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Public Education in the cross hairs

TORONTO – With the number of immigrants increasing yearly, it would appear that Canada is in ever-increasing need to establish an ethic, an identity to which all newcomers can [eventually] define as their own. The task for integrating those new residents and future citizens is left largely to the provincial authorities and their creature jurisdictions – the local school boards. Catholic boards have an autonomous authority in the constitution although they too pay service to the Provincial authority over the secular curriculum. 


“Feds”, four key issues remain unresolved: open letter to public servants and Canadians

TORONTO – Four key issues to resolve. And the strike goes on. A week into the large-scale mobilization of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), the federal government comes out of the closet with an “open letter to public employees and Canadians”, in which the chair of the Treasury Board, Mona Fortier, reveals the critical points of the negotiation with the PSAC for the renewal of the contract of federal civil servants.  (more…)