporanei nella provincia, minacciando di indire un “referendum” sulla questione “e non solo”… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

Quebec, Legault threatens ‘referendum’ on immigration and “on other subjects”

QUEBEC – “Referendum”. A word that, associated with “Quebec”, makes the Canadian federal government tremble. It was pronounced on Tuesday by the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, who once again asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reduce the number of temporary immigrants in the province, threatening to hold a “referendum” on the issue and, maybe “on other subjets”. (more…)