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Ottawa, tabella di marcia del governo tra tempi ristretti e agenda piena

TORONTO – Tempi ristretti, agenda fittissima e tensione tra i partiti: sono queste le tre caselle di un puzzle governativo che col passare dei giorni assume le sembianze di un vero e proprio rompicapo. Justin Trudeau, dopo il vertice dei Tre Amigos con il presidente americano Joe Biden e la controparte messicana Andrés Manuel López Obrador di giovedì, si appresta a voltare pagina e ad affrontare per la prima volta la House of Commons dal voto dello scorso 20 settembre… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

The roadmap for the Government between times restricted and full agenda

TORONTO – Tight deadlines, a busy agenda and tension between the parties: these are the three boxes of a government puzzle that as the days go by takes on the appearance of a real puzzle. Justin Trudeau, after the Summit of the Three Amigos with US President Joe Biden and his Mexican counterpart Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Thursday, is preparing to turn the page and face the House of Commons for the first time since the vote on September 20th. The first two tasks, starting from November 22, are represented by the election of the Speaker of the House and the Speech of the Throne.  (more…)

Climate, energy, Covid in agenda for the “Three Amigos”

TORONTO – Ottawa, June 29, 2016. Justin Trudeau, along with U.S. President Barak Obama and his Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto, chairs the North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS), better known as the Three Amigos Summit. Since then, the leaders of the three countries have not met again. The break, which lasted over five years, was wanted by the previous Us administration led by former President Donald Trump and, last summer, by the uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, we are facing the turning point, with an attempt to normalization relations between Canada, the United States and Mexico.  (more…)