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The Pope: “Migrants treated like numbers”. The hug to the mother who lost her daughter

VATICAN CITY – “Today we ask for this grace: to know how to love Jesus forsaken and to know how to love Jesus in every one who is abandoned”. Strong words, with a clear reference to migrants, those pronounced today by Pope Francis in the homily of the Palm Sunday Mass in Vatican. A function that saw the Pope once again the protagonist, after the hospitalization that had worried the faithful from all over the world.  (more…)

Italian tourist sent back to Italy from Montreal. “Treated like a criminal at the airport, that’s a shame”

MONTREAL – Is Canada the most multiethnic and multicultural country in the world? Yes, at first glance. But then, if you don’t live here and try to enter, legally, you realize that the “Welcome to Canada” is just a beautiful fairy tale, especially in Quebec where you clash with harsh reality as happened to Giovanni Liotti, 23, student from Avellino who left Italy yesterday to visit a friend in Montreal and today was forced to leave for Italy after a seventeen-hour odyssey at the airport. (more…)